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Interpretation dream of a large spacious house for married woman

Interpretation dream of a large spacious house for married woman

Who among us does not dream of a large spacious and beautiful house, The Interpretation dream of a large spacious house for married woman happy visions, which bodes well in general, and we will learn about the interpretation of senior scholars such as Ibn Sirin and Ibn Shaheen to interpret the dream of a house in a dream.

Interpretation dream of a large spacious house for married woman of Ibn Sirin

This vision indicates the stability of married life, affection and love between spouses.

It may also indicate that getting a good job for the wife or her husband will rejoice in it a lot.

The large house built of mud (old silt) is a sign of inner serenity, tenderness and good manners of this woman, and she bears no harm to anyone.

If the house is made of mud and not clean, it is an indication that there are some problems in the life of a married woman.

Seeing a woman build a new home and having problems having children, it indicates that she will soon become pregnant.

If she suffers from some problems, it is evidence of the disappearance of the concern and the end of these problems and their solution.

If she sees that she has built a house but not gone to it, it is a feeling of hopelessness, hopelessness and frustration.

The big and spacious house in a dream for Ibn Shaheen

Ibn Shaheen says in the interpretation of seeing the spacious house in the dream of a married woman, that it is an indication of her happiness with her husband and her satisfaction with her life with him.

It also indicates that she has reached a goal that she and her husband have always wanted and pursued.

The vision also refers to abundant livelihood and much goodness.

It also indicates living in prosperity and here and overcoming all problems and difficulties.

As for seeing to enter a large house, it is a sign of pregnancy in the near future, guidance and goodness of children.

If a woman suffers from psychological problems and stress, it is an indication that all problems are over.

If she suffers from an illness, this vision indicates a speedy recovery by God.

But if she is in disobedience, it is a sign that the woman has changed for the better and brings her closer to God Almighty.

The dream of a big house in a pregnant woman

Ibn Shaheen says that if a pregnant woman sees a large house at the beginning of the months of pregnancy, it refers to the birth of a male child.

If she sees the big house in the last months of pregnancy, it is a sign that her birth will be easy without problems.

Moving to a new, spacious and large home is a sign of stability, happiness and good luck for women in this period.

It may also indicate that the husband has a new job.

If a pregnant woman sees that she is building a big house, it is a sign that she wants to get rid of problems and worries, and thinks a lot about the future.


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