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Interpretation of falling teeth in a dream

سقوط الأسنان في المنام

Many people see their teeth falling out in their dreams, and most of them panic and fear that they will fall out for fear of harm to them because they believe that it is a dream that carries evil for them.

Interpretation of tooth loss in the book of Nabulsi

There were many indications of teeth falling out in a dream according to Al-Nabulsi, and these indications include the following:

An indication of falling teeth from a person in a dream is longevity without his age counterparts.

If he sees that all his teeth have fallen out and taken them in his sleeve or in a room, then he will live a long life until his teeth fall out and the number of his family increases.

And if he sees all of his teeth falling out and out of his sight, then the people of his house will die before him, and perhaps that is the death of people of his age or the illness of his family.

And if he dreams that he loses his teeth, then he is alienated from his clan as one.

Whoever dreams that his upper teeth have fallen into his hand, then it is money that will accrue to him.

Whoever dreams that his lower teeth have fallen out, then he will suffer aches and pain, delusion and grief.

And whoever owes a debt if his teeth fall out in a dream; this indicates that he is paying off his debt.

He spends several of his debtors or one of them spends many things.

If his teeth fall out without pain, then this indicates actions that are invalidated.

And if he sees that they fall out with pain, then it indicates the loss of something from what is in his house and the teeth if they fall.

Tooth loss in the book of Nabulsi

It invalidates or corrupts the matter that he wants. If he falls without pain, then he loses what he owns.

If all the teeth fall out, then all those in that house, friends, free people, and travellers will perish.

This dream indicates from them a long illness without dying, and in the slaves indicates emancipation, merchants and travellers on the lightness of their burden.

Whoever dreams that his teeth fall out while he takes them with his hand, beard, or in his lap, this indicates that his children are cut off and no children will be born to him.

And whoever sees his teeth fall out and he is unable to eat, then he is poor, and whoever sees them fall out with his palm without pain or treatment, then it is dirhams according to their number.

And whoever sees his teeth fall into his throat, and he takes them out, tooth by tooth, and put each tooth in its place, the stones of the well that he owns, and he wants to take them out, stone by stone, and put every stone in its place.

Dinars and it was said that if he had a well, it would collapse.

 The meaning of broken teeth in people and relatives

Whoever sees that his teeth are broken, then one of his relatives or friends dies, and it may indicate a disease and death from that disease.

The right hand indicates the elderly men and women, the teeth of the left side refer to the young ones, the maxillary teeth indicate the boys, the canines indicate the type of it, and the molars indicate the elderly among them.

A person saw that some of these teeth had fallen out of him, then this indicates the death of the one who was indicated by that tooth.

And the teeth indicate the affairs of man and his measures, and the molars of them indicate the hidden and hidden matters, and the canines indicate what is not apparent to most of the people.

He saw that his teeth were broken, and then he pays off his debt a little bit.

Seeing broken teeth according to their condition

Whoever has corroded and crooked teeth and sees them falling out, then he will be saved from all hardships and evil.

If he sees that his teeth are made of gold, this is praiseworthy for those who speak, and evidence for other people of a fire that occurs in their homes or a disease due to the abundance of yellow bitterness, which is called jaundice.

If he sees that his teeth are made of glass or wood, this indicates a death that will defeat him.

And if he sees it from silver, then it is evidence of harm and loss from the reason for talking about his money.

If the precipices of his teeth fall out and others grow in their place, then this is evidence of the change of all his measures in his affairs.

And if he dreams that he is grinding his teeth with his tongue, the affairs of his family will be corrupted by words he speaks about, and if he sees that his teeth are cracked, his son will die.

The teeth denote the clan, the relatives, and the farthest. So what is next to the eyes is a man, and what is next to the forehead are women.

And whoever treats some of his teeth and pulls them out or someone else pulls them out by force, it indicates the fine of his money or the uprooting of some of his relatives. .

Signs of dental appearance and smell

Whoever sees his teeth smell foul, all or some of them, it is abhorrent to praise him, and it may indicate a dispute between his kinship or a movement that occurs in the people of his house, and it may indicate a dispute and talk.

If he sees that his teeth are long and some of them do not agree, then he is quarrelling with his family and is not familiar with them.

And if he sees that his teeth have fallen out, it indicates that his bed has been cut off or that he is poor and unable to provide for him, or that he dies as a stranger to his family, or that he may extend his life.

Or benefit from money equivalent to the blood money of his teeth.

If he sees that he pulled out all his teeth and buried them in the ground, then his family will die before him and he will bury them, and the tooth extraction with the tongue is words he speaks and spoils the affairs of his family.

And whoever sees that his teeth are loosening, then he will pay off his debt a little bit.
Whoever sees the topography of his teeth, his family let him down when he needs them.

Dental appearance and smell

And whoever sees his teeth removed from their places and shifted from their positions, so the upper ones came back lower and the lower ones higher, this indicates that the women of his family are elongated over their men.
Whoever sees that his teeth are defective indicates the scattering of his family and the occurrence of defects between them or the decrease of his money.
And whoever sees that a tooth was extracted from his teeth without pain and he had a man imprisoned, then he is released from prison, and the fatigue of the person indicates the weakness of the people of his house, and the purification of the teeth from the tartar indicates the spending of money in negating their worries and increasing the heart in an increase in the mind of its owner.
Whoever dreams that his teeth are black, missing or broken, then this is worry and grief for his relatives.


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