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Death in a dream

الوفاة في الحلم

We often hear the saying: I saw someone die in a dream, so a new life was written for him, and it is a very common idea among people in interpreting the dream of death. It is related to the nature and circumstances of the dream and the state of the deceased in the dream.

Interpretation of death for Ibn Sirin

Death in a dream is a regret of a great affair, so whoever sees that he died and then lived, he commits a sin and then repents because of the Almighty’s saying:

Ibn Sirin explained death, its forms, and states in several ways: the interpretation of the dream of the death of the person himself, and whoever saw that he died and saw his death, a funeral, a community, washing and shrouding, his world was safe and his religion was corrupted.

If he saw that he died while he was naked on the ground, then he is poor.

If he dreams that he has died and did not see the body of the dead or their apparatus, then a wall or a house is being demolished from his house.

Whoever dreams that he is wrapped in a shroud as the dead are wrapped in his dream, his dream indicates his death. If he does not cover his head and feet, then it is a corruption of his religion. And the less the shroud is over the dead, it is closer to repentance, and what is more, it is further from repentance.

Interpretation of the dream of the same person inside the grave

Whoever dreams that he was buried in his grave without death, his dream indicates that his burial will crush him or imprison him. He came out of the grave after he was buried, so it is hoped that he will repent.

If he sees that he has thrown dirt on a man or delivered him to the pit of the grave, then he will throw him into doom.

If he dreams that he has been placed in the grave, then he will gain a house, because the dirt on him will be obtained by the amount of that dirt in money.

Vision of graves

As for the grave originally dug, it was said that it is a prison in interpretation, just as prison is the grave. And whoever dreams that he is standing on a grave, then he is sinning because of the Almighty’s saying: (And do not stand on his grave), and if he sees a wealthy person in a cemetery, he goes around the graves and greets them. His hardship is ease from where he does not count. If he sees a living person as if he is dead, then his matter will be difficult for him. That is because life is easy and death is a hardship. If he sees the dead rejoicing, then this indicates his good condition with Allah Almighty, because they are in the abode of truth.

And whoever dreams that the graves have rained, their people will have mercy. If he sees a grave in an unknown location, then he mixes with a hypocritical man. As for known graves, they indicate a true matter and he is unaware of it. After him, they build a house there, and if he dreams that he has entered a grave without attending a funeral, he will buy a house that has been completed.

Interpretation of a dream about the death of well-known people

And whoever sees that the imam died, the town will be ruined, just as the town’s ruin is evidence of the imam’s death.

ًًWhoever sees a well-known dead person dies again and they cry over him without shouting or wailing, then he will marry a person after him, and crying is evidence of relief between them.

And whoever dreams that a person he knows has died while mourning for him and announcing the reindeer, then he will fall into the same person who saw him dead, or in his wake a calamity, or gruesome grief.

ًWhoever dreams as if they are mourning for a Allah who has died, tearing their clothes and dusting their heads, then that ruler is unjust in his authority.

And whoever dreams as if the governor died while they were crying behind his funeral without shouting, then they see happiness from that governor.

Whoever dreams that the governor has died and people remember him well, then he will be praised in his mandate.

And seeing the death of the governor is evidence of his removal.

Interpretation of the dream of the same person among the dead

And whoever dreams that he is among the people of the dead, then he is among the hypocritical people, and he commands them to do well, but they do not obey his command. Allah Almighty said: (You do not make the dead hear).

And whoever dreams that he remains with the dead, then he will die of heresy, or he will travel on a journey from which he will not return.

And it was seen as if he had mixed them or touched them.

Interpretation of a dream about hearing the news of the death of people

If absent mourning comes to him, then news comes to him of the corruption of his religion and the righteousness of his world. If he dreams that his son has died, he will be rid of his enemy.

The dream of pregnant, single, and married women that they are dead

If she saw a pregnant woman that she died and became pregnant while people were crying over her without a reindeer or Noah, then she gives birth to a son and she is pleased with him.

Likewise, the dream of the death of one of the two partners the dream of one of the two partners his death is evidence of his partner’s division.

The vision of traveling with a person who died

Whoever dreams that he is a dead companion, and then he is traveling a faraway journey, in which he will do a lot of good.

A vision of washing the dead

As for the washing of the dead, whoever sees a dead person washing, then this is evidence of the exit of his consequence from worries and an increase in their money, for his washing by a person who repents at the hands of that person is a man in his religion corruption, and the one who washes is originally a useful merchant because of which people will be saved from worries or a man of honour repents at his hands are people of corrupters.

