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Interpretation of a dream about the sea

البحر في المنام

Many people see dreams during sleep, which is a natural phenomenon in humans, and one of the dreams that the dreamer may see is the sea. There are many interpretations, including Al-Mahmoud and the one that carries with it evil.

Seeing the sea in a dream according to Ibn Sirin

As for the sea, it is indicative of everyone who has authority over creation, such as kings, sultans, tax collectors, rulers, scholars, gentlemen, and husbands because of its strength and great danger, taking it and giving it and its money, its knowledge of its water, the direction of its men, its prayers, its arguments, its commands, its fish, its flock, its men, its livelihood, its money or its questions, its judgment, its animals, its leaders, its aides, its disciples, its security, its merchants and its wives. And his books, his books, his books, and his jurisprudence.

Whoever dreams that he is in a ship in the depths of the sea, then he will be in the hands of those who fear him, and his death will be a deliverance from evil, and boarding a ship at sea is a journey of hardship and danger, and then from land after him from Faraj.

The meaning of the sea on the world and its horrors

Perhaps the sea has indicated the world and its horrors, cherish one, finance him, impoverish another, kill him and possess him today, kill him tomorrow, and prepare him for today and overthrow him after him.

The sea signifies Hell and the Path

Perhaps it indicates Hell and its ships, such as the path set on it, so that they are left, scratched, piled up, drowned in the fire, and its waves exhale. his fault.

If he drowns in it, he will die from his illness, and if he is not ill within a ruler, if it is in the summer and the calmness of the sea, or he swims in knowledge and mixes with scholars, or expands in money and trade according to his swimming in the sea and his power over the water.

Nor gloom navigates what is in it, and from it, they say that so-and-so drowned in the world and drowned in bliss and knowledge.

Interpretation of seeing someone who went through the sea and drank from it in a dream

Whoever dreams that he goes into the sea, then he enters the work of the king and he is deceived by it.

If he drinks all of its water, then he owns the world and prolongs his life, or he will be affected like the king’s money or the like of his power, or he will be equal in his possession. His life and strength.

If he draws from it, then he seeks work from the king and obtains as much as he drew from him, for if he pours it into a vessel, he makes a lot of money from a king, or Allah Almighty gives him a state in which he collects money, and the state is stronger, broader and more lasting than the sea, because it is the gift of Allah, and whoever washes from the sea, he atones for his sins and takes away his worries. By the king, and whoever goes into the sea, he resides on sins.

Interpretation of seeing the sea and its conditions in a dream

Whoever sees the sea from a distance, then he sees horror, and it was said that something is close to him that he hopes, and seeing the sea calm is better than that its waves are turbulent.

Meaning of seeing a lake in a dream

The lake denotes a woman on the left who likes to be direct, because the lake is standing and does not run, and it does not push anyone who falls into it and does not push it, and the waves are severe torment because the Almighty says: (And when waves cover them like shadows).

Interpretation of seeing pearls extracted from the sea in a dream

Whoever dreams that he has taken out a pearl from the sea will benefit from the king, money, a slave girl, or knowledge.

Interpretation of seeing diving and drowning in a dream

Whoever dreams that he drowned and dived into the sea, the Sultan will destroy him. If he dreams that he is drowning and makes him dive once and float once and move his hands and feet, then he will gain wealth and state. He died drowning in the water, almost like his enemy, and drowning in clear water drowned in a lot of money.

If he sees that seawater or other water has increased until it has crossed the limit, which is the meaning of the tide until it entered homes, homes, and homes, and its people watched over them drowning, then there will be a great trial and the origin of the predominant water is them and sedition, because Allah Almighty called its predominance and its abundance tyranny. It was said that drowning denotes the perpetration of great misfortune and the manifestation of heresy, and death by drowning is death upon disbelief.

Interpretation of seeing the world swimming in a dream

Whoever dreams that he is swimming in the sea, and he is a scholar, has reached his need in knowledge.

