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Interpretation seeing lion in dream

Interprétation voyant lion en rêve

The lion is one of the predators and is the king of the forest as it is called and everyone fears a human or animal, and the lion has prestige and greatness that is not when other animals, and when someone wants to inflate himself and praise his courage, he says that he is a lion, and the interpretation seeing lion in dream has many interpretations according to the state in which it was found and the state of the seer and we will learn about it below.

Interpretation seeing lion in dream by Ibn Sirin

Ibn Sirin says seeing the lion in a dream indicates an oppressor, arrogant and oppressive sultan because of the intensity of his boldness and the greatness of his danger.

And the horror of his creation and the intensity of his anger and oppression.

It may also indicate the mihrab, the traitorous agent, the embezzled thief.

The owner of the condition, as well as the requesting enemy.

Seeing a lion may also indicate distress or death, because those who see a lion either die in terror or die a predator.

The lion in the dream by Nabulsi

Nabulsi says that seeing a lion in a dream indicates an unjust, arrogant, open, unjust king or sultan to his subject, brutal and authoritarian.

It also signifies death because the lion takes lives.

Seeing a lion signifies wonder, vanity, pampering, wandering, obstinacy and ignorance.

As for seeing a lioness in a dream, she is an evil woman who is dear to the boy.

Interpretation of the lion’s entry into a house, city or mosque

Whoever thinks that a lion enters his house, and if there is a sick person in it, he perishes.

The fact that there is no sick person at home indicates the seer’s fear of an unjust authority.

Seeing a lion at home may also indicate the attainment of authority and long life.

As for those who see Assad entering the city, it is evidence of an unjust sultan or disease and epidemic spread there.

In Assad’s opinion, he enters the mosque and climbs on the pulpit.

As it indicates an unjust authority that people are afraid of.

What does it mean to see a lion in a dream?

Whoever thinks that he is running away from a lion and has not received it.

He is a survivor of something that the seer fears and warns him.

Seeing eating lion’s flesh is evidence of winning the enemy, or getting money from a sultan.

Seeing a lion’s skin indicates an enemy, and cutting off the lion’s head for a sultan and a king.

As for those who see themselves caring for lions, they are proof that they accompany unjust and mighty kings.

Whoever sees a lion that kills him, he will get a fever, because a lion is feverish.

As for those who believe that a lion is in contact with him and does not disagree with him.

It is a reference to an enemy that will not harm him and their enmity will be removed and turned into friendship.

And to see the killing of a lion in a dream is to survive and get rid of all sorrows.

Escape from the lion survive everything you fear and warn him.

If the lion approaches the dreamer in a dream, he will get the sultan.

But he will be spared from it, God willing.

Kissing and hugging a lion in a dream is a sign of closeness to the Sultan.

Whoever thinks that a lion licks him in a dream is evidence of his closeness to the Sultan and that his words are heard by the Sultan.

We learned with you about the interpretation of seeing a lion in a dream, which indicates in a way the unjust authority, or the attainment of kingship and authority and the occurrence of benefit.


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