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Interpretation of seeing milk in a dream

تفسير رؤية اللبن في المنام

The dream of milk is one of the common dreams that take many forms, between drinking, milking, and breastfeeding, as well as seeing the manufacture of milk products or seeing the milk of various animals, and other cases of seeing milk in a dream.

The general meaning of seeing milk in a dream

Milk in a dream denotes sustenance and money.

Milk in a dream as interpreted by Ibn Sirin indicates money in general, whether in a man’s dream or a woman’s dream; And from that, an increase in the milk in a dream may be an abundance of worldly sustenance, and scarcity or lack of milk or its corruption is a sign of corruption in financial matters, but the details of the dream play a role in interpretation.

Halal sustenance is what Sheikh Nabulsi goes to in the interpretation of seeing milk in a dream in general.

And about the general meaning of seeing milk in a dream

The general meaning of dreaming about milk is the sound instinct that Allah created people upon, because of the hadith of Abu Hurairah that the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, came on the night of the Night Journey with a mug of milk, and a mug of wine (from the wine of the Hereafter) so he chose milk. Gabriel said to him: You have chosen instinct.

Interpretation of a dream about milk by Ibn Shaheen

Ibn Shaheen Al-Zahiri says that good, sweet milk in a dream denotes money and sustenance, and on the contrary, seeing sour milk in a dream, indicates deficiency and loss.

And whoever sees that he breastfeeds his breast in a dream, then he betrays the trust.

As for the milk coming out of a woman’s breast in a dream, it is a blessing.

As for someone who sees a woman throwing milk at him in a dream, he may be imprisoned, and every animal has a meaning in interpreting drinking its milk in a dream as we show in the next paragraphs.

Drinking milk in a dream

On the authority of the Prophet, peace, and blessings be upon him, he said, “Whoever dreams that he drank milk, it is the fitrah.”

In Ibn Sirin’s interpretation of drinking milk in a dream; Drinking milk in a dream is generally interpreted as sustenance and money, and the milk of cattle is lawful money from the owner of authority, and cattle are the animals that people used to drink their milk and benefit from their meat and skins.

Drinking the milk of horses and mares may indicate the love of the owner of the authority for the seer and his closeness to him, and drinking camel milk in a dream may indicate marriage to a righteous woman or a new-born with a blessing, and Allah knows best.

Drinking milk in a dream El – Nabulsi

Sheikh Nabulsi adds that the milk of the bird in a dream is little money, and the milk of the unknown beast is salvation and relief for the imprisoned, the sick, and the distressed.

Likewise, goat’s milk in a dream is money and sustenance.

Seeing the milk of animals that have no milk, or drinking it in a dream, is evidence that the dreamer is getting something from which he lost hope, or something better comes to him from where he does not expect.

And seeing that drinking milk in a dream is a halal provision; seeing drinking cow’s milk in a dream is a cure for what the Prophet, peace, and blessings be upon him, said about cows: “Their meat is a disease and its milk is a cure.”

Drinking goat’s milk in a dream is a livelihood with a hatred of work.

Drinking sheep’s milk, there is plenty of money and drinking spoiled or contaminated milk is a setback in common sense.

As for drinking the milk of a donkey, it is an act of obedience from a servant or a boy.

As for drinking the milk of navigators and reptiles such as snakes and scorpions, and everything that has no milk, it is interpreted as a victory over the enemies and Allah knows best.

Seeing drinking milk from cats and dogs is immorality and eating money from prostitution, Allah forbid.

As for drinking wolf’s milk in a dream, it indicates that the dreamer can defeat his enemies from humans and jinn, and to see drinking pig’s milk is drinking wine and eating what Allah has forbidden.

And whoever sees that he drinks the milk of males from animals in a dream, such as a bull, a ram, or a male donkey, this indicates arrogance and aggression against people, and Allah knows best.

Breastfeeding and human milk in a dream

Human milk in a dream may indicate sustenance and money, and it may indicate the exact opposite, according to the details of the vision, where Ibn Sirin says that seeing milk in the breasts of men and women indicates sustenance, and the generation of milk in the dream is an abundance of money.

But if a woman sees that she is breast-feeding a well-known person in a dream, and she does not have milk in her wakefulness, then the doors of the world are closed to her and to those who breastfed him, and seeing a woman breast-feeding in a dream may indicate profit for the seer.

Seeing a bath with human milk, or one who dreams that human milk is poured on him; indicates distress and may indicate imprisonment, and this applies to seeing breastfeeding and breastfeeding in a dream.

As for the one who sees that he is breastfeeding himself, this indicates betrayal, and Sheikh Al-Nabulsi says that seeing a rented nurse in a dream indicates that the seer raises his son according to his character, and human milk in the dream indicates the recovery of the patient because it is originally his strength and immunity.

