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Seeing strawberries in a dream

Seeing strawberries in a dream

The interpretation of seeing strawberries in a dream varies according to the seer’s condition and social status, whether he is male or female, and the interpretation of sweet and fresh strawberries differs from the interpretation of seeing damaged or rotten strawberries.

Seeing strawberries in a dream

Strawberries in a dream are a sign of happy and joyful news, abundant livelihood and good deeds leading the seer.

It also denotes women or the marriage of a young bachelor.

Seeing strawberries in a woman’s dream also indicates pregnancy.

If a girl sees strawberries in her dream as a sign of her imminent marriage or engagement.

As for rotten strawberries, it may indicate the wrong choices of the seer.

Red strawberries in a dream

Seeing a beautiful red strawberry signifies the goodness and abundant livelihood coming to the seer.

It also indicates that the dreamer hears the happy news for which he rejoices.

Red strawberries in the dream of a single young man signify women and the proximity of marriage.

Indicates success, relief and the dreamer’s approach to achieving his wishes and goals.

It also indicates many unexpected profits.

Seeing strawberries in a dream
Seeing strawberries in a dream

Green strawberries in a dream

It indicates a lot of good to come to the seer, God willing.

It also signifies the physical health and physical strength of the seer.

It also indicates success, a lot of livelihood, abundant goodness, and good news, whatever it is.

It may sometimes indicate a delay in the seer’s wish because it is not fully mature, but it is close to being fulfilled, God willing.

Interpretation of white strawberries in a dream

White strawberries in a dream indicate the poor state of the seer during this period of their and tightness.

It also refers to a spiteful and hypocritical person who shows something other than what is in his heart.

It also refers in some interpretations to the human and the good and the good because of its white color.

Interpretation of strawberries in a single dream

Strawberry in the dream of a single majesty on health, abundant livelihood and much goodness.

It may also indicate that the girl’s wedding date is approaching.

It may also indicate the severance of a girl’s relationship with someone, whether it is a friend or a lover.

Strawberries in a dream are a signal of improvement of all material and psychological conditions.

Strawberries in green indicate success, achievement of goals and ambitions.

It may also indicate that a wish for the girl is delayed, but it will come true soon, God willing.


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