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Interpretation of seeing lightning in a dream

تفسير رؤية البرق في المنام

Lightning is one of the natural phenomena that often occur as a result of electrical discharge processes, as for the interpretation of seeing lightning in a dream, it is a mixture of pleasant and happy or terrifying news that causes anxiety to the seer, and the interpretation of lightning varies according to the nature of the dreamer, its type, and his social and psychological state.

Interpretation of seeing lightning in a dream by Ibn Sirin

Ibn Sirin believes that seeing lightning in a dream indicates awe and fear of the Sultan or fear of threatening him.

“He also sees that it refers to joy, happiness, hope, turnout and greed, for the words of God Almighty: “He is the one who shows you lightning for fear and greed.

If the dreamer is going to travel and the lightning sees entering the house or taking his sight.

He points out some obstacles that prevent him from traveling.

A farmer who sees lightning in a dream and has thirsty land is a sign of mercy and rain.

Seeing lightning may also indicate getting a lot of benefits from many places.

Seeing clothes burned by lightning may indicate the loss of a person.

Lightning in a single man’s dream

Seeing lightning in a dream of a bachelor may indicate vulva after distress and distress.

It also refers to a girl’s fear of someone who has authority over her.

The girl’s vision of thunder and storms indicates the anger of the parents and their dissatisfaction with the actions of this girl.

Seeing the girl lightning inside her home indicates guidance, patience and faith.

If you see a lightning strike it, it is a sign of problems and harm at work.

Or there are people who speak ill of its reputation.

Fear of lightning del to survive the intrigue and harm.

Seeing lightning and rain at the same time is a sign of dreaming and healing from illnesses if they are sick.

Interpretation of lightning in a married dream

Seeing a married woman of lightning and rain indicates joy, goodness, relief after distress, abundant livelihood and a good life.

Seeing storms and lightning is a sign of problems, disagreements and instability in married life.

As for seeing lightning shocks, it may indicate exposure to a health ailment.

Whether for the woman or a member of her family, but she will be cured, God willing.

Seeing clouds with lightning together is a sign that women are experiencing some worries and sorrows.

Seeing lightning enter the house is a sign of abundant sustenance.

And the entry of goodness and blessing into the house.

Lightning in summer indicates a woman’s fear for her family members, especially if he is a sick person or traveler.

Lightning in a pregnant woman’s dream

Seeing lightning in a pregnant woman’s dream may be a sign that the date of delivery is approaching.

Seeing it in summer without rain indicates that she is exposed to premature birth.

The pregnant woman’s fear of lightning in a dream is a signal of the anxiety and fear of the pregnant woman giving birth.

As for lightning at home for pregnant women, it is a sign of joy, happiness and good tidings.

that God will bless her with a healthy child.

Seeing lightning and hearing the sound of thunder is a sign of the many rivalries and disagreements in her life.

The shine of lightning in a pregnant woman’s dream indicates that she has committed a sin but repented of it.

Interpretation of lightning in a dream for a divorced woman

Lightning in an absolute dream has many different interpretations.

It may be a sign of her fear of isolation or something.

It may bring good news for her, happy news and positive changes in her future life.

But in the case of seeing lightning and hearing the sound of thunder.It is a warning vision for her to be aware of something being plotted against her.

Seeing lightning with heavy rain is a lot of good and abundant sustenance.

Seeing lightning in the summer is a sign of many problems in her life.

Lightning shone in an absolute dream is a sign of vulva after distress.

As for the entry of lightning into the house, it is a sign of some of the problems and temptations that you are exposed to.

Lightning in a man’s dream

Lightning in a man’s dream is evidence of good news, breakthroughs, fulfillment of ambitions and good luck.

If lightning is seen and the man is on a trip, he may indicate some of the obstacles he may face in this travel.

Seeing lightning also indicates the stable and quiet life a man enjoys.

As for the sight of lightning with thunder and lightning, it is evidence of the many problems facing this man in fulfilling his wishes.


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