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Interpretation of seeing drought in a dream

رؤية الجفاف في المنام

Drought is the opposite of moisture, and that is the linguistic meaning to which many of the Arabic language terms refer, but in reality, drought is an adjective applied to the land or the area that is not irrigated, or rained. Where some people find in their dreams barren land and perhaps lost water and air and suffered from drought and perhaps the dreamer sees himself in a dry house or a place is known to him that water does not reach at all. The places where drought is not good indicate evil and perhaps a lot of worries.

Drought indicates the existence of distress or a bad situation that people suffer from. Scholars of dream interpretation have unanimously agreed that a vision of drought in a dream is not commendable and bears evil, but interpretations differ according to the circumstances and characteristics of the dream owner.

Interpretation of the vision of drought by Ibn Sirin

Ibn Sirin believes that a person’s vision of drought in a dream is unpleasant and indicates that the dreamer’s condition has changed for the worse.

If a person sees in his dream that he is dehydrated, this indicates that he has many problems from which he suffers and his psychological condition is very bad.

If a person sees in a dream that his house is suffering from drought, this indicates the lack of blessing and goodness in this house.

A person sees drought everywhere in a dream, this indicates that he will be afflicted with narrowness in provision and poverty, and he will suffer financial hardship from which he will not be able to get out.

If a person sees in a dream that dry land is irrigated with water, this indicates that he will get rid of the problems and worries that he was suffering from.

Imam Ibn Sirin believes that drought is nothing but poverty, hunger, and material distress.

He also sees that drought raises many problems and disputes in reality, and the vision may be a warning message to the dreamer.

Dry paper in a dream is nothing but distress and distress that afflicts the dreamer and Allah knows best.

If a person sees dryness in the land of his house, this indicates a lack of money and weak worship, and drought may indicate a lot of sins and distance from Allah.

Drying the body of a child in a dream expresses financial and family crises and ignites problems without knowing their causes.

What is the interpretation of seeing drought for single women?

If a single woman sees drought in her dream, this indicates that her marriage may be delayed or she will not marry at all.

If a single woman sees in a dream that she is cultivating dry land, this indicates that she will make wrong decisions in her life and will regret it later, but if she sees the end of this drought, this indicates that she will receive happy news soon and her problems will end.

Dryness in a single person’s sleep is nothing but spinsterhood and the inability to relate to the right person, and Allah knows best.

Seeing dryness for an unmarried girl may be one of the worst foreshadows of a bad person and possibly a failed marriage or infertility.

If a single girl sees herself watering dry land in a dream, this indicates marriage to a righteous person.

What is the interpretation of seeing drought for a married woman?

A married woman sees drought in a dream that pervades the house, this indicates the many problems and concerns that her family suffers from.

Seeing a married woman in a dream turning dry land into a land full of flowers, indicates that the family’s conditions will improve financially, and if she does not have children, this is considered a sign that she will give birth soon.

A married woman may see some visions that are negatively or positively affected by her personal life, for example, seeing a drought in a dream indicates the many disputes and problems that she and her husband are going through.

The dryness of the body and skin of a woman in general indicates dehydration and emotional deprivation.

What is the interpretation of seeing dehydration in a pregnant woman?

If a pregnant woman sees drought in her dream, this indicates that her birth will be difficult and a Caesarean section may cause her some damage, but if she sees turning dry land into agricultural land, this indicates that her birth will be easy and she and her new born will be healthy.

Interpretation of seeing a river dries up in a dream

Seeing a dry river in a married woman’s dream indicates the husband’s betrayal of her, and perhaps the many crises and problems that she is going through during this period, and may reach a divorce.

Seeing a dry river in a pregnant dream is evidence of the difficulty of pregnancy and the troubles that you see during childbirth, and perhaps the drying up of the Nile indicates the death of the baby or its injury to some risks.

A dry river in a man’s dream indicates a narrow situation, difficulty in obtaining money, and perhaps many practical problems that may result in him losing his job.

Seeing the flowing river in the dream of a woman and a man is one of the commendable visions that express the abundance of goodness and abundant sustenance.

Seeing drought in a man’s dream

If a single man sees himself watering dry land, this indicates many problems and material crises from which he will soon come out, and looking at the dry land from afar is nothing but evil, and many are envious of him and his family.

A single man’s vision of the dry land, and perhaps he sprinkled water on it, indicates near joy and may marry a girl of good shape and character.

A man seeing dry land in the winter indicates the halal money that he will receive from work or a known source.


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