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Sleep in a dream

Sleep in a dream

Ibn Sirin says that seeing sleep inside a dream indicates heedlessness, as he, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said: “People are asleep, if they die, they wake up.” Especially seeing falling asleep indicates the dreamer’s heedlessness and being deceived.

Al-Nabulsi agrees with Ibn Sirin that sleep is negligence, and he adds that sleeping inside a dream also indicates unemployment and unemployment, and sleeping in a dream is poor in interpretation for all people except for those who have been touched by fear or expect some punishment.

What is the interpretation of seeing sleep inside a dream?

According to the interpretation of Ibn Sirin, sleeping on the back in a dream indicates mastery of things and good luck, because the earth is solid and he is based on it. Knows what’s behind it.

And whoever dreams that he sleeps on his back in a dream and bread comes out of his mouth, then he loses control and mismanagement, and his days will turn against him, and others will gain what he has, and Allah knows best.

Sheikh Al-Nabulsi adds that seeing him go to sleep indicates unemployment, and whoever was afraid of something in his wakefulness or was waiting for a penalty to be imposed on him and saw in a dream that he was sleeping, this indicates his salvation, Allah willing because in sleep is a departure from worries and distress in this case.

As well as seeing sleeping on the road or the street in a dream or sleeping in a cemetery, and this dream of the patient may indicate his death, and sleeping in a dream may indicate a failure to perform duties or a failure to adhere to religion and religious teachings.

Sleeping in a dream may indicate abandonment of the world and asceticism in it.

As for seeing the common people sleeping, it may indicate annihilation or high prices, unless people are already subject to annihilation and live at high prices, and then Allah removes all of that from them.

Seeing sleep inside a dream

Sleeping on the back in a dream enables worldly matters, and on the stomach or the face, there is no good in it, because it isolates the rulers and poverty for the common people.

Seeing sleeping in the open indicates indifference and lack of caution, and seeing sleeping under a tree indicates taking reasons.

As for seeing sleeping above the clouds in a dream, it indicates a long journey, and sleeping on a precious bed indicates extravagance and luxury, while seeing sleep on the ground indicates a peaceful sleep and tired sleep.

Seeing sleeping in the bathroom denotes being touched by the jinn, so he should recite the adhkaar and protect himself, and seeing sleep in the kitchen is also from the jinn; let him read the supplications and fortify himself.

And whoever dreams that he sleeps in someone else’s house, this indicates the right of the owner of the house – in which he sleeps – upon him, and whoever sees someone else sleeping in his house, this indicates his right over the one who sleeps with him. Evidence of imprisonment or torment.

Sleeping in a dream for single people

When a single girl sees in a dream that she is asleep, it is an indication of her ability to take responsibility and know what she wants and try to reach him by making some effort. on success.

A girl who is going through distress and distress, if she sees in a dream that she is in a deep sleep and does not want to wake up, then this indicates that she continues to pray to get out of distress, and indeed she will enjoy comfort soon, and Allah(Almighty and Glorious is He) will bring her out of the bad situation in which she is.

As for seeing the girl in the dream that she sleeps on the bed, then she enjoys comfort and calm, and that she is much praised for the blessings that are in her.

Sleeping in a dream for a married woman

If a married woman hears in a dream the sound of her sleep moaning, this indicates deception that she is exposed to by the closest people, as she is being exploited.

If a married woman sees her husband sleeping in a dream, and she is trying to wake him up, this indicates her encouragement to him and not abandoning him in his ordeal.

Sleeping in a dream for a pregnant woman

If a pregnant woman sees in a dream that she sleeps next to her husband and she is happy with that, then this indicates satisfaction with her life and stability in married life. ends with separation.

As for the pregnant woman seeing that she sleeps on her back, this indicates her strong love for her family and trying to please them in any way.

Seeing the pregnant woman sleeping on her stomach is evidence of her neglect of her family and her husband.

Sleeping in a dream for a divorced woman

If a divorced woman sees in a dream that she sleeps at noon, it is one of the visions that indicate a lot of supplications and draws her closer to Allah Almighty.

Interpretation of sleep in a dream for a man

The interpretation of seeing a man in his dream that he sleeps in a certain position on his side; that something good will happen to him soon.

– If a person is anxious and sad, and sees in his dream that he is lying on his back; This dream was a sign of the demise of worry and sadness from his life.
-And whoever sees in his sleep that he is getting up from sleep, to go to work; this means that he is close to Allah and adheres to the rituals of the religion.
-When a man sees a sleeping girl in his dream and sees that he is trying to wake her up.
-He will marry a disobedient girl, and Allah will make him a reason for her to repent and return to her Lord
-The dream of sleeping on the stomach of a man; is one of the very commendable, promising visions.
-It means a lot of sustenance, and good children in this world.

The idea of ​​sleeping inside a dream may seem a strange idea, and perhaps seeing waking up from sleep in a dream is less strange, but in any case, in the world of dream interpretation, everything has an explanation.


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