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Gold in a dream

الذهب في المنام

Seeing gold in a dream according to Ibn Sirin

The interpretation of the vision of gold in a dream does not stop at one interpretation and expression.

But the vision of gold is generally not ominous for the indication of the word gold and the yellowness of its color.

Its interpretation varies according to the nature of the vision, including: The vision of gold formulated is weaker in the entry of evil on the seer.

From the vision of unformulated gold to enter another name on it, we say a gold necklace, and a gold anklet.

If a person sees that he wears gold as an inheritance, he inherits.

Whoever sees that he has worn a piece of gold is fusing with a competent people.

Whoever strikes an alloy of gold, money will be lost from it, or they will be afflicted with as much gold as it has become. This concern may be anger from Sultan.

As for the one who sees that he melts gold, he falls into a dispute and quarrel, and his biography falls in the tongues of people.

Whoever sees that he lives in a house of gold or that his house is gilded, his house will be set on fire.

If he sees that he has worn a gold necklace, he is under a mandate and bears honesty and responsibility.

It was narrated from the Messenger (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) that he said: “While I was sleeping, I saw two gold bracelets in my hands, and he took care of them and inspired me in a dream: to blow them, and I blew them into breakfast, and I gave them two liars who would come out after me, and one of them was Al-Ansi and the other Musaylamah the liar, the owner of the Yamamah.”

Whoever sees that he wears gold anklets will fall into confinement, and anklets for men in the vision are restrictions, and jewellery in a dream is not suitable for men except the necklace, necklace, ring and earring.

If a woman sees a bracelet and anklets of gold, the interpretation is that as a husband. If a woman sees women’s jewellery, it indicates their children, if it is of gold, it indicates their males, and if it is of silver, it indicates their females.

Seeing gold in a dream according to Nabulsi

Gold in a dream

Gold bracelet The inheritance of gold is in a dream is abhorrent and fined money and the bracelet from it if he wears it is an inheritance that falls into his hand.

Whoever sees that he has worn something of gold, he will be fused with people who are incompetent for him, if he injures a gold bar from which there is money, or if he injures him as much as he is gold, or the Sultan is angry with him and fins him.

If he sees that he is melting gold, he will be guilty of something that is hateful and falls into the tongues of men.

Interpretation of seeing a large piece of gold Whoever sees that he has given a large piece of gold, he will receive authority and leadership, and if he sees that he has found broken gold or dinars, he will see the king’s face and return from it safely.

If he sees that he has cast gold, he will receive evil and destruction, and whoever sees that his house is of gold, he will be struck by fire.

Whoever sees that his hands are gold are null and motionless, and whoever sees that his eyes are gold blinds his sight.

Interpretation of seeing a necklace of gold Whoever sees that he has a necklace of gold, silver, beads or essence has a guardianship and assumed a trust.

And gold indicates its vision of joys, livelihoods, good deeds, the departure of worries, husbands and children, knowledge and guidance.

And on what is also done from it of halal or jewelry, and gold, if it becomes silver in a dream, indicates that the condition of the women, money, children and servants has changed from increase to decrease.

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Silver in a dream by Nabulsi

Silver in a dream

Interpretation of seeing silver become gold, but silver if it becomes gold in a dream indicates the good condition of the couples, family or clan.

And woven with gold, marked, and clothed in high clothes such as masks and subtraction.

The culmination of that and the like are closeness to Allah Almighty for those who wear it, whether women, husbands, children or mothers.

Or a scourge for its lords, but the painted indicates imitation of the sons of this world or the deeds of the people of the hereafter.

As for the pure of gold and silver, it indicates sincerity, purity of intention, stubbornness and the correct covenant.

As for the gold and silver leaf that is painted or dissolved, it indicates short deeds, vicissitudes of things, omissions and forgetfulness.

The spunbond of gold and silver is a continuous livelihood, as well as the elongated of copper and iron.

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