Seeing a woman’s milk in a dream in general may indicate work conditions, and drinking a woman’s milk in a dream indicates adherence to work.

As for seeing a man as if he had milk, this is his preoccupation with work over anything else.

Seeing milk in a man’s breast in general indicates sustenance, and Allah knows best.

And whoever sees in a dream that he is suckling from his breasts, this may be his imprisonment, as the vision of breastfeeding from the wife’s milk indicates compliance with her opinion.

Seeing milk for a woman

Seeing woman drinking milk in general locks her in her work, home, or with herself, such as depression.

And if the woman’s drinking milk is without human milk, it indicates her livelihood without fatigue.

Seeing the flow of milk from a woman’s breast indicates that she is unable to perform worldly activities for one reason or another.

Whoever sees that her milk has dried up from her chest in general, her vision indicates that she is required to work and perform her duties.

Seeing contaminated milk, and seeing milk contaminated with blood indicates money that is prohibited for women in general.

And whoever sees that her husband comes out of his breast milk, then works in the house the work of women, and seeing the sale and purchase of milk for women, in general, indicates a halal livelihood.

Milk in a dream for married and single women

Seeing a married woman drinking cow’s milk is evidence of her husband’s pursuit of her, and drinking milk for a single woman is the pursuit of her father or guardian over her and seeing cow’s milk for the divorced woman, her sustenance without fatigue, as well as for the widow.

As for the vision of drinking goat’s milk for a woman in general, it indicates boredom in life, while the vision of drinking camel milk for married and single women indicates work and earning, as well as for the widow and the divorced woman.

Drinking beast’s milk in a dream for a married and single woman indicates that they can fully take their rights without fully performing their duties, which is the same interpretation for a divorced or widowed woman.

Seeing drinking milk from navigators and reptiles, such as snake milk for pregnant women, divorced women, widows.

And single women, indicates that they are characterized by cunning and deceit.

Seeing drinking milk from cats and dogs is evidence of bad morals for women in general while seeing wolf milk indicates going to witchcraft.

And seeing male drinking milk in a dream indicates the presence of someone who seeks to seduce the woman, whether she is married or single, divorced, widowed, or pregnant.

Seeing milk in a dream for a pregnant woman

Drinking cow’s milk for a pregnant woman in a dream indicates her safety and the safety of the fetus, Allah willing, and seeing a pregnant goat’s milk drink indicates fatigue with pregnancy ((his mother bore him and gave birth against him)).

As for the vision of drinking camel’s milk for a pregnant woman, she gives birth to a son with one of the good qualities and characteristics of the Arabs, and seeing the drinking of wild beasts’ milk for a pregnant woman indicates that her son is violent.

Seeing milk in a dream for a woman

If it is an animal with milk, then it is a striving to earn a halal livelihood, and if it is not an animal with milk, it is a plot and the ability to discount.

Milking animals in a dream and interpretation of seeing milking

Milking in a dream, as we mentioned in the introduction, indicates cunning, according to Ibn Sirin, and Sheikh Al-Nabulsi says that seeing milk comes out of the ground is evidence of sedition in which blood is shed in proportion to the amount of wasted milk.

The following is the interpretation of seeing milking in a dream based on the type of animal that the dreamer is milking, as follows:

Milking the camel in a dream

Ibn Sirin says that seeing the camel milking indicates work in the land and if the she-camel is a long-necked concrete camel called “Bakhtieh”, milking indicates work in non-Arab land.

And whoever milked a she-camel in a dream, and blood came out of its udder instead of milk, for the seer is tyrannical, and abuses his authority. From milk in a dream will be sustenance.

And the milk of a milky camel that is drizzled in a dream indicates the instinct, and whoever drank from it one or two or three sorbets was on his nature, committed to his prayers, zakat, fasting, and worship, and of course, his dreams may indicate halal money.

Milking cows and the interpretation of seeing sheep and goat milk in a dream

The milk of the cow in the dream indicates the fertility of the year, because the cow in a dream indicates the year, and the goodness in the cow is obesity and well-being, and milk indicates fertility and goodness.

Milking cows in a dream indicates freedom and emancipation, wealth for the poor, and relief.

The interpretation of milking sheep and buffaloes does not differ much from that, as it is good and natural, except that the cow indicates time, and the hadith here is for Ibn Sirin.

Sheikh Nabulsi adds that sheep’s milk is good, comfort, pleasure, and honourable money, and cow’s milk is rich.

