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Since ancient times, man has endeavoured to interpret the mysteries of dreams as messages from the outside world that appear to the sleeper and are more like warnings, or predictions of future events, and with the progress of science, theories followed and branched.

The dream is more connected to reality than we think

Some considered dreams to be repressed desires, and others confirmed that they are distracting memories that are translated by the subconscious mind in the form of unconnected images or scenes in most cases. For sensory perception and conscious analytical thought, this means that it is more connected to reality than we think.

What is in these theories and how do we benefit from their content in addressing our daily problems?

When we sleep, we do not stop thinking, contrary to what was previously believed. The person, as studies confirm, continues during sleep in a state of active intellectual awareness, and this means that he does not stop thinking about the problems he encounters daily, hoping to reach solutions that satisfy his ambitions. But the difference is that his brain during sleep does not deal with his thoughts in a normal way, but rather reacts with them biochemically to show them in the form of visual images or films that carry more than one meaning.

Dreams may seem strange and meaningless, and this is due, according to studies, to the effect of brain chemistry on seeing the thoughts we have during sleep. It is known, according to the available data, that the thoughts that intensify after falling asleep focus on the problems of daily life, which helps to find solutions to them, and the evidence for that is abundant.

Dreams that helped celebrities

There are a large number of celebrities whose dreams have pushed them to the top, which confirms the importance of dreams in providing solutions to outstanding problems, and in this context, we review some examples.

The inventor of the gasoline formula, “Frederic Auguste Kekuli”, was inspired by a dream he had, after he was unable to do so during days of strenuous work.

Also, the well-known doctor “Otto Loe” saw in a dream that he was experimenting in the field of neuroscience, and it is known that he was able to achieve his dream and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

And we should not forget the famous Indian leader “Mahatma Gandhi”, who was inspired by one of his dreams through the method of peaceful protesting he waged in the face of the British occupation.

A scientific study of solving problems with dreams

According to a study conducted by the American Journal of Science, the evidence of the brain’s interaction with everyday problems during sleep is innumerable. In this context, the magazine reminded the American Professor Charles Schilder, who had been aware of this phenomenon more than a century ago. It is noteworthy that he anticipates his timeز

and in 1892 conducted a study on a group of students at the American Wesleyan University, during which he asked them to strive to solve their problems through dreams. He knew then that a large number of students responded to the professor. Some of them found a solution to some intractable mathematical problems, and some of them were able to translate some texts or found a way out of unresolved issues.

The most important achievement was the year 1972 when a university professor put his students in front of dilemmas to overcome and asked them to solve them in their dreams. As their predecessors did, they went through the experiment successfully and were able to solve their problems through just a few dreams out of hundreds of them.

These and other results of the experiments that researchers have accompanied over the past decades have prompted the assertion of man’s ability to control the dream, and use it to solve the contract of his life. And this happens, as current research confirms when the person concerned makes a clear decision and focuses deeply on his problems before he goes to sleep.

Creativity key

If we go back to the invention of the gasoline formula, we see that the solutions offered by dreams are generally outside the framework of logic. The inventor “Kikuli” had seen in a dream a snake putting its tail in its mouth. And since his thought was preoccupied with the composition, he concluded from the dream that it has a round shape and is not flat like other chemical compositions. Hence, he intensified his efforts in this direction and reached his goal.

From here we can say that the interpretation of the dream to reach the required solution is generally based on a conclusion and not on common sense. This is due to the movement of brain regions that are activated during dreams. These areas do not activate the logic as much as they activate the transmission of creative images, that is, which enable the dreamer to see the solution instead of making him think about reaching it. On this basis, dreams are the key to creation and creativity.

Dreams have clear benefits

As we have already indicated, solutions that appear in dreams are generally characterized by blurry visual characteristics. But sometimes it happens that the sleeper sees clear dreams as if they are part of waking life, and if he works hard to analyse them, he can come up with creative solutions.

Concerning this type of dreams, there is evidence of their benefits in overcoming anxiety and fear, and this happens when the sleeper sees himself in a calm and comfortable atmosphere, or even when his brain interacts with disturbing dreams (nightmares). Clearly defined nightmares train him to be careful and teach him to stay away from dangerous places in different ways. He has been able to take on adventures and master several skills, the foremost of which is high jumping.

Although studies have not yet arrived at forming a clear concept of this type of dream, or knowing the circumstances that create them, it can be said that if we learn how to benefit from them by remembering their details and understanding their content, we can form a broader view of the nature of consciousness. It is easier to solve our problems than we can imagine.


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