If he swims on land, then he is trapped and gets tight in his prison, and he stays in it according to the difficulty or ease of swimming and according to his strength.

Interpretation of seeing the Sultan swimming in a dream

If a sultan sees that he wants to swim in a sea and the sea is turbulent in a wave, then he is fighting a king of kings, so cutting off the sea by swimming kills that, and every sea, river or valley dried up, then it is the disappearance of a state that is attributed to him, and if the water returns, the state returns.

Interpretation of seeing a person swimming in a dream

It was said that if a person dreams that he has escaped from the water, swimming before he wakes up from his sleep, then it is better than that he pays attention while he is in the water swimming.

Something about him is in doubt, and it was said that he is traveling in danger.

Seeing the sea in a dream by Nabulsi The sea in a dream

It indicates a mighty, powerful king, Adel Shafiq, who is needed by the creatures and the sea for the merchant his enjoyment, and for hireling his teacher.

Whoever sees the sea from afar, then he sees horror, sedition, and affliction. It gets something from the sultan and did not want him.

Whoever dreams that the sea has decreased and became a gulf, then the Sultan will weaken and leave those countries from which the sea has departed, and only good will befall people.

Interpretation of seeing swimming in the sea in a dream

Whoever sees the sea immersed in it, then he will be affected by overwhelming grief, especially if its water is cloudy or muddy from its bottom.

Or after it, and if he comes out of that with his swimming, then he does not soon get out of that matter in which he is.

Whoever dreams that he entered a sea by swimming so that he does not see, this is his doom and interruption.

Interpretation of a dream about someone who drowned or dived into the sea

Whoever dreams that he drowned in the sea and was climbing on the water and down and did not die in it, then he is drowning in the affairs of the world and may have received a blessing from it, and perhaps he was a lot of disobedience and sins. of pearls or something else.

Interpretation of a dream about someone who performed ablution, or walked on water in a dream

Whoever dreams that he has taken a bath or performed ablution from the sea if he is sick, Allah Almighty heals him, and if he is in debt, Allah will pay his debts.

And whoever dreams that he is walking over water in a sea, this indicates his good intention and the correctness of his certainty.

Seeing the sea in a dream according to Ibn Shaheen

The vision of the seas at all or the Sultan or the world of Fadel is beneficial to his knowledge.

Who saw he sank in the sea and then he drowned him in the things of the world and then get rid of it. from the fire of hell, and he will be a reformer in the world.

Interpretation of a vision of one who plunged into the sea and floated in it in a dream

Whoever dreams that he went down to the sea and dived into it until he reached its bottom and was polluted by its mud, then he will reach him from the power of distress and distress.

And whoever dreams that he is floating in the sea while he is floating, then he is locked up, and whoever sees that he is floating in the sea and does not find a savior for him and does not see land, then a calamity may happen to a great king for his salvation.

Interpretation of seeing drinking from seawater in a dream

Who saw he drank from the sea he is cool and he gets between him and one of the uniform, and if he was a world, he gets his knowledge. And sweet is lawful money.

Who saw he drank from the sea warm water, it gets the calamity and mine, and though he was a critical and smell. Welcome to that, or else it will be Zafar.

Seeing the sea in a dream according to Ibn Ghannam

The sea in a dream crosses the king, the scholar, and the seated man, for the soldier has his authority, and the disciple has his sheik, and whoever falls into it and cannot get out of it will imprison him, and he will be slashed and slain with a slaying. Those who saw it onboard or slipped, he enters the king and has to harm because the water does not believe from drowning and through a sea sheep and drinking from the water from the sea who received money from the king.

If seawater enters people’s quarters and gets the cloth, or if there is savagery in it and eats the food of the one, that is an injustice from the king, and the sea crosses the world and crosses the world, and whoever plunges into the sea so that he knows the sea is hidden in the sea.

Whoever swims in the sea in the wintertime, will be affected by the king, or he will be stricken by a disease, or imprisoned, or afflicted by the wind.



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