Milk of monsters and lions in a dream

Ibn Sirin says that the milk of monsters in a dream in general is strong in religion, and the vision of milking monsters, lions, and the like can be interpreted as follows:

Lion’s milk in a dream is money from a person of authority and victory over an enemy.

The milk of a lioness in a dream may indicate victory over enemies and livelihood, and it may indicate the sultan’s enmity with people, and drinking the lioness’ milk in a dream is money from the sultan or hard work.

Eagle’s milk in a dream is glory, victory, and honour.

Wolf’s milk in a dream is to obtain money from an oppressor, or it may be evidence of fear, and it may indicate injustice in power, so the seer eats the money of his flock or the one who manages their affairs, and the milk of foxes in the dream is a disease.

Tiger milk in a dream indicates enmity.

Dog milk in a dream indicates extreme fear, and cat milk in a dream is a disease or quarrel.

Snake milk in a dream

Ibn Sirin says that the milk of a snake or a snake in a dream indicates an action that pleases Allah Almighty and seeing a drink of snake milk in a dream indicates deliverance from affliction and relief from worries and Allah knows best, and in general, the milk of cuddles and larks indicates reconciliation between the seer and his opponents.

Donkey milk in a dream

And about milking a donkey in a dream, Ibn Sirin says that seeing donkey’s milk may indicate a mild illness and the milk of a donkey or a female donkey in a dream only denotes goodness to the seer, and Nabulsi adds that mule milk in a dream contains hardship and terror.

Pig’s milk in a dream

Pig’s milk or pig’s milk in a dream indicates money, so a lot of it milking or drinking is evidence of haram money, and it was said that a little of it is halal money and Allah knows best, and pig’s milk in a dream, according to Nabulsi, indicates a lot of money.

On seeing milk in a dream:

Seeing milking a cow in a dream is halal money and a good deed, as well as seeing milking a buffalo, and seeing milking goats denotes hardship in seeking a livelihood while seeing camels milking is a journey to seek a livelihood.

And seeing the milking of beasts is evidence of riding hardships and taking risks in obtaining a livelihood.

As for seeing the milking of a donkey, it indicates that the seer eats from the earnings of his servant or his son.

Seeing milking nuisances and reptiles such as the milk of a snake or scorpion in a dream is evidence of earning from a forbidden work, such as the money that a spy receives while seeing cats and dogs milking indicates earning money from prostitution or selling alcohol, as well as seeing milking pigs denotes forbidden sustenance from alcohol or eating what is not permissible. Eat it from the dead and so on.

And whoever dreams that he is milking a male animal in a dream, then it is a profit from the work of boys, and seeing the milking of birds is a journey to seek a little profit.

And whoever milked an animal and came out blood instead of milk, that was forbidden money, and whoever milked an animal and came out instead of milk ink, this is evidence of misleading people and deceiving them.

Seeing the manufacture of milk in a dream

Ibn Sirin says that dairy products in general contain goodness and sustenance for the seer, except yogurt in a dream.

Butter in a dream is money and booty, and ghee in a dream is stronger than butter to make a fire in it.

As for seeing cheese in a dream, it is halal money with rest, and wet cheese in a dream is better than dry or dry cheese, and it may indicate travel.

Eating cheese in a dream with bread may indicate sudden illness.

And about seeing yogurt or curdled milk in a dream, Ibn Sirin says:

There is no good in seeing yogurt in a dream, and skimmed milk in a dream is haram money or mixing with bankrupts, and drinking it may indicate those who seek favour from other than his family, so he will only benefit from the humiliation of the request, and Al-Nabulsi adds that yogurt in the dream is worry and grief.

The serum in a dream is the overpowering of debts, and the serum is the water that slips from milk, as Ibn Sirin says that there is no good in it due to its acidity.

And about seeing the manufacture of milk and dairy products

Whoever sees that he is making yogurt in a dream is saving his life.

As for making cheese in the dream, it indicates good management, and extracting milk derivatives from cream, butter, etc.

indicates abundant profit and extreme wealth.

Other cases of seeing milk in a dream

Seeing milk or milk spilling or squandering indicates wasting what milk indicates in terms of goodness and money – Sheikh Al-Nabulsi.

Black milk in a dream indicates the obliteration of the truth and the manifestation of falsehood.

Seeing milk with blood eating illegal, usury, and forbidden money.

The change in the color of milk in general indicates different people’s temperament for the worse and bad manners.

Selling milk in a dream, if it is his profession, then it is halal sustenance.

Otherwise, the saying of Allah Almighty applies to him ((Those are those who bought error with guidance, and their trade does not profit and what is their debt)).

Seeing buying milk in a dream is a sign of learning good manners and etiquette.

Burned milk in a dream indicates the wrath of Allah.


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