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Singing in a dream

الغناء في المنام

Singing is usually one of the closest ways for our minds to express joy or sadness, and the sweet voice calms the souls, but what about singing in a dream?

The general meaning of singing and songs in a dream

Singing in a dream according to Ibn Sirin is void and never a calamity. As for Sheikh Nabulsi, he says that singing in a dream may indicate trade, if the voice is good and beautiful, then it is a profitable business. It is related to the situation of the seer and the context of the vision.

There are two kinds of singing in the Revelation; The first is what indicates goodness, which is what is said in praise of the Noble Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, or the popular songs known as the Hadda, which are sung to camels on the way to travel.

Whoever saw that he sings in a dream?

Sheikh Nabulsi says that the singer in a dream indicates the wise or the scholar, and it may indicate the preacher and the muezzin, but singing in the dream may indicate lying, so whoever sees that he is singing in a place, a lie causes the band of loved ones in that place.

Singing in a dream may indicate disputes and evils, according to the interpretation of Nabulsi. As for the one who was working in singing or music, if his singing in a dream was in a sweet, beautiful voice, that is good for him, and if his voice in the dream was bad, he is threatened with unemployment.

Singing usually comes from joy and comfort, so whoever sees that he is singing while walking on the road, that is joyful and good. As for singing in the bathroom, it indicates vague speech because it is not heard clearly.

Seeing singing in the market has no good in it, for it is for the merchants of scandals and predicaments, and for the poor is a lightness of mind, and singing in the market for the pious bears’ witness to the sedition that occurs in that place.

And about the interpretation of singing in a dream

Whoever sees that he sings in a dream in general, only his condition; if it is prophetic praise or popular songs, then it is good and joyful, and if it is otherwise, there is no good in it.

And whoever sees that he is singing for himself alone in a dream, this may indicate his sadness.

Singing in a beautiful voice in a dream means that the dreamer brings happiness to people and brings good news, and whoever sees that he sings in an ugly voice, he brings worries to people and brings bad news.

And whoever sees that he is trying to sing and his voice disappears in the dream, this indicates a depression in his goods, and singing is muttering in a dream, he may have a fever.

Seeing the dead sing in a dream is false, for the dead is in the abode of truth unless he is praising the Messenger, peace is upon him, for he will obtain intercession, God willing.

And seeing the singing in a dream of the rich is arrogance and exaggeration, and the singing of the poor is his foolishness, and the patient groans, and the prisoner snores, and seeing the believer sing in a dream has no good in it, and a little faith has his recklessness. As for seeing young children singing in a dream, it is joy and happiness.

Hearing songs in a dream

Hearing songs in a dream in general is not good and indicates foolishness.

ِAnd hearing songs at home may indicate loneliness and a desire for entertainment.

As for hearing songs in the workplace, the dreamer does not enjoy his work.

Seeing hearing songs in a dream in a strange place, such as hearing songs in a mosque or hearing songs in mourning in a dream indicates people’s recklessness and the foolishness of their minds. Songs in a dream, he is the body of a responsible person, and seeing the dead hear songs in the dream is invalid, as we mentioned.

Seeing singing in a dream for a woman

Seeing singing for a woman, in general, is for a girl, so whoever sees that she sings loudly wailing, and sees singing as a unit in the house and a relief from worries, and singing in front of the people of the house for a woman is a sitting of women in which there is a pleasure.

As for the one who saw that she sings in the street or the market, she is asking and begging, and whoever saw that she sings in front of an audience, it spoils her religion and her worldly life.

And whoever sees that she prevents the people of her house from hearing songs in a dream, her soul is light and pure, as well as whoever sees that she refuses to listen to pure songs in her soul and is pious in worship.

As for the one who sees that she sings in a dream and hits a musical instrument, it fascinates people, and seeing singing without music in a dream for a woman is either joy or sadness according to the lyrics of the song, or discourages or encourages her according to the meaning of the song as well.

And whoever her voice in a dream is beautiful, it pleases the people of her house, but if her voice in a dream is ugly, then it annoys the people of her house, and whoever sees her voice disappear in a dream, then she is comfort at her door, and God Almighty knows best.

Seeing singing and songs in a dream according to Miller’s interpretation

Hearing the voice singing in a dream indicates a cheerful spirit.

Whoever sees himself singing in a dream in a happy environment, this means that his envy and jealousy will affect the stability of his life, according to Miller’s interpretation.

As for the one who hears the sound of singing in the dream, it may indicate good news coming from people who are traveling, or this dream may indicate the cheerful spirit that the dreamer enjoys.


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