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Interpretation of fear in a dream

Interpretation of fear in a dream

Fear of negative feelings that a person feels, whether fear of the future or the unknown, or fear of the death of a close patient, or fear for children, feelings of fear may be praiseworthy, such as fear of God, or moderate fear for children, and fear may reach the point of horror that hurts its owner, and we will know in this article the interpretation of fear in a dream, as it is despite the bad feeling that the dreamer may feel, but it may be a good and promising vision.

Interpretation of fear in a dream by Ibn Sirin

Ibn Sirin says that feeling afraid in a dream is a sign of security and safety from the dangers and troubles of life.

Fear also refers to success and a sense of comfort and reassurance.

It also refers to the achievement of the desired and the achievement of goals and wishes.

Feeling afraid of people in a dream indicates people’s love for the seer.

As for the fear of animals, it indicates the determination and will of the seer to reach his goal.

Seeing a feeling of fear in a dream generally indicates the achievement of goals.

And the arrival of the seer to a decisive and fateful opinion and decision in his life.

What does it mean to see fear and escape in a dream?

Fear in a dream generally indicates the formation of new relationships.

Escaping fear may indicate entering into a new relationship, whether marriage, marriage or partnership.

And fear of snakes and snakes in a dream indicates success and victory.

Fear of animals and beasts signals the approaching occurrence of a major and fateful event in the life of the seer.

What does it mean to interpret fear and crying in a dream?

Seeing fear in a dream for a man indicates safety,.

And if a man sees himself crying while he is afraid, it indicates relief and joy.

Seeing fear in a woman’s dream is a sign of love, and seeing herself crying is a sign of a single woman’s marriage to a loved one.

Fear and crying together in a dream also signifies an unfinished covenant or contract.

Or signifies a near relief and the fulfillment of something long overdue.

What does fear indicate in a dream

Seeing fear in a single girl’s dream indicates overconfidence or the imminence of her marriage, and Allah knows best.

Seeing fear of an unknown woman refers to love and love.

And seeing the fear of mice in a dream indicates the pride of the seer.

Fear of insects such as mice, cockroaches and scorpions signifies worship.

Seeing fear of a policeman or officer is a sign of success and success.

Seeing fear of an unknown person refers to the seer’s fear of himself because of his inability to do something, or because he made the wrong decision because of the pride and arrogance of the seer.

It may also indicate that the seer cannot face his conscience.

Seeing the fear of the jinn in a dream is an indication that the seer has many tremendous abilities, which the best use of will be able to achieve his goal and reach his dream.


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