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What is gathoum or sleep paralysis?

ما هو الجاثوم أو شلل النوم؟

What is jathoum or paralysis You have ever felt suffocated or suffocated during your sleep and felt completely paralyzed in your limbs, we will learn the answer to this question What is Crouching or sleep paralysis? Which worries many people, this condition causes horror and panic up to the unwillingness to sleep at times so as not to develop this condition, which makes them on the verge of certain death, but God’s providence surrounds them. Sleep?

What is gathoum or sleep paralysis?

It is a scientific condition known as sleep paralysis, and it occurs for several minutes, ranging from seconds to 20 minutes.

They occur immediately upon waking up or shortly after sleep, when the person has not yet gone into deep sleep.

He is in a state of sleep and waking up which is narcolepsy, which makes it worse.

He feels immobile deficit and complete paralysis in his limbs, and he may feel suffocated as if someone is crouching on top of him.

And the alert state in which the individual is makes him feel like someone is with him in the room.

Or a ghost or a wild creature that applies to his chest and tries to kill and strangle him.

This condition usually ends on its own, with someone touching the sleeping person, or when the person makes an intense effort to get out of the condition.

Does the gathoum have anything to do with the devil?

People from ancient times often associate with the jathom and jinn of the most disturbing dreams.

The meaning of the word jathoum is a mass of body perched on another body, or applied to it.

Because of the timing of the jathoum attack, which is between wakefulness and sleep, it causes many hallucinations in humans.

It feels like another person or a huge, ugly ghost is being applied to his chest, strangling and immobilizing him.

Some also cry out during the seizure and scream loudly, but no one hears it.

And some people who suffer from gathum frequently and daily may know that it hit them at this moment.

They begin to recite the verses of the Qur’an and shout so that someone may hear them and get rid of this situation.

Scientists attribute this to the fact that it is a scientific condition that occurs to humans as a result of wrong habits.

It is often caused by sleep disturbances, feeling stressed and anxious, sleeping on the back and others.

What does a person feel during a bout of crouching

ما هو الجاثوم أو شلل النوم؟
What is gathoum or sleep paralysis?

Now that we know what is jathoum or sleep paralysis?, which some may consider a pipe dream, what is the feeling of a person during this episode.

As the crouch is a weakness and complete weakness in the body and the inability to control the muscles.

The person cannot move their feet or arms or open their eyes, and feels like a huge object is being applied to them and preventing them from moving.

The gahoom causes a person to feel hallucinations, which are divided into:

  • Intruder hallucinations: Here the person feels that there is someone with him in the room, or a dangerous person or a scary ghost surrounding him.
  • Nursery hallucinations: or what is known as chest pressure, and it usually occurs with the hallucinations of the intruder, where he feels that this intruder is applied to them and begins to feel suffocated already.
  • Vestibular motor: It is not as common as others, and it is the feeling of a person coming out of his body or flying.

What is the cause of gathoum?

Gathum usually occurs due to several reasons, including:

The state of narcolepsy or the so-called neurological disorder, which greatly affects the brain.

The brain can’t control sleep or wakefulness.

Narcolepsy may also cause sleep paralysis.

Deep sleep in the morning as well, as well as stress and anxiety.

Sleeping on the back with the above causes may increase the chancesexposure to sleep paralysis.

How long is the gathoum lasting?

Often the gathum does not last long, it takes seconds up to 20 minutes as the maximum duration.

It often takes seven minutes.

It finishes on its own, or through someone else’s touch.

As well as when a person makes a great effort to wake up, and regains their ability to move again.

Is the Gathoum real in Islam?

Although modern doctors and scientists have rejected the idea of associating the gathum with jinn or malicious spirits.

They attribute this to psychological or health conditions.

They infer that not a single case died from crouching, despite feeling suffocated and dying.

Studies have also shown that a person in a bout of jathum feels a state of chest suffocation, but in fact he is calm and breathes properly.

But in reality the crouch is not a myth or a myth, it already exists.

It is one of the frequent and disturbing nightmares that affect a person, which may be due to fatigue, weakness and stress.

It may be due to distance from God and irregular prayer, and demons dominate man in order to frighten him.

Please note that this interpretation is general and potentially wrong because it does not take the seer’s situation into account, so an interpreter with legal knowledge must be used to understand its meaning more accurately and correctly.

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