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Interpretation prayer in dream

Interpretation prayer in dream

Prayer is the slave’s link to his Lord, it is the direct contact between the creature and the Creator five times a day and in times of magic, prayer is good and blessing in reality and in dreams, and it is one of the promising visions that broadcast comfort and tranquility in the mold, and in this article we will learn with you about the interpretation prayer in dream for senior mare such as Ibn Sirin and Imam Sadiq.

Interpretation prayer in dream by Ibn Sirin

Praying in a dream is generally the best and may also indicate a response to a du’aa.

Seeing Fajr prayer is a sign of fulfillment of wishes and ambition.

Seeing the noon prayer reached is long overdue and is complete.

As for the afternoon prayer, it indicates that the seer is going through a difficult and difficult time, but it will pass away and end soon.

Seeing Maghrib prayer in a dream is a sign of defecation.

As for the evening prayer, it refers to abundant sustenance, blessing, and cover for the seer.

Seeing Friday prayers in a dream is a good news of the disappearance of worries and sorrows.

Eid prayers may indicate the return of an individual to their homeland, Eid al-Fitr prayers indicate great livelihood, and Eid al-Adha is a sign of debt repayment.

Praying refers to marriage, engagement, promotion at work, success in studies, or going on pilgrimage.

Seeing bowing in a dream is a sign of the seer’s repentance and abstinence from sins and sins.

As for prostration, it expresses the fulfillment of wishes.

And the delivery after the completion of the prayer indicates an absent person who will return.

As for ablution in a dream, it is salvation from all worries and sorrows and their demise.

Prayer in a dream for Imam Sadiq

Imam al-Sadiq says that praying in a dream leads to seven things: “glory and order, security and pleasure, joy after hardship, obtaining a will, and spending Hajjah.”

He says that prostration in a dream indicates the occurrence of the intended.

Praying in a woman’s dream

If a single woman sees that she is praying Friday prayers, it is a sign that she will soon get married.

Praying in a bachelor’s dream is proof that she is preparing for marriage.

As for the prayer of rain in a bachelor’s dream, it is a sign of marriage.

As for the prayer of rain for a pregnant woman, it is a sign of abundant sustenance and abundant goodness.

Seeing prayer in general in a pregnant woman’s dream is a sign of goodness for her and her baby.


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