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Lucid Dream

You see in a dream or vision animals, things, or movement… What is the meaning of these symbols?

The symbols in dreams are divided into glad tidings and warnings.

And everything that the sleeper sees, if it is a true vision, then it bears good tidings for him or a warning. Rebuke the seer.

Examples of promising symbols in a dream and warning symbols are what two companions of Joseph, peace are upon him saw in prison. The first, who saw that he was pressing grapes with his hands to make wine, was his vision of freedom and return to serve the king. As for the second, he saw that he was carrying bread on his head and birds eating from it; His visions were a harbinger and he ended up crucified.

The commentators said that seeing the honourable Kaaba, eating fruit, and killing a black man in a dream are good things that indicate the abundance of sustenance and the proximity of the vulva.

Auspicious symbols in a dream

The commentators said that seeing the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) heralds the dreamer that his prayers will be answered and his wishes will be fulfilled, just as the dream about the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) indicates the relief of distress, the strength of the believer’s faith and his closeness to the Lord (Mighty and Majestic). In his sleep, this denotes that he will have a lot of money soon.

It was said that wearing clothes in a dream portends a way out of crises and going through some happy events in the next tomorrow.

And the interpreters said that giving birth to a girl in a dream symbolizes the dream owner’s transition to a new stage of his life soon, full of happiness and contentment.

Symbols of wish-fulfilment in a dream

Some interpreters said that passing the test in a dream symbolizes the fulfilment of the dreamer’s wishes soon.

If the dreamer sees the new car in his dream, this denotes that his desires will soon be fulfilled, he will earn a lot of money, and his standard of living will change significantly.

Scientists interpreted fear in a dream as one of the symbols of fulfilling wishes, as it indicates that the dreamer will soon reach his goals and his sense of pride and self-esteem.

Symbols indicating that supplication are answered in a dream

Signs in a dream indicate that supplications are answered.

The commentators said that speaking with the prophets or seeing them in a dream is one of the signs that supplications are answered.

And the newcomer in the dream symbolizes that the Lord (Almighty and Glorious are He) will soon respond to a specific supplication for the dreamer that he has been asking for a long time.

It was said that the sick person who dreams that he is calling Allah (exalted be He) and asking Him for a cure will soon recover and his living conditions will change for the better.

The remembrance of Allah in a distressing dream heralds the relief of his anguish and his obtaining all that he desires and desires soon.

Promising symbols indicating marriage soon

Scientists interpreted wearing gold in a dream as symbolizing the imminence of the marriage of a single woman with a good and kind-hearted person who will be happy in her days and fulfil all her dreams with him.

Symbols that indicate the approach of marriage in a dream

It was said that the bed is one of the symbols that indicate the imminence of marriage, and if the dreamer is living a love story at present and sees she wearing beautiful shoes.

this denotes that her partner will propose to her soon and she will enjoy happiness and reassurance next to him for a lifetime.

The auspicious symbols that indicate travel in a dream

The scholars interpreted that buying a new house is one of the symbols of travel in a dream, and if the dreamer brings travel clothes in his dream, this denotes that he will soon travel abroad for work or study.

And if the dreamer climbs the stairs in his dream, this is a sign that he will migrate soon to Foreign country.

If the owner of the dream gets a promotion in his work in his dream, this indicates that he will travel soon to a distant country and obtain many benefits and bounties through this travel.

Promising symbols that indicate healing in a dream

Scientists interpreted seeing honey in a dream as heralding a cure from diseases and improvement of health conditions soon, and if the patient dreams that he is washing with Zamzam water, this indicates that he will get rid of his disease soon and enjoy a stable and happy life.

His health condition will soon improve and he will get rid of the aches and pains he was experiencing.

The commentators said that seeing blood coming out of the body indicates that there is a sick person whom the dreamer knows will soon get rid of his illness and return to his normal life.

Symbols that indicate vulva in a dream

Scholars interpreted prayer in a dream as a sign of releasing distress and the removal of worries and troubles soon, and if the owner of the dream sees that she is pregnant in her dream, this is a sign that the problems she is going through in her life will end and her living conditions will change for the better.

Symbols in a dream indicate the demise of worry

The commentators said that seeing the Kaaba in a dream denotes the demise of worry, improvement of conditions in study or work, and attainment of goals and ambitions.

Signs of a near vulva

The commentators said that wearing clothes is one of the signs of the vulva in a dream.

If the dreamer wears a ring in his dream and he is going through a specific crisis in his life.

this indicates that he will relieve his anguish and his exit from this crisis soon.

If the dreamer sees the snow melting in his dream, this indicates that the Lord

(Mighty He will be released and bestowed upon him with goodness and blessings soon.

We have touched upon to talk about some symbols … Wait for more interpretation of common dream symbols soon.


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