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money in a dream

الأموال في المنام

Interpretation of seeing money in a dream in general, the interpretations of seeing money in a dream vary depending on the state of the seer. It may denote knowledge, fulfilment of needs, good speech, prayer, or good deeds and benevolence.

Interpretation of seeing money according to its type

Ibn al-Sadiq’s interpretations of seeing money in a dream vary according to its type, whether it is metal, paper, silver, or copper. Seeing it is a sign of goodness, sustenance, abundance, and increase. Among these interpretations are the following:

Seeing paper money: Ibn al-Sadiq interprets seeing paper money as a sign of goodness, an increase in money, success.

And excellence in daily life, on both the practical and social levels.

Seeing coins: Ibn al-Sadiq interprets seeing coins in a dream as that the dreamer will have sustenance and money or his knowledge and deeds will increase in righteousness and charity.

And seeing a pregnant woman may indicate that she will have daughters.

Seeing gold coins: Ibn al-Sadiq interprets seeing gold coins in a dream as a sign of goodness, money, fulfilling people’s needs, acts of kindness and charity, and returning trusts to their owners.

And seeing a pregnant or married woman may indicate that she will be blessed with males.

Seeing copper money: Ibn Sirin interprets seeing copper in a dream that the dreamer will make money from a foreign person.

And in return seeing copper metal in a dream may indicate gossip and bad words.

Interpretation of seeing money according to the state of the seer

Scholars of interpretation, such as Ibn Sirin, Imam al-Sadiq, and al-Nabulsi, talk about the interpretation of seeing money in a dream, as it generally denotes goodness, blessing, sustenance, and children, and it depends on the state of the seer as shown below:

Seeing money for single women: Ibn Sirin and Imam Al-Sadiq interpret the vision of a single girl for money in a dream as having high ambition, but she does not feel reassured and safe.

Money for a married woman: Ibn Sirin and Imam al-Sadiq interpret seeing married woman money in a dream as finding a loyal friend, and if she loses money, she will lose her and her friendship.

Seeing money for a pregnant woman: Ibn Sirin and Imam al-Sadiq interpret a pregnant woman’s vision of coins as that she will give birth to a son, and if she collects silver coins from the ground, this indicates that she will go through some difficulties during her pregnancy, and if she collects paper currency, this indicates that childbirth will be easy and easy. It also indicates goodness and blessing.

Seeing money for a poor person: Al-Nabulsi explains that poverty in a dream indicates wealth, so whoever sees himself poor, he has had a lot of food, as the Almighty said in Surat Al-Qasas: {Allah when You sent down to me from the best of the poor}.

Seeing money for a rich person: Al-Nabulsi explains that wealth in a dream indicates poverty, so whoever sees himself rich have become poor or contented, as contentment indicates wealth and vice versa.

Other cases of seeing money in a dream

The cases of dream interpretation vary according to the person’s condition and the details of the dream seen. For some scholars, money is considered good, and for others it is evil. The following interpretations explain some general cases of seeing money in a dream:

Seeing lost money: Al-Nabulsi explains that whoever loses or loses a dirham, will be harmed by his son or complain about him.

Seeing the theft of money: Al-Nabulsi explains that whoever has a dirham stolen from him, will be harmed by his son or complain about him, and if it is taken from him without returning, his son may die.

The vision of taking money from a dead person: Ibn Sirin explains that whoever takes money from a dead person indicates blessing and sustenance, and if the money is paper, positive things will happen to the person in his life, and if the money is metal, this person will face difficulties and problems in his life.

Seeing scattered money: Al-Nabulsi interprets seeing scattered money in a dream as a person speaking well.

Seeing giving money to someone: Ibn Shaheen says that whoever gives dirhams to someone, it comes from him on money or secrets.

And seeing money collected in a bag: Al-Nabulsi explains that whoever sees money in a bag or a bundle, will keep a secret for one of his friends.

The vision of finding money: Ibn Shaheen explains that whoever finds a bag of dirhams or money, will earn halal money.

Interpretation of seeing money in a dream by Ibn Sirin

The good old red dinar is a pure Hanif religion, and one dinar was born with a good face, and dinars are a treasure, wisdom, or state and the performance of a testimony. To his house or the value of dinars, then it is money that is transferred to him, according to the Almighty’s saying: “The pregnant women are worthy.” If he sees that he has a dinar in his hand, then he has entrusted a person with something and he betrayed it.

She comes or a check that he takes, and if the dinars are five, then it is the five daily prayers, and perhaps one single dinar is a boy, and all the dress of jewellery is praiseworthy for women, and they have adornment and beautiful things, and perhaps it indicates what women are proud of, and perhaps it indicates their children, the masculine of which is male, and the feminine of it is female and all of them. Men are blameworthy and hated, except for those who do not deny their clothing.

Interpretation of seeing dirhams in a dream:

Horse dirhams are religion, knowledge, fulfilling a need, or prayer, and the purity in the world of the dreamer, and his treatment of everyone in fulfilment, and the survival of earning and trust, and righteousness and its effects on a man hearing good and true words, and their number is the number of righteous deeds; Because it is written on it that there is no Allah but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and deeds are not completed without the remembrance of Allah Almighty. She gave birth to a good boy, and the many dirhams, if they benefit from a lot of good in joy and happiness. Shahada, for if a good dirham is wasted, then he advises an ignorant person and will not be accepted from him.

seeing dirhams in a dream

The deceptive dirhams are deceit, lies, disagreement, betrayal in life, and presumptuousness in committing major sins, which are not inscribed with words that are not pious, and which are engraved by images of heresy in religion and immorality, and divided into an uninterrupted quarrel.

Because he paid them, and if he stole a dirham and gave it in charity, then he tells what he does not hear, and if he sees with him ten dirhams, it becomes five decreases in his money, and if he sees five becomes ten, his money will be doubled. It is frequent about great things, and it was said dirhams are talk and litigation if they are prominent.

If he gives dirhams in a bundle or bag, he is secretly entrusted. Perhaps one dirham is a boy, and money is bad to talk and clamor and good dirhams are good words, and bad dirhams are bad words, and it is said that a man came to Ibn Sirin and said: I saw that there were two dinars in my sleeve and they fell so I was asking for them, so he said: Look, I have lost something from your books.

Interpretation of the vision of the dinar and dirhams made of gold

The interpretation of the vision of the dinar and the manufactured cycle of gold with different visions: The gold is not praised if he is Dinar, and the individual was born.

Whoever saw a person dirham is a right, he has a right certificate.

The sound of dirhams and dinars is good speech, and glamor is deceit and lies, and the burden of living in a forbidden way and committing major sins.

The dirhams that did not engage in words, not in which she and herder in which the images with her pregnant or harmful, and the tractable cycle is not interrupted and was not interrupted and was not interrupted and taking the dirhams better than pushing them, and their number shows the praise because the name of Allah is written, and he stole dirham and act He does not hear. Whoever sees that he has five dirhams and it becomes ten, his money will increase.


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