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How do I know that the dream is a message from God?

The dream is a message from God

How do I know that the dream is a message from God? A question that requires an answer, it is worth mentioning that it must first know that there are many differences between vision, dream, pipe dreams, as well as hallucinations of the subconscious mind, all of which come in the period of a person’s sleep, and there are signs to indicate each of them, and how a person can differentiate between them if one of them attends him, and everything that wanders in your mind towards dreams we will present in this article, so follow us…

What is the difference between vision, dream, and hallucinations of the subconscious mind?

The difference between dreaming and seeing will be recognized in the following lines:

The dream is the vision, but the dream is called what was played by the devil, the good vision is from God and the dream is from the devil, and to clarify that, if a person sees what he hates, this is from the devil, and the opposite of that is praiseworthy or warning things from God, and for this in the correct hadith: the good vision is from God, and the dream is from the devil, and if he sees what he hates, this is from the devil, and if he sees what pleases him, this is from God.

From the Sunnah, if a person sees what he hates, he must seek refuge in Allah from the devil and from the evil of what he has seen three times, and he should nevertheless escape three times on his left and no one will speak to him, and in a narration he breathes three times and says: I seek refuge in Allah from the devil and from the evil of what I have seen three times, and then he turns on his other side, it does not harm him, nor does he tell anyone, but if he sees what pleases him, he praises Allah and tells it to whomever he wants.

As for the hallucinations of the subconscious mind, they are some discharges of the current events of man that he cannot delve into during his wakefulness, so that man does not go crazy.

How do I know it’s a vision?

Man can know that the dream is a message from God and through its sign that distinguishes it from others:

  • Believe it: since the vision tells about something real real, or something that will happen later, confirmation that it happens as the seer saw it.
  • Clarity: The events of the vision are not overlapping or incomprehensible, as happens on the contrary in a dream or self-talk.
  • Remember it: After waking up, a person can remember all its events often clearly, as this enables him to narrate them to whomever he wants without forgetting or overlapping their details.
  • It indicates the goodness and sincerity of its owner: since the vision is true with the sincerity of its owner and the extent of his integrity, as the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “I believe them in a vision, I believe them recently.”

Types of insights

Fantasies of dreams

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) divided the vision into three parts:

  • Good vision.
  • Dream.
  • Self-talk, which is also called pipe dreams.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The vision of the righteous is good news from God, the vision of sadness from Satan, and a vision of what happens to one himself. If any of you sees what he hates, let him pray, and let people not talk about it” (Narrated by Muslim).

 The most famous dream interpreters

Some Muslim scholars are famous for their mastery of this science and left behind many works that are being studied so far, including:

  • Ben Serin

He is Imam Abu Bakr Muhammad bin Sirin Al-Basri, is one of the most famous scholars of the interpretation of dreams of the followers, distinguished by his piety and jurisprudence, as he was an imam prolific knowledge, a sign in the science of interpretation of dreams.

Bin Sirin was born in 33 AH, in the succession of our master Othman bin Affan, and some of the companions attended, including Abdullah bin Abbas, and the companion Abdullah bin Omar, who took knowledge and piety from them.

Ibn Sirin was famous for his ability to interpret dreams and his prowess in this science, so he wrote a famous book that is one of the pillars in the study of the science of interpretation until the present time, it was said that he did not write anything but his disciples wrote about it.

  • Abn Hajar Alasqalani

He is Shihab al-Din Abu al-Fadl Ahmed bin Ali bin Ahmed al-Kinani al-Asqalani, one of the most famous Shafi’i imams, who excelled in the sciences of hadith, jurisprudence, and the science of interpretation of the vision, and was also called by several titles, including Sheikh of Islam and Commander of the Faithful in hadith.

Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani made many scientific trips in Egypt, the Hijaz, Yemen, and the Levant, in order to seek knowledge, in which he spent most of his life.

He taught in Islamic schools and followed in his footsteps and was apprenticed by many sheikhs, the most famous of whom was al-Sakhawi; he also took over the fatwa and worked in the House of Justice, and was the judge of the Shafi’i judges.

He is also famous for his ability to interpret dreams, and excelled in that science, so he wrote some books related to this science in addition to the books he wrote in the sciences of the Qur’an, as well as the sciences of hadith, as well as jurisprudence, in addition to history, and other books, and the most famous of these books: the book of Fath al-Bari, the book of approximation of refinement, as well as the book Lisan al-Mizan.

  • Conclave

Ibrahim bin Yahya bin Ghannam al-Maqdisi is considered a Hanbali jurist, and he is also a great scholar of the science of interpretation of dreams and interpretation of the vision, and he has many works in it.

 The most famous books on the interpretation of dreams

The difference between a dream and a vision

There are many works in the science of dream interpretation, the most famous of which are:

  • Dora of dreams (and the goal of the goal) in the expression of a dream for Jerusalemite.
  • The teacher on the lexical letter, in the expression of the Apocalypse.
  • The Dictionary of Dream Interpretation by Ibn Sirin.
  • The book of perfume of speech in the interpretation of dreams by Nabulsi.
  • The wonders of interpreting dreams in the Qur’an.

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Are there any cautionary insights?

The vision can be a warning, and it carries a warning to the seer himself, or others, either from a heedlessness that he lives and pays attention to, or a sin that he commits and leaves it, or a bad conclusion if he continues as it is of deviation and delusion, so he pays attention and straightens.

