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Interpretation of a repeated dream of the same person

The visions are telling the seer of some things, heralding and warning, and the divine providence has surrounded some people by repeating his visions for several reasons.

And he mentioned three reasons Dr. Al-Sadhan:

  • The visionary’s interest in the subject of the vision is repeated.
  • In cases of human incapacity and blockage in his life.
  • Searching for the unknown and the unseen.

Among the reasons that can be added is Allah Almighty’s care for His service as a warning, or preparation.

And good tidings, including what was mentioned in the hadith on the authority of Aisha – may Allah be pleased with her – who said: The Prophet – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – said: (I have been shown to you twice in a dream, If a man carries you in a stole of silk, and says: This is your wife, uncover her, and if it is you, then I say: If this is from Allah, it will be removed.)

Based on this, the repetition of seeing a person may indicate the dreamer’s interest in him.

Or Allah Almighty’s care for him, or a warning to him that he did not understand the message from the vision.

Interpretation of repeating the same vision in a dream

Seeing the same dream is repeated in it as a warning or warning.

Or that the message contained in the dream was not noticed by the dreamer.

Or that the dreamer is still oblivious to an important matter.

And the generality of this is due to the above-mentioned points.

It is worth noting that there is a difference in the recurrence of visions that may indicate differences in their understanding and expression and that they are not completely repetitive.

Explanation of the repetition of an unpleasant dream that what a person hates in dreams may be an inevitable fate that will happen.

As if he sees the death of his father in a dream and his father is sick with death in reality if it is repeated; It may be a prelude to what will happen.

Good recommendations were mentioned in the book attributed to Ibn Sirin for those who saw what he disliked:

  • Read Ayat al-Kursi.
  • Dregs on the left.
  • Seeking refuge with Allah from the evil of a dream, and asking Allah Almighty for its good.

Prophetic instructions have been given in this regard; On the authority of the Mother of the Believers Umm Salamah – may Allah be pleased with her – she said: The Messenger of Allah – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – said: (If any of you sees in a dream something that he dislikes, let him blow to his left three times and seek refuge from what he saw).

What is the interpretation of seeing a person more than once in a dream?

The dream may be self-talk for the dreamer.

Or perhaps a love and friendship relationship that binds him to that person who dreams about him.

And the sleeper may see a person who is repeated in the vision And in reality, between them.

there is enmity, and hatred, this may indicate the dreamer’s fear of things that he hates in reality.

According to a British newspaper, they found that the repeated appearance of a person in a dream may be due to a specific thing and may be related to the psychological state.

As explained by psychiatrist John Mayer that the mind is like a computer and the person believes that the mind sleeps when we sleep.

But when sleeping, the mind remains awake like a computer.

These people who come in a dream frequently expresses anxiety, stress, and fear of the future.

And Dr. John Mayer emphasized that we should not take over these dreams and let these people come into our dreams.

When you dream about someone, he thinks of you

Sometimes we think of a person and we see it in front of us or remember a person, who is thinking of us at the same moment.

Or you think of something and you find that it has happened immediately and immediately.

And you predict the event before it happens and much more.

You may mention a living or dead person and he comes to you, as this is the product of the subconscious mind.

Which evokes the memory hidden in its programs, the mind so that the image comes in the dream as well.

Interpretation of a dream about seeing someone I know looking at me

Seeing someone you know looks at you, may mean that there is a problem that must be solved.

Or perhaps this person cares about the visionary and wants this attention from him.

And the stranger in the dream may mean that he needs help.

Seeing someone I know in a dream by Ibn Sirin

Seeing people who are known to the dreamer indicates enmity, hatred.

And plotting if in reality there is enmity between this person and the dreamer.

Seeing a well-known and beloved person indicates solid relationships between them.

And being neglected in a dream portends human beings.

Dream about a certain person several times

Dreaming of a certain person several times or continuously may express anxiety, tension, and fear of the future.

But the presence of this person at a wedding party bodes well and happy news.

Repeating seeing a person in a dream Psychology

Repeating a dream about a specific person in a dream indicates continuous thinking about this person.

This person may indicate tension or is the cause of tension and problems. Psychologists say that before bedtime.

These dreams must be put to an end by not being afraid and not giving in to obsessions.

And constant resistance must be made so that these dreams do not invade again.


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