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The world of visions and dreams Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim

Un mot d’or dans les visions et les rêves Muhammad Abdul rahman Ghoneim

These are anecdotes in the section on “Dreams and Visions” that I tied up during my reading. I wanted to share them with the readers – may God protect them -, in the hope that we will see smiles on faces in a time of sorrows and trials. We ask God for safety in this world and the hereafter, and to make us die upon Islam and the Sunnah.

pipe dreams:

Oddly enough, literature books have reported that a poet entered upon a prince and sang to him, hoping for his attainment:

I saw in my sleep that I own a mare, and I have a summer, and I have dinars in my hand

And a people said to them, they have knowledge and knowledge, I saw good, and dreams have an interpretation

Tell your dream in the prince’s house, you will find an explanation for that and the good omen

So the prince said to him: “Dreams are pipe dreams, and we do not interpret dreams with two worlds.”

Eloquence in a dream:

Ahmed bin Yusuf al-Katib said: When al-Ma’mun commanded me to write to the horizons to increase the number of lanterns in the month of Ramadan, I did not know how to write? So he came to me in a dream and said to me: Write: for there is comfort in it for the humble, and the protection of the diligent, and the protection of the houses of God from the loneliness of darkness, and ambushes of suspicion.

Girls of the Night:

Dreams are called by the Arabs “the girls of the night” and “the daughters of the night,” meaning sleepiness. The poet said:

Baniyat Al-Kree showed him the person of Tariq, so he stood up to her, praying to Hossam

Compensation for theft in a dream:

It was said that a Red Indian man saw in a dream a missionary “that is, the missionaries” stealing a pumpkin from his farm, so the man woke up from his sleep, angry, and resolved to ask the missionary for compensation, knowing that the missionary was in a place two hundred miles away from the Indian man’s farm, and turned The Indian went to his farm and saw the pumpkin in it that no one had touched him, but he insisted on asking for compensation, as he believed that seeing the missionary in a dream a thief is conclusive evidence that he was ready to steal if he was close to the farm, and the Indian man did not dissuade his opinion from any convincing evidence and presented the matter to The court accepted his complaint.

The punishment for adultery in a dream:

Imam Al-Shafi’i, may God have mercy on him, mentioned in Al-Umm: that a man said to a man: He had intercourse with his mother in sleep, so he carried him to Ali – may God be pleased with him – and he said: Set him up in the sun and strike his shade. Al-Shafi’i – may God have mercy on him – said: We do not say this.

The danger of appearing in the dream of the queen:

Queen “Rana Valova”, Queen of “Madagascar” used to forbid her subjects to appear in her dreams! Whoever does that, will be executed.

What do you see him doing in his dreams?

It was narrated about a young woman newly married that she saw in her dream that her husband was courting a blonde woman, so she woke up in a frightened panic, and took her husband’s quarrels, accusing him of marital infidelity! And when she was told that her husband was innocent of what she accused him of, she replied: If my husband flirts with blondes in my dreams, what do you see him doing in his dreams?!

He recites the entire Qur’an to the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family – in a dream:

The scholar Siddiq Hassan Khan (1307 AH) said in the translation of Sheikh Ahmad al-Qashashbi, who died in the year 1071 AH, he said: “..and among the wonders of his condition is that he recited the Holy Qur’an from beginning to end in a dream to the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family -.”

Musk smells from his mouth as a vision!

It was narrated on the authority of Imam Nafi’ – who is one of the seven famous reciters – that if he spoke he would smell the scent of musk, and it was said to him: Do you wear perfume whenever you sit reading people? He said: Yesterday was not good, but I saw the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family – in a dream reciting in me, from that there is this smell. The Noble Secret is in the good Nafi’, who chose the city as a home.

– Ibn Al-Qasih said in “Siraj Al-Qari’”: “… He referred to his saying: The Noble Secret to what was narrated from him that… he mentioned the story.”

– Abu Shama said in Sharh al-Shatibya, after mentioning this story, he said: “…This is the noble secret of a beneficial person in goodness. …etc”.

He benefits from the Sheikh of Islam in a dream!

Ibn Al-Qayyim – may God have mercy on him – said in the book “Al-Rouh”: “..more than one who was not inclined to Sheikh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah told me that he saw him after his death, and asked him about something that he was forming from the issues of religious duties and others, and he answered him with the correctness.”

Are we in a dream or reality?

– It is said that the ancient Chinese philosopher “Shuang Tzu” woke up from his sleep one day and saw himself in a dream as a butterfly, so he said: “Am I “Shuang Tzu” who saw himself in the dream as a butterfly, or is there a butterfly now dreaming that it is “Shuang Tzu”?

– The French thinker Pascal said: “A person does not have complete certainty about whether he is asleep or awake… Who knows? Perhaps our vigilance is sleep, and our sleep is awakening.”

As for the philosopher Descartes, he says: “I do not find a clear sign by which I can differentiate between a state of awakening and a state of sleep.”

The German philosopher Schopenhauer asks: “Are there any existing limits by which he can recognize the difference between dreams and reality?”

He fights only in sleep!

Al-Hajjaj said to Hamid Al-Arqat, and he sang a poem describing the war to him: O Hamid, have you ever fought? He said: No, Prince, except in sleep. ِAnd he said: How was your relationship? He said: I noticed and I was defeated.

Sayings about sleep and dreams:

A- Sleep is a light death, and death is a heavy sleep. I said: In the authentic hadith when the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family – was asked: Do the people of Paradise sleep? He said: (Sleep is the brother of death).

B – People are asleep, and when they die, they wake up from the words of some of their predecessors.

C – The dream is written on the water. I said: a reference to the speed of forgetting dreams.

D- Tell us your dreams, we will tell you your future.

E – Tell us your dreams, we diagnose your problems. I said: In self-talk.

F – Myths represent the dreams of people.

The dream of cats is all mice.

H – From the stomach spring dreams. I said: Any of them.

i- Fear God while awake, and what you saw in a dream will not harm you.

J- The dream makes the believer happy and does not deceive him.

K- Dreams are the consciousness of the sleeper.

l – dreaming the alphabet of the soul.

M- It is an unexplained dream, resembling an unread message.

N- A madman is a vigilant dreamer.

Q – A dream is a short madness, and madness is a long dream.

  • Numerical .. Numerical!! This is a Yemeni proverb. It is said about sufficiency with a little if he fears losing it as he has lost a lot.

The numerical word is used to refer to the parts of the riyal, meaning its exchange.

The origin of this proverb is that a man saw in a dream a person who gave him money, but it is one of the small groups “that is: my number”, and he refused to take it, and while he is taking roses, and attracting and tightening with the giver if he wakes up from his sleep suddenly and does not see anything around him” No A man or no money.” He closed his eyes and said: My number, my number. Meaning: I accepted that I would take what you gave me of the mean money.

The dream… another world:

One poet said about dreams:

I saw various things that were uncountable, the eye closed, and the sense of nothingness

Sometimes I flew in the air and walked to the farthest corners of the country and did not notice afoot

I spoke to those who did not speak to me, and I carved on those who did not die, and without a line, my pen ran

 And pull what I was afraid of an ogre for no reason, he threw my assassination away from a prostitute, and he did not throw it away

And how often I saw in my house the thief robbed me and that around my house he never protected

How many walls I built, and they ran over my face, and if I had been alerted, I would not have cared

How much pressure did I imagine on my chest and tried to speed up my intent?

And all that and this I met while I was heedless of a dream


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