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Interpretation of seeing cats in a dream

Interpretation of seeing cats in a dream

Cats are beautiful creatures and pets, and they were recommended by the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, and we will learn with you about the Interpretation of seeing cats in a dream, as it is one of the visions that cause confusion to the seer and whether it carries good or evil, and the interpretation of each vision varies according to the color of the cat, its size and the situation in which it was seen, as well as the psychological and social state of the seer or seer.

Interpretation of seeing cats in a dream

Cats in Islam are called kittens or samanurs, and they are pure animals, and cats have been mentioned in the purified Sunnah of the Prophet more than once.

It is one of the animals that may be raised in homes, and was recommended by the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).

It was mustahabb for the Prophet to raise cats, and he used to say about them rafts and rafts.

The Prophet used to perform ablution from the bowl in which the cat drank and not throw it away, because it was pure.

Seeing a cat in a dream in general indicates mercy, care and giving, as well as the abundance of good that the seer receives.

Seeing a cat eat from home food indicates that a person is giving, generous and loves good for people, and that he has a favor over his friends.

Interpretation of cats in a dream by Imam Nabulsi

Nabulsi believes that seeing so many cats indicates a lot of goodness and that the dreamer has a favor over family and friends and is characterized by generosity.

The cat’s gaze on the seer defiantly and cunningly indicates the presence of a woman who is deceiving the seer.

The cat also refers to a good woman who improves the upbringing of her children, fears for them and is keen to raise and discipline them.

As for black cats, they are a signal of magic, envy or deception in general and evil.

Seeing a black cat in a dream also indicates betrayal, cunning and deception.

If a woman sees a cat attacking her in a dream, it is a warning to her from someone who is lurking for her and wants evil for her.

Fear of cats refers to the seer’s fear of the future and plans to come.

The cat in a dream of a single girl

The interpretation of seeing cats in a dream for a single girl has many interpretations, including the following:

Seeing a large number of cats in the manna indicates the emotional problems that the girl suffers from, and she is psychologically unstable.

If the girl is engaged, the cats refer to many haters of her engagement and are jealous of her.

Fighting cats in a dream indicates problems between them and their friends.

Interpretation of seeing cats in a dream
Interpretation of seeing cats in a dream

Seeing cats in a married dream

Seeing a cat in a wife’s dream with a state of aversion to it and unwillingness to see the cat completely, indicates problems between her and her family or problems with her husband that she cannot bear.

Collecting cats and feeding them in a dream indicates that he is a good mother who takes care of her children, feeds them and improves their upbringing, and also indicates the intensity of her love and fear for her children.

Seeing so many cats running behind a married woman in a dream is a sign of some people’s hatred and envy of her.

Looking at a woman in a dream signifies a woman who hates her and follows her in all her movements and life.

Seeing an ugly and bad-looking cat indicates bad luck, and some problems in her married life.

Interpretation of cats in the dream of a single young man

A beautiful cat in white signifies marriage to a beautiful, pure, polite, and pure hearted girl.

As for the black cat, it is a sign of the treachery of the beloved, the blackness of her heart and her betrayal of the seer.

Feeding the cat in a dream is a sign of blessing, goodness and abundant sustenance for the seer.

An ugly cat in a young man’s dream indicates problems at work, but if he is a student, he suffers from problems in studying and he has to work hard.

Expelling cats is a sign of the power of faith, because they appear in the form of jinn and their expulsion signifies the strength of the seer’s faith.

Attack cats in a dream denote some problems that come to the seer of friends.

What does it mean to see cats in a dream for a married man?

Keeping cats away in a man’s dream indicates that work problems are over and get rid of them.

Seeing a beautiful cat drinking water from a pot is a sign of the wife’s pregnancy soon hopefully.

A man’s embrace is a beautiful white cat that signifies his love for his wife and his good containment of her.

Seeing a cat eating at home is an indication that the seer is a good person and God will bless him with much good.

A man’s admiration for a fleeting cat indicates that he admires a woman other than his wife.


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