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Seeing hell in a dream for Ibn Sirin

Seeing hell in a dream for Ibn Sirin

Hell was prepared for the disbelievers, we seek refuge in God from it and from its evils, and it was stated in the impact from Abu Amr Muhammad bin Jaafar bin Matar Our narrator Hamad bin Saeed bin Muhammad told us Muhammad bin Yaqoub bin Al-Karabsi Tell us Muhammad bin Abi Bakr Al-Muqaddam Al-Hakam bin Dhahir Tell us Thabit bin Abdullah bin Abi Bakra from his father About his grandfather said: “Whoever sees that he burns is in the fire”, so the dreamer may be frightened as soon as he sees the fire in a dream, and we will get to know you On the interpretation of Seeing hell in a dream for Ibn Sirin.

Seeing hell in a dream for Ibn Sirin

Seeing fire in a dream and the torment of hell in particular is not a good vision, it may be a warning vision or a harbinger of evil, and it has many interpretations as follows:

If a person sees in his dream that a king has taken his gun and thrown him into the fire, it indicates the humiliation to which he is subjected.

Whoever sees in his dream the keeper of fire smiles at him, and this vision indicates his deliverance or pleasure from a king or the owner of prestige and authority.

As for those who see the fire closely, it indicates the distress and severity of the seer, who must be careful, or indicates that he is approaching to sacrifice what he must repent of this sin and quit it.

As for those who believe that they are entering hell, it is a sign that they have committed sins and major sins that require the punishment to be imposed on them.

Whoever sees that someone is throwing him into the fire is someone who carries him and pushes him to do evil and commit sins and encourages him to do immorality.

Coming out of the fire is a sign of worldly worries and deliverance from it.

Fire in a dream

Whoever thinks that he eats from the fire or drinks the intimate of the fire asks for great knowledge, but that knowledge will become a scourge on him.

Whoever sees that he is in Hell with a black face is a sign that accompanies the enemy of God and is pleased with his deeds, and a warning to him that his face will prevail before people.

As for the one who sees himself in the fire but does not know when he entered it, it is a sign of humiliation and deprivation in this world and not performing prayer, fasting or all obedience.

In my opinion, he is stepping on embers, he is in fact deliberately crossing the necks of people in the councils.

And if he sees that he drew his sword into the fire, it is a sign that he spoke evil and fornication in front of people.

We learned with you about the interpretation of hell in a dream, as every vision in which there is fire is an indication of the occurrence and occurrence of fitna or warning, and the seer must return to God and repent repentance righteously, and end what he does of melting and sins.


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