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Too many dreams

كثرة الأحلام

Various dreams are repeated too many people daily, and some get used to them frequently, and there is a difference between a dream and a vision; Since true dreams have an interpretation that is related to the human condition, and the vision is usually good, but the dream is associated with disturbing and frightening matters, and therefore a person wonders about their causes. Among the questions that arise in that area is whether many dreams indicate that a woman is pregnant; or that many dreams from Satan. Determining this varies from person to person and according to what he sees.

What does the sleeper see in his dream?

There are three types that a person may see in a dream, and it was narrated in the noble hadith that the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said: “The visions are three: good tidings from Allah, self-talk, and fear from Satan; If any of you sees a dream that pleases him, let him tell it if he wants, and if he sees something that he dislikes, do not tell it.”

Vision: It is what the sleeper sees of the beloved things, and it is from Allah Almighty; as it may bring good tidings to the seer of something, or it may warn him of an evil that may happen to him, and he must praise Allah Almighty for this vision, and only loved ones should be told about it.

The dream: which may come to the sleeper in hateful, terrifying, and disturbing images, and this dream is from the devil, and he must seek refuge with Allah from him and spit on his left three times, and no one must happen to it, and whoever does that will not cause him harm, Allah willing, and it is desirable Also to turn from his side and pray two rak’ahs.

Self-talk: It is known as “Pipe dreams.” It is about fears and events that exist in the memory and the subconscious, and are reconstructed during sleep again, and they have no interpretation.

What is the reason for many dreams?

The reason for many dreams can be explained as follows:

Taking certain types of drugs and medications, such as sleeping pills, stress medication, depression medication, and mental illness.

Irregular sleeping periods and not sleeping enough hours.

Feeling sad or shocked about something or being afraid of something leads to nightmares related to those things.

Drink caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee before bed.

Some sleep disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Use of alcohol and narcotic drugs.

Many dreams may indicate that a person eats food late at night, especially fatty and fatty foods.

Taking some types of medications may activate the brain’s work during sleep, which causes dreams to recur in humans.

Disturbing dreams and nightmares may indicate heart disease because an irregular heartbeat increases the occurrence of nightmares.

Many terrifying dreams may indicate the association of Satan and his interference in these dreams to cause the owner to worry and panic.

Frequent dreams may give a warning that confirms the infection of some diseases, including neurodegenerative disorders.

Dreams that wake a person early may indicate stomach disorders such as acid reflux.

A ttack on a person may indicate that he suffers from some degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

Dreams may indicate that the mind is constantly busy thinking about some things, and therefore it is represented in the form of dreams during sleep.

And dreams may refer to a person’s attachment to what goes on in dreams and their meanings, and focus on their interpretation and knowledge of their various symbols.

Dreams may indicate that a person is mentally empty, especially in people who have a high rate of intelligence.

Dreams may also indicate cases of exhaustion and extreme fatigue that lead to frequent dreams.

Getting rid of bothersome dreams

The following instructions can be followed to get rid of excessive dreams:

Eat light foods two hours before bed.

Drink a glass of warm milk sweetened with a spoon of natural honey.

Try to get rid of negative thoughts that cause disturbing dreams, and think about positive and happy things before bed.

See a doctor, who may recommend replacing the problem medications with other medications if possible.

Avoid anxiety and stress and practice rest, relaxation, and meditation techniques, such as yoga and deep breathing.

Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks in the evening.

Organizing bedtimes, going to bed early, and trying to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

Treat any underlying medical condition that causes frequent dreams.

Eat a healthy balanced diet.

Regular exercise.

Create the right atmosphere for the bedroom, by turning off the lights, and playing quiet and relaxing recordings.

Inhalation of aromatic materials to help calm sleep, such as lavender.


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