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Interpretation of seeing broken bones in the dream

تفسير رؤية كسر العظام

Many scholars, jurists, and commentators have interpreted seeing broken bones in a dream, and at their head is the great and venerable imam and the sign in the interpretation of dreams, Muhammad bin Sirin, who believes that seeing a fracture in a dream is not good to see it because it indicates that the seer is exposed to and entered into many complex crises and difficulties that are difficult to solve and for which there are no solutions. A lot and breaking the left hand in a dream is undesirable because it is evidence of the bad life of the dreamer in the coming period, the difficulty of sustenance, and the great lack of money. And she should slow down and think first before doing anything.

Interpretation of a dream about broken bones for Ibn Sirin

The great and venerable imam and the scholar in the interpretation of dreams, Muhammad bin Sirin, sees that breaking is one of the unpleasant dreams because it indicates the occurrence of many crises in the life of the seer and may indicate the loss of a dear person to the seer.

And breaking the right hand in a dream symbolizes that he will be exposed to many crises and difficulties the dreamer, but they will be complicated to solve and get out of.

As for the broken left hand in the dream, it confirms the change in the situation for the worse, the difficulty of livelihood, the great lack of money, the great loss in the job, and the failure to study if the dreamer is a student.

But if the foot is broken in the dream, it symbolizes a large number of debts and the need for money and exposes him to many complex and difficult difficulties and obstacles.

But in the case of treating a broken hand in a dream, it is evidence of many obstacles and difficulties in general. Seeing a broken hand in a dream is not good.

If a Christian sees a broken bone in a dream, then this indicates deterioration in the social situation that the dreamer is going through.

Interpretation of seeing broken bones for Nabulsi

Seeing broken bones in Al-Nabulsi’s interpretation indicates a deteriorating health condition of which the seer is.

Broken bones denote the debts that the dreamer is exposed to, which he must pay off as soon as possible.

Seeing broken bones denotes that the dreamer has many worries.

Seeing broken bones of single people

Watching a broken leg in a dream and casting it in a single girl’s dream indicates that she will enter into some difficulties, crises, and severe obstacles, but she will solve them as soon as possible.

Seeing a single girl in a dream breaking the bones of her hand is evidence of the unstable bad psychology of which this girl is.

As for seeing the right hand broken in a dream, it indicates the loss of some dear people.

But if a girl sees in a dream breaking the bones of her hand and she has a splint on it, then this indicates the grief she will be exposed to, but soon she will get rid of it.

The interpretation of the broken hand in the dream is evidence of the lack of confidence in its owners because of an unsuccessful love story.

The breaking of the smell glass in a dream also indicates to the single girl that she makes many incorrect decisions and that she should be careful.

But if the single girl sees that she is breaking something, this vision confirms that she will cut off her acquaintance with some of the people close to her.

Watching breaking things and regretting them indicates that she is not calm when making fateful decisions and that she must be patient, patient, and think before making decisions in her life.

A dream about breaking a bone for a married woman

The meaning of breaking into a dream for something expensive and valuable, but she is repairing it is evidence of many problems and difficulties between her and her husband, and they will continue for a long period.

Also, seeing a married woman whose husband broke her arm is not good for her to see, because it indicates exposure to many crises and difficulties, but her husband will intervene and solve these problems.

If a married woman sees in a dream breaking the bones of the hand, this indicates the family disintegration that she will be in.

Seeing a dream about breaking the right hand and feeling severe pain in it is evidence of disagreements with the husband.

But in the case of a broken leg for a married woman in a dream, this indicates her failure in a goal she is striving for, but her failure will benefit her, and Allah Almighty is higher and knows best.

If a married woman sees in her dream that her husband’s hand is broken while she is trying to heal him, this vision symbolizes that she is of polite origin and has good morals and that she always stands next to her husband and cooperates with him in adversity.

If a married woman breaks something she owns in a dream, then it is an unpleasant and undesirable vision because it indicates that the owner of the vision has done many wrong actions and committed many sins.

And it is necessary to return to Allah and integrity in life and stop doing these vices.

If a married woman sees in a dream breaking the hand of a son or daughter in a dream, this indicates that she will fall into some misfortune.

Interpretation of seeing a broken bone for a pregnant woman

Seeing a pregnant woman breaking the bones of the hand in a dream is a sign of fatigue and suffering that she faces in childbirth.

The dream of breaking bones and dislocating the hand in a dream for the pregnant woman may be an indication of the danger that she and her child will be exposed to and should take care of.

Broken bones for a man in a dream

Seeing a man in a dream breaking the bones of the hand indicates that he is a liar and is swearing falsehood.

But if a man sees breaking his left foot in a dream, this is good tidings of his wife’s pregnancy.


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