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Interpretation of a dream about wearing white clothes

حلم الثياب البيضاء

The dream of seeing white clothes differs from one person to another. In this article, we offer you the interpretation of the dream of white clothes by Ibn Sirin, seeing white clothes for a married woman, and the meaning of seeing white clothes for men, as well as seeing a mirror carrying white clothes in dreams.

First, the interpretation of seeing white clothes in a dream

Seeing white clothes in general in dreams indicates that the person with the vision is in good condition.

Also, seeing a white dress in a dream for an employee may refer to vacations and holidays.

White clothes in a dream show the peace of mind of the dreamer.

Seeing white clothes also represents the clear conscience of people who have the vision.

Secondly, the interpretation of seeing white clothes in a pregnant woman’s dream

The meaning of wearing white clothes when pregnant indicates the safety of the fetus.

It is a symbol of physical health and recovery from disease.

The meaning of seeing the white dress of a pregnant woman in a dream refers to the angels that surround the woman during pregnancy and childbirth.

Seeing a pregnant woman wearing a white dress is good news for the birth of her baby and the health of the fetus.

Likewise, the white clothes that a pregnant woman dreams of show her condition and uprightness with Allah Almighty.

If a pregnant woman sees a white dress in her dream, this means that she is pregnant with a boy.

Interpretation of a dream about white clothes for a married woman

Interpretation of seeing a white dress in a dream of a married woman means that it will bring many benefits to the woman, as it is a symbol of purity between her and her husband.

If the married woman wears a white dress, this indicates a decent life, happiness, and peace of mind.

The white color in the dream of married couples may symbolize that her life is improving.

And her white clothes may be a sign of her increasing obedience to Allah or hearing the good news.

If a married woman sees that her husband is wearing white clothes, this indicates that her husband has a great deal of love, prestige, and respect for her.

Also, if the wife finds that she is washing her husband’s white clothes, this means that she is a good wife and does not reveal her husband’s secrets.

If the married woman sees herself wearing a white dress, this indicates that her married life is full of happiness.

Interpretation of seeing a man’s white dress

Seeing white clothes in a man’s dream means that there will be a great vulnerability near him or that he will pay off the debts accumulated by him.

If a person sees that he is wearing white pants, this means that he will get a new job, get a promotion, or get a good salary.

Also, buying white clothes for a man may indicate goodness, sustenance, and a lot of money.

Seeing the white clothes of a man, and if he is sick, indicates that he will recover.

Also, if he finds himself buying white clothes from the market, this indicates that he has earned more money and a rich living.

Interpretation of seeing white clothes for single women

White clothes in the life of a single woman are evidence of the righteousness of her life, as it is good in her religion and worship.

Also, the white dress of joy differs in interpretation

If she is on a date of engagement with a person, it will not be for her, and if it is related to a person, it will be a close separation.

But if the girl is young and is not about to get married and does not think about it.

And she wears a white dress in her dream, then this indicates the good that is coming to her or her family.

Interpretation of seeing white clothes for the divorced woman

If the divorced woman sees in her dream that she is wearing a white dress and she is feeling happy, this indicates that she will get rid of many of the troubles and difficulties that she is going through in her life.

Likewise, when she sees herself wearing a white dress, this means that her worries will go away and her anguish will be relieved.

And if she sees herself buying a white dress, this is evidence that she will obtain good and happiness after troubles and sorrows.

But if she sees that someone is giving her a dress in her dream, it is a sign that Allah will compensate her with good and provide her with a righteous and pious husband who will compensate her for the troubles she went through.

Interpretation of seeing the white clothes of Ibn Sirin

Ibn Sirin said in his book that white clothes in a dream indicate the righteousness of worldly and religious matters for those who are accustomed to wearing white clothes while awake.

As for craftsmen, handicraftsmen, and craftsmen, the white dress expresses vacation or rest if they do not wear white during their work.

The white dress in the dream expresses peace of mind, and conscience.

It was said that whoever dreams that he is wearing white in his sleep, and then he is characterized by generosity, purity of soul and mind.

Wearing white clothes in a dream may indicate the repentance of the owner of that dream from the sins he committed.

Whoever sees himself wearing dirty white clothes indicates the grief and anxiety that the dreamer suffers from.

And if the white dress is represented wearing the dress of joy, then it is evidence of a beautiful life and true religion and refers to marriage for the unmarried girl or young man.


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In my dream I was at a congested border, there was a colored border dog which kept barking at a bag, I helped the border officer to find what the dog was signaling and it was drugs. My daughters wore white clothing in the dream and my wife had an illeagal substance which was white in color. I insisted that she must throw it away and she did. Just as we got to the X-ray machine by the border gate to cross into Zimbabwe, I woke up. Any idea what it could mean


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