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Does the month of Ramadan have an impact on dreams?

شهر رمضان

The month of Ramadan is the ninth month in the Hijri calendar, which comes after the month of Sha’ban. Prohibitions that invalidate the fast from dawn until sunset.

Reasons for frequent dreams during sleep

1- Feeling of anxiety, tension, mental disorders, and depressive states.
2- Taking certain types of drugs and medications, such as medications to treat stress, medications for depression, and psychiatric diseases.
3- Irregular sleeping periods and not sleeping enough hours.
4- Feeling tired and stressed, which leads to deep sleep and many dreams.
5- Eating some fatty meals before bed, this causes nightmares.
6- Feeling sad or shocked about something or fearing something that leads to nightmares related to those things.
7- Drink caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee before bed.

How to get rid of bad dreams

1- Eat light foods two hours before bed.
2- Have a cup of warm milk sweetened with a spoon of natural honey.
3- Trying to get rid of negative thoughts that cause disturbing dreams, and thinking about positive and happy things before bed.

Does Ramadan affect dreams?

The month of Ramadan is undoubtedly a virtuous month.

But that does not affect dreams, for what the sleeper sees may or may not come true.

And what he saw may be a true dream, and it may be just pipe dreams.

Are visions different in the month of Ramadan than in non-Ramadan?

Through experience, it has been observed that there is no significant difference between visions in Ramadan from others, even though it is a generous and blessed month, in which the gates of heaven are opened.

And the gates of Hell are closed, and the devils are chained in it, or as the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) said: “If a month enters, Ramadan, the gates of heaven are opened, the gates of Hell are closed, and the devils are chained up.” (Agreed upon).

This may be because visions are linked more to the visionary’s interest and need than to specific timing.

For example, a person who lives in a non-Muslim country surrounded by strife on every side may see more and clearer visions than another person who lives in a more secure.

And secure environment from temptation due to the great need of the first person, who may not be to the same degree as the need of the other for visions.

This difference does not necessarily undermine the faith of both.

However, it has been noted that there are certain meanings of visions that may be strengthened in the month of Ramadan than others.

For example, a Muslim’s dream of himself ill during the month of Ramadan is more informative and stronger in indicating that he is traveling or that things are easier than them in other than that.

Because of the words of Allah (Exalted is He): “And whoever is ill or on a journey, then the number of days is set from other days.

Allah intends for you ease and not ease” (Al-Baqarah: 185). Because the noble verse talks about the month of Ramadan in particular.

The visions in the month of Ramadan and non-Ramadan

Likewise, the dream of eating in Ramadan may indicate that Allah (Exalted be He) honours the Muslim with something that he has been forbidden from and strongly desired.

Because the state of the dreamer in which he is deprived of food reinforces this meaning and makes it more likely in interpreting the dream than other meanings.

Examples of this also include the dream of insulting.

The one, who is cursed in the dream, if he is righteous, may indicate the injustice of the insulting to him in reality, and the generosity of the seer’s morals.

Because it is a kind of aggression as if in a dream it is a symbol of injustice and transgression against the seer who insulted him in the dream or something similar.

If the dream was in Ramadan, the meaning of the injustice was more pronounced and stronger.

Because the Muslim is enjoined in it not to defend himself from those who insult him.

While the prohibition against that may be less in other months, and that is what came from the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) that he said: “…

And if it is a day when one of you fasts, then he should not be obscene or arrogant.

Someone insults him or kills him, so let him say: I am a fasting person…” (Agreed upon). This dream may also indicate a strong punishment for the one who insults it.

Because the Muslim is forbidden to insult, and the prohibition in Ramadan is stronger than in other times, and therefore, the sin is greater.

Examples of this also include the dream of night and day during the month of Ramadan In fact, the day in a dream that a Muslim sees in Ramadan may indicate deprivation.

While the vision of the night in it may indicate relief and the fulfilment of wishes. Allah only knows.

Does Jathoom come to the sleeper in Ramadan?

Do you see nightmares, or does the sleeper come to the sleeper during Ramadan?

This question is always answered in the research sessions on the science of dream expression.

ِِAnd we decided on a proven fact.

Which is that the dream is from Satan a reality and not a metaphor, and we mentioned at the time the correct hadith in Right: The dream is from the Most Merciful, and the dream is from Satan.

But it was also reported in the blessed month of Ramadan, the hadith of Abu Hurairah, that he said, The Messenger of Allah, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: When the month of Ramadan begins, the gates of heaven are opened, the gates of Hell are closed, and the devils are chained.

Narrated by Al-Bukhari. So does the chain of devils mean the absence of dreams, nightmares, and nightmares in this holy month? The answer, to begin with, is: No. You may see nightmares, and the aggressor may come in Ramadan. Here is more clarification. The reason for the problem is the phrase:

“The devils are chained,” and its meaning has several faces, including:

  • That the series is for the over-hearing of them, and that their sequence falls on the nights of Ramadan rather than its days, because at the time of the revelation of the Qur’an they were prevented from eavesdropping, so they increased the sequence as an exaggeration in memorization.
  • It is possible that what is meant is that the devils do not get rid of the Muslims’ infatuation with what they find in other than that, because they are occupied with fasting that suppresses their desire, and because they are occupied with reciting the Qur’an, remembrance and righteous deeds.
  • The chain is specific to some, and they are apostasy, and there is evidence, which is the hadith of Abu Hurairah with the wording: If it is the first night of Ramadan, the devils are chained up, and the apostasy of Paradise. In a word: the devils are chained in it.


In conclusion, the chaining of devils may be on its surface and in reality, and that all of this is a sign for the angels to enter the month and glorify its sanctity and to prevent the devils from harming the believers, and it is possible that this is an indication of the abundance of reward and forgiveness, and that the devils reduce their temptation and they become like chained ones, so I do not see anything that prevents the arrival of dreams or Nightmares for the sleeper in it.

Al-Qurtubi said, after making it more likely that he could be interpreted as it seems: If it is said: How do we see evils and disobedience occurring in Ramadan a lot, and if the devils are chained up, that would not happen? The answer is that it is less than the fasting of those who fast, whose conditions are preserved and its etiquette is observed, or some devils are chained and they are apostates, not all of them, or what is meant is to reduce the evil in it, and this is a tangible matter. And there is no sin, because there are reasons for that other than the devils, such as evil souls, ugly habits, and human devils, and Allah knows best.


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