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Interpretation cat in dream

Interpretation cat in dream

Cats are pets and beautiful that many people adore for their tenderness, but seeing cats in a dream may be beautiful and promising or cause anxiety and be frightening to their owner, and we will learn about the Interpretation cat in dream because the interpretation varies according to the size and color of the cat and the status of the seer and his social status.

Interpretation cat in dream

Ibn Sirin believes that the cat symbolizes bad luck if the seer does not succeed in killing it in the dream.

As well as the attack of the cat in a dream refers to enemies lurking dreamer and will get him if he does not succeed in escaping from this cat or keeping it away from him.

Catching a cat refers to overcoming all difficulties and problems, and getting a promotion at work or a new job.

Scratching a cat in a dream indicates an enemy who is lurking around you and wants to take revenge on you.

As for the cat’s screaming in a dream, it indicates that the dreamer will meet or recognize a cheating friend.

If a girl sees in her dream that she is carrying a cat, it is a sign that others have betrayed her.

And the white and clean cats in a dream of Ibn Sirin indicate that the dreamer will be in trouble even if he seems seemingly harmless.

Nabulsi believes that cats in a dream indicate eloquence and honesty, or that they are a woman who admires herself.

White cats in a dream

Seeing a white cat in a dream arouses interest indicates the seer’s desire for attention, love, passion and tenderness.

Seeing a girl as a beautiful cat in white indicates the girl’s view of herself and her admiration for her beauty, and may indicate vanity and condescension over others.

If a girl sees a very beautiful cat in white, it indicates that she loves someone who does not care about her and will deceive her.

Seeing a violent cat in white in a dream indicates the seer’s inability to achieve his dream and his rejection of this idea.

Interpretation of black cats in a dream

Black cats in a dream are often a signal of bad luck or illusions and deception.

But killing a black cat in a dream is good for the seer because it is a symbol of deception.

If you see a black cat walking towards you, it indicates good luck to you.

The cat’s tail in a dream indicates that the dreamer is a lucky person in love.

Seeing a black cat in a dream also indicates that in the future the seer will meet a traitorous and cunning person.

Other cases of interpretation of seeing a cat in a dream

Seeing a little cat in a dream is a good dream, indicating that something good is happening and hearing happy news.

Kittens refer to marriage to a single young man and girl, and may indicate success in school or work.

Seeing married cats in a dream may indicate that a pregnancy will occur soon.

Seeing a small cat in a dream is a sign of a quiet and stable life that the seer will enjoy.

An ugly kitten may indicate that the seer will be scammed and should not trust anyone he does not know.

Seeing a dead cat in a dream indicates an enemy from whom God will deliver you and save you from his problems and worries.

What does it mean to see a cat in a woman’s dream?

If a single girl ever sees a cat in a dream, it indicates that there is a traitor and cunning person in her life and he will deceive her, because he is not serious about love.

Seeing a cat in a dream for a married woman may indicate that she has been traumatized or that there are problems with love.

Seeing a cat in a pregnant woman’s dream is good and joyful, and indicates that the baby will be male.


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