Lying in the narration of the dream is forbidden

From the summary of what Ibn Allan said in the guide of the Falaheen:

“Lying in a dream is lying to God that He showed Him what He did not see, and lying to God is more severe than lying to the created ones.”

The expiation for lying is in the dream of repentance to God Almighty, with remorse, quitting, and the determination not to return to sin again.

Signs of vulva in a dream

One of the important signs of the vulva that a person sees in his dream, is to see the prophets, messengers and righteous, and the scientist Ibn Sirin said that seeing the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, in a dream is one of the strongest missionaries indicating the vulva, especially those who saw him smiling or coming to him, or who spoke to him, may God bless him and grant him peace, and seeing our master Job, peace be upon him, in a dream indicates the coming good news of the end of adversity after patience, as for seeing our master Joseph, peace be upon him, in a dream, that is good news for the seer, promising him near deliverance from injustice and the height of the matter and the denominator.

Principles of dream interpretation Is the dream a message from God?

The principles of dream interpretation have been derived from the ways in which great interpreters change their interpretation, and we will mention them in order of priority and importance:

  • The expression of dreams in the Holy Quran.
  • Inference from the hadiths of the Prophet.
  • As well as language by pronunciation, meaning and connotation.
  • It can also be expressed through symbols and heritage.
  • And also the wisdom of the dream interpreter.

What is the ruling on taking a fee for interpreting dreams?

The scholars and fatwas have stated that it is permissible to take a fee for interpreting dreams and expressing visions, in return for the effort made by the person in interpretation, provided that his interpretation is not presented as a definitive truth, or a prediction of the unseen, or knowledge of the insides and secrets, and that the interpreter is qualified for interpretation and knows the science of interpretation and its principles.

Conditions that must be met in the interpreter of dreams and visions

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The dream is a message from God

The so-called dream interpreter must meet some conditions, most notably:

  • Islam: 

One of the most important conditions that must be met in the interpreter, as the science of dream interpretation is based on Islamic principles and constants, at least he must be familiar with the minimum Sharia in order to be able to guide when receiving any interpretation.

  • Puberty:

He must be an adult adult, so that he realizes the sufficient and adequate knowledge of the interpretation of dreams, and is able to be familiar with all the contents of the science of interpretation, and not to lose sight of any matter.

  • Possess acumen and intelligence:

There are some symbols and connotations that facilitate the interpretation of a dream or vision, and there are many formulas in the volumes of dream interpretations, which need every wise person to understand them to be able to give reassurance to the seer when narrating and interpreting his dream.

  • Arabic Literacy:

The interpreter must be familiar with the Arabic language and be fully aware of its basics in order to understand the meanings of the Holy Quran and the hadiths of the Prophet when using them in interpretation.

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The Prophet’s warning against interpreting dreams 

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) warned those who ask for the interpretation of dreams not to go except to those who are religious and trusted and knowledgeable, and not to go to charlatans and charlatans so as not to harm and harm himself.

Can we dream of someone we have never seen?

The answer to this question is that it is certainly possible, as most of what we see is the true vision, it is made by our brains, and it is known that the brain is divided into two parts, namely consciousness and unconsciousness, everything we see and remember falls into the consciousness section, while the unconscious results from ignoring some of the things that we see from consciousness and does not care about them, as a person sees in his daily life hundreds of faces and people and does not care about one of them except a person who is dealt with and not just a passing coincidence, and from here It starts explaining why we can dream about someone we don’t know.

Childhood memories affect what we dream of

Psychologists agreed that childhood memories are something firmly established in our minds, which is related to the origin of dreams, especially dreams that have a strange character that cannot be understood, so this is repeated constantly, and perhaps sometimes and that varies from person to person.

Scientific facts you do not know about dreams

The American site published a reader’s summary of some strange facts about dreams, including:

  • Some research has provided information that birds have the ability to dream just like humans, after measuring their brain activity, and reptiles also see dreams in their sleep, while fish never dream.
  • People who are born blind cannot see dreams in their dreams, while people who have lost sight after birth are able to see dreams normally.
  • The average time that all dreams take during one night is between an hour and a half to two hours, and it may reach seven dreams during one day.

What is the place responsible for producing dreams in the brain?

The dream is a message from God

Dreams are controlled by a part of the brain called the cerebral cortex, as during sleep the eye movement is fast, which leads to the transmission of signals sent from another part of the brain called the bons, through the thalamus to the cerebral cortex, and these processes are what causes the dream.

The bonus also sends signals to the nerve cells in the spinal cord, which leads to their closure, temporarily paralyzing both arms and legs, which prevents the dreamer from acting physically from his dream, and injuring himself.

Why do we dream while sleeping?

As dreams have an important role that contributes to helping a person to process his memories, in addition to the feelings that he experiences in his waking state during the day, as well as the dream results from the most important emotional experiences, and their events, during the waking state.

 Stages of sleep do you confirm that the dream is a message from God

There are two main stages: 

  • Drowsiness phase:

The accumulation of the natural adenosine compound in the body during the day is what results in a feeling of sleepiness, as it also leads to a decrease in blood pressure, as well as a slowdown of the pulse and breathing process, in addition to relaxing the muscles in the parts of the entire body.

  • REM phase:

Which was mentioned earlier, in short, that some processes occur in the brain to eventually result in temporary paralysis of the limbs and face, during the dream in order to prevent the dreamer from harming himself during the dream period.

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