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Rain in a dream

المطر في المنام

Seeing rain in a dream indicates the arrival of a lot of sustenance for the dreamer and it may also indicate the imminent return of a person who is close to travel and who is loved by the owner of the dream or vision. A positive and good view.

And if a person sees a vision of rain falling from a window, this is an indication of the dream owner’s vision of an old friend he has not met or seen for a long time, and if the dreamer sees heavy rain, this indicates his success and Allah Almighty’s granting him success in his life affairs.

Interpretation of seeing rain in a dream by Ibn Sirin:

Ibn Sirin interpreted many interpretations of seeing the rainfall, including that it indicates superiority and goodness, especially if the vision was in the summer, and also seeing a lot of rain denotes the departure and release of worries and sorrows that face a person in his life.

Another interpretation of Ibn Sirin and Nabulsi seeing rain in a dream:

Ibn Sirin’s interpretation of the dream of rain falling is that rain is good for the earth and its goodness and the emergence of people or creation, and it also indicates the satisfaction and mercy of Allah Almighty and His mercy.

If the rain is little or not present, this indicates corruption and ruin.

 Interpretation of a dream about rain falling for Sheikh Nabulsi:

Sheikh Al-Nabulsi interpreted the fall as mercy and goodness if it did not destroy anything or resulted in any harm or destruction, and it may also indicate the fulfillment of a promise, but the basis for the interpretation is according to the owner of the seer and the type of vision (good or evil).

Interpretation of seeing rain for a single woman:

Seeing rain indicates people’s greed or envy for it, as walking in the rain, may indicate searching for a husband or work, or you may get many marriage requests. It also indicates the improvement of her condition and the disappearance of her sorrows.

Interpretation of seeing rain for a married woman:

 Seeing rain in a married woman’s dream denotes goodness and abundant sustenance for her and the demise of worry and sadness. It is a promising and positive vision, Allah willing.

Interpretation of seeing rain for a divorced woman in a dream:

If the divorced woman sees rain in her dream, this indicates what people are saying about her, and if the divorced woman sees that she is walking in the rain, this is evidence of her striving and trying to manage the affairs of her life.

Interpretation of seeing rain for a pregnant woman in a dream:

If a pregnant woman sees rain in a dream, this indicates the health of the fetus and its proper growth, Allah willing.

Interpretation of seeing walking in the rain in a dream

Ibn Sirin says that whoever sees that he is protected from rain under a roof or the like, this may be a reason for his poverty or prevention of something he wants, such as travel or work or the like, and it may be a prison according to the place that the seer sees.

Interpretation of seeing strange rain in a dream

What is the interpretation of seeing rain from a substance other than water in a dream?

Ibn Sirin says that seeing rain from a substance indicates livelihood and goodness, such as seeing rain from wheat, raisins, barley, oil, and so on.

As for seeing rain that involves harm, it is also evidence of harm, such as seeing rain coming from snakes, snakes, locusts, and the like.

Interpretation of seeing rain after istikhaarah

Seeing beneficial rain after istikhaarah indicates goodness, harmony, and agreement. As for seeing harmful rain in a dream after istikhaarah, there is no good in it, and indicates a lot of noise and problems.

Seeing walking in the rain in a dream after istikhaarah denotes goodness with striving and bearing burdens, while the vision of washing in the rain in a dream after istikhaarah is interpreted with goodness and purity.

Some other cases of interpretation

When a person dreams of rain with the appearance of a rainbow in the dream.

this is a symbol of happiness that will overwhelm him, and that he will have stability and security.

When you dream that the rain stops and then the sun appears with its rays, this indicates that you will overcome your worries.

When a person dreams of the sound of rain and sees him approaching him, this means that he is planning important matters in his future and he will succeed.

If the rain comes with thunder and lightning, this indicates changes that will happen to you, and these changes may be happy or bad.

When a person dreams that his hand has clouds raining, this means that this person possesses the wisdom that qualifies him to succeed in his life.


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