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Odds of the world of vision and dreams

طرائف عالم الرؤيا

These anecdotes and subtleties in the section “dreams and visions” I restricted during my readings, I wanted to be surrounded by the brothers readers – may Allah protect them -, may we see the smile in the faces in the time of sorrows and afflictions, we ask Allah for safety in this world and the hereafter, and to kill us on Islam and Sunnah, Amen!

1- Pipe dreams:

Interestingly, literature narrated that a poet entered upon a prince and sang it coveting his receivable:

I saw in sleep that I am the owner of a horse and I have a runner and in my palm dinars

And some people said to them knowledge and knowledge I saw good and dreams have an explanation

Stories of your dreams in the house of the prince you will find an explanation for that and the omen of the heralds

The prince said to him: “Pipe dreams, and we do not interpret dreams in two worlds.”

2- Eloquence in a dream:

Ahmad ibn Yusuf al-Katib said: When al-Ma’mun ordered me to write to the horizons in the multiplication of lanterns in the month of Ramadan, I did not know how to write. Then he came to me in a dream and said to me, “Write: There is a person in it for the poor, and the maintenance of the hardworking, and its removal of the houses of Allah from the desolation of darkness and the reservoirs of suspicion.”

 3- Girls of the Night:

Dreams are called among the Arabs “girls of the night”, and “daughters of Cree” any sleepiness, the poet said:

The daughters of Al-Kari showed him the person of Tariq, so he stood up to her and prayed with Hussam

4- Compensation for theft in a dream:

It was told that a man from the American Indians saw in his dream one of the missionaries “any missionaries” stealing a pumpkin from his farm, so the man woke up from his sleep, which is angry, and determined to ask the missionary for compensation, knowing that the missionary was in a place away from the Indian man’s farm two hundred miles, and the Indian turned to his farm and saw the pumpkin in it untouched by anyone, but he insisted on asking for compensation, as he thought that seeing the missionary in the dream as a thief is conclusive evidence that he is ready to steal if he was Close to the farm, the Indian man did not dissuade any convincing evidence, and the matter was brought to court, which accepted his complaint.

5- The limit for adultery in a dream:

Imam al-Shaafa’i (may Allah have mercy on him) reported in al-um that a man said to a man that he had stepped on his mother in his sleep, and he carried him to ‘Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) and he said: Raise him up in the sun and strike his shadow.

6- The danger of appearing in the Queen’s dream:

Queen Rana Valova of Madagascar was forbidden to her subjects from appearing in her dreams! Whoever does so is executed.

7- What do you see him doing in his dreams?

It was told about a young woman who was newly married that she saw in her dream as if her husband was flirting with a blonde woman, so she woke up with an angry panic, and took her husband’s chax, and accused him of infidelity! When she was told that her husband was innocent of what she accused him of, she replied: If my husband flirts with blondes in my dreams, what do you see him doing in his dreams?!

8- The entire Qur’an is recited to the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) in a dream:

Anecdotes of the world of vision

The scholar Siddiq Hassan Khan (1307 AH) said in the translation of Sheikh Ahmed Al-Qashashbi who died in (1071 AH) he said: “… One of the wonders of his situation is that he recited the Holy Qur’an from beginning to end in a dream to the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him).”

9- Musk smelt from his mouth to see!

It was narrated from Imam Nafi’ – one of the seven famous reciters – that when he spoke, he smelled the smell of musk, and he was told: Do you listen whenever you sit down and recite people? He said: Yesterday was good, but I saw the Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him and his family – in a dream reading in me, from that there is this smell, I said: This story was referred to by Imam Shatibi (590 AH) in his famous system “Shatibiya” and he said: As for the generous secret in the good Nafi, he is the one who chose the city as a home.

Ibn al-Qasih said in Siraj al-Qari’: “… He pointed out by saying: The Holy Secret to what was narrated about him that he … He told the story.”

