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Is praying a dream come true?

هل الدعاء في المنام يتحقق؟

Yes, it is achieved, provided that the seer is supplicating to God alone in a dream. Likewise, the supplication in a dream is answered if the seer is supplicating in the hands of God Almighty, or if he sees God Almighty if he supplicates. Aspirations and goals are fulfilled, and reading the Qur’an and praying in a dream is evidence of the fulfillment of the supplication and the attainment of what is intended, God willing.

And the supplication in a dream in itself indicates that the supplication has been answered and fulfilled, and whoever sees that he is supplicating for relief in a dream, then he will obtain relief and his conditions will change for the better.

The supplication may be answered in a dream if the vision is repeated more than once, and if the seer raises his hands to the sky and weeps during the supplication, and God Almighty is the Highest and Most Knowing.

When is supplication achieved in a dream?

Supplication in a dream is fulfilled when the supplication is to God Almighty alone, as well as when supplicating the Most Beautiful Names of God or the Greatest Name of God in a dream. And the seer completed his statutes and the night prayer.

And when the seer remembers what he supplicated in a dream, and it becomes clear, then if the supplication is good, it will be fulfilled, God willing, and if the supplication is evil, then that is from Satan, so let him fear God, who will make a way out for him.

And the supplication in a dream is answered if the vision was in the last third of the night and if the seer is in ablution, and the supplication of the true vision is recited before going to sleep, and God is the Most Majestic and All-Knowing.

Is praying for a person in a dream come true?

Yes, it is achieved if the one who saw it was wronged, because the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “And fear the supplication of the wronged person, for there is no veil between him and God.” Where God removes the injustice from this person and takes his right from him, even after a while, and the supplication for the person who is the wrongdoer in a dream is answered and God lifts the affliction from him. seer.

Likewise, the mother’s supplication in a dream is answered, especially if she was praying for her son in the dream. The dream of the mother’s supplication for her son indicates that his conditions are difficult because of her disobedience, and the mother’s anger of God Almighty.

And sometimes it does not have to be fulfilled, so that if the supplication was against the person in a dream, and this person is not unjust or tyrannical, or the one who sees him has no right, then this may indicate a rivalry and a quarrel between them, and there may be an exchange of harsh words between them.

And whoever is unjust or devours the rights of others and sees in a dream someone who is praying against him, then God Almighty will respond to the call of this person and he will be rewarded and punished in this world and the Hereafter.

Signs of answered prayer in a Dream

Reading or hearing the Holy Qur’an in a dream is one of the most prominent signs of a response to supplication and attaining one’s goals and objectives. Likewise, seeing the Messenger Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, in a dream after supplication is one of the strong symbols of the fulfillment of supplication, and the dream of the Kaaba or Al-Aqsa Mosque is one of the clear indications of the response to supplication and the glad tidings of attaining goals and requests.

Seeing righteous companions and saints in a dream is one of the indications of answering prayers. Likewise, Laylat al-Qadr in a dream is an important symbol of fulfilling supplications and obtaining comfort and reassurance for the fearful.

And whoever sees that he is praying in the rain in a dream, then his supplication will be fulfilled, God willing, and supplication in the mosque in a dream is evidence of obtaining needs and wishes.

Seeing drinking cold and clear water in a dream after supplication is one of the signs indicating that the supplication is answered, especially for the fearful or the distressed.

Interpretation of seeing supplication in a dream

Seeing supplication in a dream indicates getting rid of adversity and anguish and fulfilling the needs and desires, according to Ibn Sirin, and supplication at night in a dream indicates a closeness to God Almighty with obedience and worship, and a dream of supplication to God with supplication and reverence indicates that God Almighty will fulfill the demands and needs of the seer, and supplication in a dream It indicates a good ending.

A dream of praying for a person indicates a mutual benefit between the dreamer and this person, and whoever sees that he is praying for a person in a dream, then he is harsh on him with words and fuels conflicts between them, and seeing a prayer for oneself in a dream indicates good conditions and success in life.

Hearing someone praying for you in a dream is evidence of hearing good words and obtaining goodness and benefit from this person.

Praying for death for a person in a dream is evidence of oppression that befalls this person on the part of the visionary, and whoever sees someone calling for death against him in a dream, this is evidence of obstacles and obstacles that affect the visionary in his livelihood or his deeds from this person, and God knows best.


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