Whoever dreams that he is in a state of ablution, his situation will rise and he will be relieved of his worries. If he sees some dead people asking for someone to wash their clothes, then this is his poverty to supplication and charity or repaying a debt, pleasing an opponent, or carrying out a will.

If he dreams that a person is washing his clothes, then that is better for the dead than the one who was washing, and as for the shroud, it was said that it is the evidence of inclination to fornication.

Funeral visions and prayers for the dead

And whoever dreams that he is at the funeral, then he is fraternizing with brothers in Allah Almighty, because of the Almighty’s saying: “Our brothers are on couches facing each other.”

If he sees that he is on a funeral procession and no one is carrying him, then he will be imprisoned.

And if he saw that he was carried to the funeral, then he follows a ruler and benefits from him with money.

If he saw that he was raised and placed on a funeral and men carried him on their shoulders, then he will gain authority and elevation, humiliate the necks of men, and follow him in his authority as much as those who saw his funeral.

If he dreams that they wept behind his funeral, the outcome of his affair will be praised. Likewise, if they praise him for the favor or pray for him if he sees that they blamed him and did not weep over him, then his end will not be praised.

If he sees himself following a funeral, then he is following a corrupt ruler.

If he sees a funeral in a market, then that is the hypocrisy of that market.

And if he dreams that his funeral was carried to well-known cemeteries, then it is a right that reaches its masters.

If he sees as if a funeral procession is going on in the air, then a high-ranking man will die in exile.

Or a president or an eminent scholar will be blinded by his affair with people.

If he sees that he is at a funeral walking on land, then he is riding in his ship.

Funeral and prayers for the dead

If he sees many funerals set in a place, then the people of that place frequently commit immoralities.

A woman sees that she died and was carried to a funeral if she was not married, she got married, and if she had a husband, her debt would be spoiled.

If he sees that he dragged the dead on the ground, he earned forbidden money.

If he sees a dead person attached to an immoral person, then he is hunting a mouse, and if he sees that he was transported dead to the cemetery, then he is working with the truth.

As for praying over the dead, it is a lot of supplication and seeking forgiveness for him. If he sees that he is the imam over him when praying for him, he is the guardian of authority on the part of the hypocritical sultan.

And whoever dreams that he is behind an imam who prays for the dead, then he attends a gathering in which they pray for the dead. As for the burial, whoever sees as if he died and was buried, then he is going on a faraway journey, in which he befalls money, because of the Almighty’s saying: “Then he slew him, so he buried him, then if he wanted to spread it.”

Interpretation of the washing of the dead by Ibn Shaheen

Ibn Shaheen explained the dream of washing the dead in several ways, including whoever sees that he is washing the dead, then he repents at his hands, a man who is corrupt in religion.

And whoever saw: that a dead person washes, it is evidence of his family’s exit from worries and an increase in their money.

The dream of the bather is originally interpreted by a useful merchant because of whom people will escape from worries or an honorable man who repents at his hand’s corrupt people.

And whoever saw: that he is washing, this indicates the elevation of his command and his departure from worries.

As for the dream of washing the deceased with pure water, it indicates the righteousness of his religion and his piety.

Whoever sees: a dead person and people are asking for him to wash and do not find him, then it indicates that that dead person is a sinner and people point him to good, but it does not affect him.

And whoever sees: a dead person being washed with what is not permissible for him to wash, then he is a corrupt man, and he is preaching what has no meaning or benefit, and his mind does not accept that.

And whoever dreams: that he is washed with some impurity, then he is corrupt in religion and increases in the corruption of his religion in tyranny and misguidance.

Interpretation of the dream of the dead spices by Nabulsi

Embalming the dead is in a dream a reason for joy for the one who is in distress, and repentance for the one whose religion has corrupted.

And whoever saw: that he seeks the help of a man who buys him spices, he uses him in a good preparation that he resorts to in his distress, and the spice takes away the uncleanness of the dead and spoils it, and the precious and camphor are good praise, and the spice of the dead is evidence of the goodness of his praise and recommendation. Perhaps indicated by charity.

Interpretation of the vision of the casket and the coffin for the apparent

It is in one sense. That is broken and the coffin is good. The man’s wife and lover, they both saw in that Zen or Shane, and it was interpreted in them, and it was said that the vision of the new coffin was glory, and prestige.


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