Interpretation of dreams by communicating with specialized advisors

Abdulaziz Al-Mashaali

Co-Founder and CEO

Former judge, interested in the field of sharia standards and an investor in venture capital

Abdullah Al-Khalidi

Legal advisor for application

Current judge

Dr. Abdullah Al-Shibani

Ph.D. in interpretation and Qur'anic Sciences from the Islamic university of Medina, empty to teach in Al Masjid an Nabawi.

Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim

Egyptian doctor

He studied Islamic legal sciences, and he is passionate by visions and dreams and subject related to the secrets of souls, He practiced dream interpretation for thirty years. He has two published books. And a channel specialized in visions and dreams, containing hundreds of videos, and through this application, it aims to provide a useful service to the public far from myths

Islam Mouharib

Dream interpreter

Graduate of Dar al-Uloom College, he studied the reading methods at the Al-Azhar reading institute and a researcher in the interpretation of dreams. And a content creator on Youtube.

Hassan Bin Al-Qadi

Dream interpreter

Dream interpreter and Sharia researcher. And a official Friday preacher in Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs 14 years ago. Author of "Reaching the goal in the systems of the rules of expression of the dream", director and founder of the Institute of Quranic Studies in Meknes.

Hamad Al-Salami

Chief operating officer

Al-Azhar University graduate specializes in interpretation and Quranic sciences

All dream interpreters are now available to communicate with them via chat or by calling them.