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Terrifying Dreams Don’t Ignore

أحلام مرعبة

We all share dreams and nightmares. And because their symbols are well known, they should not be ignored and properly interpreted

There is no dictionary of dream interpretation, but most of us share the symbols we see in disturbing dreams or haunting nightmares, which we should not ignore, and let go unnoticed.

And the newspaper “Sun” quoted British sleep experts, on what the 10 most terrifying dreams mean and ways to avoid them, we review them for you below.

Death or illness

To see you dying in a dream is very sad, but rest assured. Nightmares in which death appears have many causes, ranging from addressing your fears of death and beliefs about mortality, to more positive themes; it is letting old attitudes and behaviours die to make way for new and better ways to be born. And perhaps these nightmares help us understand our fears and feelings about letting our old ways die so that we can grow and change.

 Natural disasters

Dreams based on environmental crises indicate that you are worried that something will happen in the future. Natural phenomena are unpredictable, which indicates that you may feel out of control. Every dream is unique, but some people may relate to an inability to cope with an emotional or mental flood, while others may relate to a feeling that the demands of life are increasing to gigantic, insurmountable proportions.

Most people relate to water in dreams as emotional, it flows like emotions. From a health perspective, this nightmare might invite you to consider setting healthy limits on what you eat or to spend time or therapy to get through the emotional turmoil.


Sometimes, this nightmare can happen when your nose is blocked, or you suffer from asthma. More commonly, this nightmare is related to feeling physical, psychologically, mentally, or spiritually constrained, or feeling suffocated by someone’s disturbing attention to you or your life situation.

For your health and well-being, you need to understand the fears that hold you back from taking up your personal space in the world, the fears that limit the way you express yourself, and the fears that hold you back. Understanding these fears is the first step to overcoming them.

The fall

Most people have had this dream; you feel like you suddenly fall and wake up before you hit the ground. Although it may leave you in a state of panic, there is nothing to worry about as you might think.

You can be guided by what happened to cause the fall. There are many common explanations such as: If you leave the brink, you should look at what you are giving up in your life; and if the ground collapses under your feet, look at what’s going on in your life. And if you are climbing and losing your grip, it may indicate that you have lost your goals, while falling into a black hole may indicate depression.

But these are not accurate interpretations; they are examples of how you can question your dream and find the relationship in your life. Explore your dream, it is time to let go of your fears and establish your ground, fall into the unknown, change your goals, explore your sadness, or fall in love with life.

Running naked in public

To dream that you are completely naked in public is something we fear. But it may mean that you don’t feel comfortable in your skin, and you may have a lack of confidence and self-esteem. Do you feel afraid that people will see what is in your heart, mind, and soul? Is the overall picture important to you? And why? Is it time to be more transparent and honest, or feel good about yourself instead of trying to hide behind a picture? Or are you feeling vulnerable and in need of protection? Explore these questions and you’ll know what to do.

The car is out of control

Cars in dreams represent your path in life. A vehicle out of control or accelerating means that you may be going in the wrong direction or moving faster than you should. It may help to know how you feel out of control. And if you fear getting out of control in a certain area of ​​your life or if you are a control freak, your nightmare may portray this fear as trying and failing to drive a car out of control.

And a car without brakes in a nightmare helps you understand the pressure you put on yourself to keep going. From a health point of view, if you relate to this potential meaning of your unique nightmare, ask how you can relax, take more rest, or else you could be headed for a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual accident, or all of these options.


People who often have dreams in which they are being chased are often afraid of confrontation. It indicates that you want to escape from your problems rather than face them. The more we flee than we fear, the more fear chases us through life.


This dream sometimes occurs when your mind starts to wake up, but your body lags in dream mode. This is known as “sleep paralysis”.

When we dream, our muscles are unable to move much. This is the natural way to prevent us from getting up and suffering. And when the mind and body are incompatible for a few seconds, we can dream that we are paralyzed. And if this happens, just breathe calmly. Other times, this may be a completely symbolic nightmare, and it may occur when you feel restricted in life, or emotionally or mentally paralyzed from taking action. Interpreting your nightmare helps you identify what is holding you back.

Teeth falling out

Teeth dreams can indicate a lack of confidence or weakness. It can also represent anxiety about aging or losing something or someone important to your emotional state. Be guided by the feeling you feel in the dream: were you embarrassed, weak, hesitant, or destroyed by what you cannot return? Do you fear what comes out of your mouth or feel embarrassed or sorry about something you said? Maybe it’s about communication and trust. Picture yourself with strong, radiant teeth speaking confident words.

Unable to find the toilet

When this fear enters your sleeping mind, what does that mean? On a practical level, it might be your body’s way of telling you to get up and get to the bathroom. But it may also mean that you are struggling to allow something or that you cannot find any privacy.


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