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Interpretation of seeing gifts in a dream

رؤية الهدايا

Interpretation of the gift in a dream by Ibn Sirin and Nabulsi

According to Ibn Sirin’s interpretation of seeing the gift in a dream, it indicates a sermon in the family of the seer from his daughters or one of his relatives, because of the story of Solomon, peace be upon him when Bilqis sent him a gift and he was engaged to her, and Allah Almighty said in Surat Al-Naml ((And I am sending them a gift, so the beholder looks at it. the messengers)).

Ibn Sirin adds that a gift in a dream may be love and reconciliation, because the Prophet ﷺ said, “Treat each other, and love each other,” especially if the gift in the dream is loved.

Sheikh Nabulsi says about seeing a gift in a dream that it denotes happiness, as Allah Almighty says in Surat An-Naml ((Indeed, you rejoice with your gift)).

His wife is pregnant, and she bore him a male, even if the gift indicates females, and his wife bore him a female, and Allah knows best.

Seeing a gift in a dream

A gift in a dream is interpreted as courtship to people, because the Prophet, peace and blessings are upon him, said: “You become courteous, you love.”

Exploration of a matter for what the Highest says in Surat An-Naml ((Indeed, I am sending them a gift, so I am aware of what the messengers will return)).

And seeing a precious gift in a dream in general indicates the disclosure of the secrets of an important matter, and seeing a gift of gold in the dream is joy followed by sadness, if the gift in a dream is silver, joy in meeting Allah as prayer or fasting.

The gift of diamonds in a dream is joy in worldly matters followed by regret, and if the gift of precious stones is the joy of a generous livelihood, and as for obtaining jewellery as a gift if it is bracelets, rings, or earrings, then studying the extent of bearing responsibilities.

And getting real estate as a gift if it is land or a house is stability and peace of mind, and getting a gifted hour is a joy to seize opportunities at the right time while seeing a gift book indicates joy in science and knowledge.

The gift in a dream

And getting a live gift such as a pet indicates a gift mined with harm and malice, while getting clothes as a gift is a successful marriage project, Allah willing, and getting shoes is a gift that changes lives for the better.

As for the interpretation of refusing a gift in a dream, it is reprehensible and malicious, because the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “No one will return a gift except the mean one.”

And the gift from the dead in a dream is the giving of the dead and sustenance, and the dead may have forfeited their rights over the living.

The rosary in a dream is to help a son of a wayfarer or a refugee, and the gifts of Hajj in a dream.

If the seer receives a gift from the pilgrim in the dream, then it is supplication and forgiveness.

The interpretation of a gift in a dream for a single woman is a prelude to marriage, and a gift to a widow is an aid to her, and to a divorced woman, a gift in a dream may indicate the return of her ex-husband.

Seeing a gift in a dream

Seeing buying gifts in a dream generally indicates seeking reconciliation between people, as seeing the purchase of valuable gifts in a dream indicates reconciling oneself in the subject of revenge, blood, or clan reconciliation while seeing cheap gifts in a dream indicates repairing old relationships.

Buying a gift for the deceased in a dream may mean seeking his forgiveness and mentioning his merits.

As for buying a gift for the wife in a dream, it indicates a sound mind, and the same is the case with seeing the purchase of a gift for the husband in a dream.

And buying the Noble Qur’an as a gift indicates the search for knowledge, while the vision of buying a prayer rug or a prayer dress as a gift indicates striving for marriage, and buying a rosary in a dream the love of goodness for others, and the vision of buying gifts from Hajj indicates supplication for those who buy gifts for them.

And seeing the rejection of a gift for one who sees that his gift is rejected in a dream, and then he is dealing with spiteful people.

As for seeing a person happy by accepting the gift of the seer, it is joy and a good soul, Allah willing.

The gift is according to the seer and who gives it

Seeing receiving a gift from the husband in a dream indicates his courtship to accept an excuse, as well as receiving a gift from the wife, so she is courted to accept her excuse.

And the gift from the husband’s family in a dream is joy and affection, and the gift from the wife’s family is soundness of mind, and the vision of receiving the gift from one of the sons is kindness and benevolence, while the vision of receiving the gift from an enemy indicates contempt and contempt for the lightness of mind of the one who took the gift and Allah knows best.

A gift from an unknown woman in a dream indicates an exploration of profit and loss, and a gift from an unknown man in a dream indicates a study of the feasibility of projects, while a father’s gift indicates contentment and sustenance, and a mother’s gift in a dream is mercy, and receiving a gift from an old woman in a dream is misguidance, and most likely it is the world. , temporary joy and then give it up or give it up, the gift is not owned.

Seeing gifts in a dream according to Miller’s interpretation

A gift in a dream indicates good luck in various matters.

The famous Western dream interpreter Gustavus Hindman Miller says that seeing a gift in a dream indicates good luck in love, business, and adventures, and indicates the fulfilment of financial obligations.

The precious gifts that a girl receives in a dream from her lover indicate a luxurious marriage.

As for seeing gifts being sent in a dream, it may be a sign of the discontent of others and the need to please them.

Surprising gifts in a dream indicate many important achievements.

As for birthday gifts in a dream, they may be minor concessions, and getting a bracelet as a gift in a dream is marriage, the gift of a necklace in a dream indicates a loving and affectionate husband, and the gift of pearls is good luck, and the gift of perfume from a man in a dream.

Indicates the viewer’s surrender to temptation and the danger that it entails.

And getting a donkey as a gift in a dream may mean a promotion at work, while the gift of the hour in a dream indicates pursuing trivial matters and wasting opportunities.


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