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Interpretation of seeing women in a dream

تفسير رؤية النساء في الحلم

Seeing women in a dream denotes wealth, beautiful women denote the abundance of sustenance, an abundance of money, and a comfortable life, and ugly women denote poverty, need, and many problems.

Interpretation of the vision of women according to Ibn Sirin:

Women in a dream, as interpreted by the great scientist Ibn Sirin, carry many signs and indicators in our lives.

A dream about a beautiful woman is a sign of good, livelihood, happiness, and joy.

Seeing a skinny woman in a dream is a sign of poverty, anguish, and great hardship.

Precious women in a dream show an increase in money and prosperity.

The interpretation of seeing young women in a dream indicates the disappearance of fears, the disposal of problems, and relief after distress.

A dream about seeing women smiling in a dream is a sign of wealth after poverty and deprivation.
The interpretation of the dream of a blonde woman in a dream is evidence of falling into sin and conflict.

Interpretation of a dream about a woman according to Nabulsi:

In a dream, if she was beautiful, she denotes the coming year with goodness and comfort.

Perhaps the woman denotes the storehouse and the chest, or the prison and the partner because she shares the man in pleasure and money.

Perhaps indicated by the tree that bears the fruit, and his vehicle and seat.

And whoever seeks a good woman entering his house will be pleased, and a beautiful woman is a money that does not last, and the unknown, young, adorable Arab woman, whose goodness is long described in interpretation, and the fat woman is the fertile year of the year, and the meagre woman is more attractive, and the best women in Arabic and unknown interpretation.

If a woman sees in her dream a young woman, then she is her enemy and the old woman in the world.

And whoever sees a woman commanding people and forbidding them for the sake of Allah Almighty, and then it is a righteous matter in the religion.

Whoever sees a free black woman, there is no good in her unless she is owned.

And whoever sees a woman being sold, then his authority will be removed from him, then his condition will turn to righteousness.

Whoever sees that his woman is carrying him will be affected by a defect, and it was said that he will be rich.

And whoever saw that he killed a woman, part of his money went.

Whoever dreams that his wife is a gift to someone else, or sees her married to a husband other than him, his religion is gone.

Women look like men

If a woman sees that she has to wear men’s clothing, body, or vehicle, then her condition will improve.

And if the clothes were heinous, then her condition changed with worry and fear, and if she saw that she had turned into a man, that was good for her husband.

And imitating the Jews, Christians, and others is evidence of inclination to their desires or their religion, or to take pleasure in their feasts, or to ask for marriage from them.

Interpretation of a dream about a woman according to Ibn Shaheen:

Whoever sees an old woman is a world that has managed, especially if there is a shameful and ugly deficiency in her.

Whoever dreams that he engages with an old woman or gives it to her, then he will be seeking the world and urging it and getting it according to his favours.

And the unknown old woman is stronger than the known old woman. There is no religion.

Whoever seeks a good woman while he talks to her, mixes with her, laughs with her, play with her, or she enters him in his house, then it is a fertile Sunnah, goodness, and joy.

If he is poor, he will obtain money and sustenance for him, and if he is imprisoned, Allah will release him.

And whoever sees a woman commanding people and forbidding them for the sake of Allah, and then he is righteous in the religion, especially if the matter is for the seer.

Whoever sees several women who are taken to a place, and then they are workers who come before the people of that country.

A dream about a woman according to Ibn Shaheen

And whoever sees a woman quarrelling with him, and disgust and extreme disgust from her, it is the demise of a blessing, and it was said that if she is of a position, then it is his demise and his order and judgment are divided, then he returns as it was and his conditions are in order.

And it was said that whoever sees a woman, he has never seen her while she is dishevelled, something must go away from him, and if she is good, he will find after that. It was said that he saw that before a woman something went from him, and if he had intercourse with her, there is no good in him.

And whoever sees that his wife is with someone else, his money or status is gone, and he is not good in his religion, and it was said that he is rich and a vast world.

Whoever dreams that his wife has given him another husband or a woman, then he is leaving her or quarrelling with her.

And whoever sees that his wife is carrying him, then he will get rich, and goodwill comes to him.

It was said that whoever saw that he was carrying a good woman if he was sick, he woke up.

And if he was imprisoned, may Allah relieve him or distressed, may Allah relieve his distress and distress.

Whoever sees an immoral woman or an adulterer, if he is from the people of righteousness and religion, then it is good, increase and blessing.

And if he is one of the people of corruption, then it will be lack of debt, committing forbidden things, and the occurrence of evils and harm.

A dream about a wife according to Ibn Shaheen

Whoever dreams that his wife has returned old, there is no good in him.

And if he sees that his wife has increased in goodness and beauty, then this is an increase in his religious and worldly affairs and the achievement of good and benefit.

Whoever dreams that his wife has committed immoral or disliked things, and then she is the opposite of that.

And whoever dreams that his wife is an ascetic and a worshiper, then it is good and there is nothing wrong with him.

Whoever dreams that a group of women is in a place looking at him or one of them calls him to her, then he is a slander against him and he is innocent of him, and he may achieve his purpose later and his enemy will not be able to him.

And whoever sees many women arguing, then strange things happen in the world, which causes some people confused, and if he sees them against that, his expression is against him.

It was said that the vision of a woman in terms of the sentence is good, especially if she is approaching him or with a smile

On her face, and it was said that a beautiful woman is a money that does not last because beauty changes.

And if he sees as if a young woman came to him with her face, his matter would be accepted afterward.

If a woman sees a young woman, then she is an enemy to her in whatever condition she sees her.

And the vision of a fat woman is interpreted by the fertility of the year and the weak by its attractiveness, and there is no good in the vision of the old woman unless she is dressed and exposed.

Interpretation of a dream about a woman for a man:

A dream about old women in a men’s dream is evidence of the transition from poverty to riches and riches and may indicate the demise of the following fears and sorrows.

Seeing older women in a man’s dream indicates that he will do many sins and misdeeds, but he will repent to Allah.

The dream interpretation of women looking at men in their dreams is a sign of a severe disease that is difficult to treat.

Seeing sterilized women in a dream for men is a sign of goodness, livelihood, and goodness.

Seeing an old woman in a sinful man’s dream may indicate his repentance, return to Allah.

And his uprightness for Allah’s commands.

Seeing old women in a poor man’s dream denotes wealth and wealth after poverty and changing his life for the better.

Women in a man’s life is a sign of the demise of problems and troubles, especially if they are beautiful.

Seeing a woman looking at a man, indicates his marriage and may indicate the death of that person, if he is seriously ill, and if he feels that she is a woman from heaven, this indicates his death as a martyr.

And the single young man seeing a beautiful girl indicates the much good that is coming for this young man, the opening of the paths of goodness, happiness, a prestigious job, and happy marriage to the girl of his dreams.


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