Abu Shama said in Shatbya’s commentary after mentioning this story, he said: “… This is the generous secret of Nafi in the good, and what is meant by generosity here: honor, ingenuity and majesty, and from it the Almighty says: (And a generous livelihood), and the generous in the systems of Shatby is a beginner and the secret is added to it… etc”.

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10- He benefits from Shaykh al-Islam in a dream!

Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy on him) said in al-Ruh: None of those who were not inclined to Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah told me that he saw him after his death and asked him about something that constituted him from the issues of obligatory and other matters, and he answered him correctly.”

11- Are we in a dream or a reality?

It is said about the ancient Chinese philosopher “Shuang Tzu” that he woke up one day and saw himself in the dream as a butterfly, he said: “Am I “Shuang Tsu” who saw himself in the dream as a butterfly, or is there a butterfly that dreams now that it is “Shuang Tsu”?

The French thinker Pascal said: “Man does not have complete certainty about whether he is asleep or awake. Who knows? Maybe our wakefulness is sleep, and our sleep is wakefulness.”

As for the philosopher Descartes, he says: “I cannot find a clear sign by which to distinguish between a state of awakening and a state of sleep.”

The German philosopher Schopenhauer asks: “Are there existing limits by which he can recognize the difference between dreams and reality?”

12- Fights only in sleep!

Anecdotes of the world of vision

Al-Hajjaj said to Hamid al-Arqqa, singing a poem describing the war: O Hamid, have you ever fought? And he replied, “No, O prince, except in sleep,” and he said, “How did you fall?” He said: I paid attention while I was defeated.

13- Sayings about sleep and dreams:

A- Sleep is a light death, and death is a heavy sleep. I said: In the saheeh hadith, when the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) was asked: Do the people of Paradise sleep? He said: “Sleep is the brother of death.”

(b) People are sleeping, and if they die, be aware of the words of some of the predecessors.

C- Dreaming in writing on water. I said: a sign of how quickly dreams are forgotten.

D. Tell us about your dreams, tell you about your future, I said: in the vision that is from Allah, as a conjecture.

E- Tell us about your dreams, diagnose your problems. I said: In the talk of the soul.

Myths represent peoples’ dreams.

G- The dream of cats is all mice.

H – From the stomach emanates dreams I said: any of them.

(i) Fear Allah in wakefulness, and what you saw in a dream does not harm you.

J- The vision pleases the believer and does not tempt him.

K – dreams consciousness of the sleeper.

For – dream is the alphabet of the soul.

M. An unexplained dream resembles an illegible message.

N- The madman is a vigilant dreamer.

Q: A dream is a short madness, and madness is a long dream.

14- numerical Numeric!! This is a Yemeni proverb, which is said to be content with a little, if he fears losing it as much has been lost.

The numerical punch is called the parts of the riyal “i.e. its exchange”.

The origin of this proverb: that a man saw in his dream a person who gave him money, but it is from the small categories “i.e.: numerical”, and he refused to take it. While he was taking flowers, pulling and pulling with the giver, he suddenly woke up and saw nothing around him, “neither man nor money”, so he closed his eyes as he said: “My number.” Numeric. “That is, I accepted to take what you gave me of despicable money” (26).

Dream… Another world:

One of the poets said about dreams:

I saw various things without a meter, with the eye closed, and the sense of lack of

I flew in the air sometimes and walked to the far end of the country and I did not notify on a foot

I talked to those who didn’t talk to me, and I carved for those who didn’t die, and without a line, my pen ran

And he pulled what I was afraid of ghoul for no reason Ram assassinated me for a prostitute and did not throw

And how much I saw my house the thief stealing me and that around my house never protected

The poet continues:

And how much I imagined of the pressure on my chest and try to hasten my mouth

And how many fences I fenced and whispered on my face to flee, and if I was alerted, I did not care

And all that and this in fact I have met while I was in the absence of a dream

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