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Pipe (Aghguth) dreams

Pipe (Aghguth) dreams

(And the king said, “I see seven fat cows being eaten by seven lean ones, and seven green ears of corn, and others that are dry.”)

When the King of Egypt presented his dream to the interpreters, due to a large number of details, their overlapping, and the lack of logicality in them; the commentators said to the king that they are pipe dreams, for cows do not eat meat, and green ears cannot be found next to dead dry ears of the same number. Moreover, the accuracy of the number increased the conviction that they were pipe dreams. Many details and a strange overlap, this is what makes the dream inexplicable, and it is called pipe dreams.

Aghguth of dreams is derived from diphthong, which means what is mixed of wet grass with dry, or what one handful of grass contains long, short, soft, and dry grass, and what is considered edible and what is not suitable for that.

A pipe dream is an overlapping dream that cannot be explained in any way. As a result of a large number of details or the overlap of those details and the lack of coherence between them.

The difference between dreams and pipe dreams and visions

During his sleep, a person sees three types of dreams: dreams, dreams, and pipe dreams.

As for the dream, it means the sleeper’s witnessing of a beloved matter, and it is from Allah Almighty, and it carries good tidings or warns against evil, or indicates help and guidance. It is from Satan, and it is Sunnah to seek refuge with Allah from him and spit three times to the left, and not to be transferred to others, although doing so does not cause any harm.

As for the wretched dreams, they are what the sleeper sees, and not through a vision or a dream, but rather a speech of the soul, and they are events and fears that are stored in the memory and the subconscious mind and are reconstructed again during sleep; Whoever works in a craft, for example, spends his day during this work and thinks about it before he sleeps, he sees what is related to it during his sleep, and whoever thinks of someone he loves sees what relates to him as well, and there is no explanation for these things.

The meaning of pipe dreams

Borehole dreams are a group of overlapping details that a person sees at night and does not find a logical explanation for them, and they are often among the overlapping daily events, that is, they are overlapping dreams and there is no explanation for them as a result of a large number of events in them or the difficulty of linking them.

Ways to know the pipe dreams

Bogus dreams are conversations that take place within the soul, where a person may desire something and wish for this matter to come true, and he talks to himself about it and dreams about it at night.

As for the simple, ordinary dream, it can be interpreted, but it is not necessary to achieve this interpretation. As for the vision, it is a message from Allah Almighty to man, and the vision is interpreted and is mostly achieved.

Boiling dreams are usually illogical, as they are usually caused by many inaccurate details, and a person may see himself in places he wants to visit and also see himself getting many things he wished he had.

Dreams and self-talk

Borehole dreams may be fantasies depicted by the subconscious mind of the person, and they are self-talk, as they are related to the daily events that a person goes through in his life, and they express the wishes that a person loves to achieve, as they are always related to trauma and sad events that have passed. by the person.

Signs of a correct vision

The correct vision is related to the mind, and a person cannot wake up from sleep while he has forgotten everything he saw in the dream.

Repeating the same dream more than once as it carries a message from Allah Almighty to man.

The vision is a message from Allah, not about things that a person thinks of and that the subconscious mind imagines and portrays to a person in a dream.

Memorizing the events of the dream and not forgetting it, even though more than three days have passed since the dream that the person saw, and the owner of the dream is not accustomed to watching dreams daily.

Signs of a pipe dream

The dream is forgotten very quickly, as the person may wake up from sleep forgetting everything he saw during the dream.
Often the events of the dream that a person saw in his sleep are many, overlapping and often unconnected, and their events are from the ordinary daily life or family life.
The dream owner often thinks a lot about what he saw, especially before bed, as the subconscious mind visualizes all this during sleep.

Often the person who sees the dream is a lot of dreams and a lot of thinking about life matters.


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