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Signs of a promising vision

علامات الرؤيا المبشرة

What is the definition of a vision?

A dream is what a person sees in a dream, and there is a difference between a vision and a dream.

And that a true vision comes from Allah Almighty, but a dream is from Satan.

Can anyone interpret visions?

The visions must be narrated to the people of knowledge and specialists in interpreting visions.

Or dreams because the dreams occur as they were interpreted.

Signs of an auspicious vision:

The signs of a promising vision are the signs on which the interpretation of visions is based. Among those signs are:

Seeing the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace – and the prophets and messengers too

Seeing the Prophet, peace be upon him, and it is one of the best and strongest signs or signs.

And if he laughs or smiles or speaks in particular.

The vision of Prophet Ayoub: It is interpreted as a relief after hardship and patience.

Also, the vision of our master Yusuf, as this vision heralds the high status and victory after misery and injustice.

Reciting the Noble Qur’an in a dream is one of the strongest signs of good tidings.

And relief if the meaning of the verses indicates that.

And whoever sees that he is reading Surat Al-Fatihah in his dream.

it indicates a new beginning full of happiness and joy for the dreamer in his life.

Also, one of the signs of good tidings is hearing direct and clear good tidings.

And you may hear good tidings from someone you do not know, for it is also one of the signs of a promising vision.

Agreed upon:

That the scholars agreed or agreed on the interpretation of visions.

Even if the context of the speech differed in the interpretation.

That they are from the people of goodness and righteousness: When the dream is from the people of knowledge, this is a promising sign, because they are many truthful.

And the people of righteousness and knowledge are weak of Satan in controlling them, so these people can be pleased and bring good tidings to them in visions.

That the dream is pleasing and causes joy: when you see or hear something that helps you to do acts of obedience and do good, and brings good tidings of reward and a warning against sin or disobedience.

That the dream does not contain anything that disturbs its owner or causes him harm

One of the signs is that the vision is not complicated or unclear

When the dreamer or the person with the vision awakens, he remembers what he saw in his dream, and quickly pays attention to that vision

Signs that worries are gone:

One of the signs of relief and the disappearance of sadness is for a man who sees in a dream that he is cutting his hair or shaving it, this is a sign of getting rid of his worries and they’re going away.

Any shortening of the hair does not cause any harm to the dreamer, but rather he is happy with what he is doing

It is also a sign that a person sees that he is crying but without a sound, it indicates relief and near happiness.

But that there is no slap in the face or the like, at that time, it indicates distress and misfortunes.

One of the signs of relief and the departure of worry and grief is a person seeing that he is sitting in a place with shade.

Whoever sees that he is sheltering in the shade of a tree or sitting under it for shade, this is an indication that his grief and sadness will go away with the help of a righteous man.

Also from the signs of the departure of worry and sadness is the feeling of a person in his warm sleep and the disappearance of the feeling of frost or cold, this indicates to me if the owner of the dream is sick, he will be cured and recovered, and also indicates the disappearance of poverty, grief, and sadness.

As one of the signs of relief and the disappearance of sadness is the dreamer seeing that he eats fruit, especially if it is in its special season.

One of the signs that worry and distresses are gone is the sight of a person relieving himself, whether through vomiting or vomiting. This indicates the disappearance of distress and distress.

Signs of goal achievement:

One of the signs of achieving goals is to see flying in a dream, which indicates the fulfilment of wishes.

And that the dreamer can control and do what he wants

Also among the signs of achieving goals is the person seeing that he is buying food or clothing, provided that what the person buys are lovable or useful things.

Whoever sees that he is driving a car is one of the signs of fulfilling his wishes.

Seeing marriage is also a herald of achieving goals, and if a single woman sees a dream about marriage, this indicates the fulfilment of wishes.


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