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Interpretation of a dream recurring (repeated dream)

الأحلام المتكررة

 Who among us has not had this happen to him? Everyone remembers that they have recurring dreams that happen from time to time. Therefore, you must interpret these dreams and know the reasons for this repetition.

What are the reasons for the repetition of the dream?

Most dreams contain messages we give to ourselves, but you quickly wake up and go about your daily routine and quickly forget what you were dreaming about. The message in the repeated dream may be an important thing for you to realize, but the repetition of this dream motivates you to pay attention to it and try to confront it. This message is often frightening in its content, which helps you to pay attention and take care of it.

The recurring dream comes at a time when you are going through a difficult emotional period in your life.

The recurring dream is very common and occurs during a specific situation, such as going through a transitional phase in your life or problems that you are trying to find a solution to. This dream may be repeated every day, once a month. Or once a week, there may be variations in the content of the dreams themselves.

Other reason for these dreams

This vision highlights your weakness of character, inability to deal with things in your life, and fear. If there are recurring details in the vision that reveal some of the most valuable information about yourselves. This indicates that there is a conflict in your life, and when you wake up you usually look for a solution but do not know how to find it.

Some of the messages of a recurring dream are basic messages from your subconscious mind that you must understand. The only thing to know why these dreams recur is to work on your inner self. Dreams are meant for you and may open the door for you to solve various problems.

If you are sick, you suffer from recurring dreams, because they are related to strong feelings of stress, anxiety, and difficulty facing illness. Repetitive vision is very common in those people who suffer from PTSD. The subconscious mind responds due to a trauma such as a divorce, death, or a car accident.

Recurrent vision is also common in people who have stopped taking stimulant drugs. Women suffer more than men from frequent dreaming.

Details spread in repeated vision You may always dream of a set of details about specific things and the hard part is not knowing why they are repeated.

Recurring dream details

A recurring dream whose nightmares are not caused by anxiety and fear, and to seize your attention and therefore remain with you after waking up, try to remember the details you saw in a dream, which often come as follows:

Stalking or quarrelling.
The fall.
Undressing in a public place.
Not ready for something (a new job, a test, a meeting at work).
Back to school again.
You lose control of your car.
A dream about a dead person while he is still alive.

Meanings of these dreams

All these dreams have various meanings. For example, chasing someone means that you have problems and you are trying to avoid them.

Seeing a fall means going through a difficult transitional time in your life.

Seeing running in your house, indicates that you are doing something wrong in your workplace.

The most frequent dream is related to the people dreaming about it, according to Metaphysicist Dr. Daniel Condron, “A dream represents a message or question that is always related to anxiety, fear, or stress. The dreamer suffers, and the dreamer must try to decipher this vision and resolve to make a change.

The recurring vision is present in your subconscious and tells us to “get up and solve the problem.” It delivers a message that is important to you. Mostly a recurring dream is what constitutes a nightmare in a dream. Recurring dreams are common to all people. Some of these dreams are negative and some are positive. Once the problems are solved, this recurring nightmare disappears. This recurring vision is caused by the difficult periods you are going through in your life.


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