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Signs that the dream is a message from God to you

Signs that the dream is a message from God to you

There are Signs that the dream is a message from God to you, as there are some dreams that are formed from the devil, which are not considered a clear vision and do not indicate anything, but some dreams are true visions from God, and we will recognize these signs, so that you know if your dream was sincere or was from the devil.

Signs that the dream is a message from God to you

If the vision is from God, it is distinguished by signs from others, and it must be available in the dream, and it is as follows:

To be true to something that is real or will happen, or to speak the vision exactly as the seer witnessed without any dispute.

It should also be a good and promising woman, or warn of the impact of evil.

To be clear, clear and unambiguous, as a person usually forgets the dream or some details, or the dream is overlapping.

As for the vision from God, it is completely clear and unambiguous, and man remembers it in all its details and does not forget it, and there are no overlapping and different events.

Also, the sincerity and goodness of the vision depends on the sincerity and goodness of its owner.

The Messenger of Allah (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) said: “I believe them in a vision that I believe them recently.”

When is the vision true?

Dreams are known to be a collection of fantasies or unrealistic events that we see in our sleep, some of which may be from the devil.

But a true vision is indeed true, occurs in reality or has occurred, and is crystal clear and unambiguous.

When she comes to herald good news or warn you about something, and you know her when she remembers all her events and details.

It also takes place on the ground like the morning break, there is no doubt about it.

Therefore, a true vision is joyful and occurs in reality, and it is Sunnah that the seer does not tell anyone about it until it is fulfilled and fulfilled.

The reason for honest vision

The vision from God Almighty to His faithful servants, as it happens to those who have the highest level of faith and piety.

The more honest and righteous a person is, the more true and righteous his vision will be.

Here we come to the conclusion and we have come to know with you signs that indicate Signs that the dream is a message from God to you, with which it is possible to differentiate between a truly sincere vision and what the subconscious mind or the devil tells us.


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