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I want someone to explain my dream to me

من يفسر لي حلمي

I want someone to explain my dream to me accurately, whether my dream is repeated continuously in the same way or in another way or not repeated as well, it is good to interpret your dream through a person with a conscious and deep study in that science, it is good to be aware that the interpreter of dreams must be accurate, objective and honest as well, and not list the interpretation of any dream without being familiar with the overflowing branches and sciences in the field of expression of visions, in any case you can identify Everything related to the science of interpretation and expression of dreams in detail, as well as obtaining the interpretation of more dreams below through our website.

Dream interpretation

The interpretation of dreams is a term that refers to the clarification of the message intended by a dream, and there are some societies that see that a dream is a message to him and here is some information about the science of interpretation of dreams:

  • The science of dream interpretation dates back to ancient times, where the ancient Egyptians relied on these interpretations in various matters of their lives.
  • As soon as a person says: “Who explains my dream to me”, you find that the priests of the temples are the first to initiate this as they are an elaborate dream interpreter for this field at that time.
  • This matter was transmitted through time and religions until the Islamic era, and many commentators appeared who worked hard to promote this science after the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).
  • Ibn Sirin is considered the most famous interpreter of dreams, as well as Imam al-Sadiq, Ibn Shaheen and other commentators with abundant knowledge in this field.

= I want someone to explain my dream to me

Once you think about who interprets my dream for me, it is necessary to think about the interpretations of the mark known for their confidence and accuracy in that matter, and here are some of the controls for interpreting dreams accurately:

  • As soon as I search for someone to interpret my dream, the interpreter asks the type of seer, whether male or female.
  • It also asks to determine the marital status of the seer if he is married or single, or if he divorced his wife or the wife died and other forms of marital status.
  • The dream interpreter also asks for the age of the seer if he is a young or elderly man.
  • Perhaps all of these things may affect the interpretation of the dream in general, which is very normal if Yay, the dream interpreter asks you for this information.
Who explains my dream to me?

I want to explain my dream to Ibn Sirin

There are some dreams that need an accurate interpretation of what they may cause anxiety and make him search, saying who interprets my dream to me, and those dreams include the following:

Dream of seeing pins in a dream

When seeing pins in a dream, a person may search, saying, I want someone to explain my dream to me, worried about seeing those pins that are known to be a source of pain for those who suffer from them, and here is that:

  • A dream of seeing pins indicates some things that indicate great anxiety.
  • More than one dream interpreter believes that seeing pins in a dream indicates that the seer or the owner of the dream has injured the eye.
  • Perhaps you need to immunize yourself if you see such a dream.
  • The same goes for seeing arrows coming out of their sheaths.

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Eye in a dream

Seeing the eye in a dream also symbolizes some special connotations, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Seeing someone’s eye in a dream indicates that the seer is envious.
  • Similarly, the drawn eye, knotted hair, vitiligo and emptying part of the hair like making a focus in the head, all this is interpreted as envy.

The color of a black dress in a dream

Although the black color is known as one of the most elegant and sophisticated colors of clothes and furnishings, seeing it in a dream indicates other things, and here you are:

  • Seeing black in a dream indicates the presence of those who hold grudges against the seer or the owner of a dream.
  • The same applies to wearing dark clothes in a dream as well, especially if the seer finds himself wearing them in consolation.

Snakes in a dream

Snakes are in fact a great disgust for people in general, and so do dreams, as they explain an undesirable reality, and here is what is about this below:

  • Snakes in dreams are one of the most indicative things that indicate a danger surrounding the seer.
  • Snakes represent the hatred and hatred that a person carries to the seer according to the dream he sees.
  • How strong the envy that a snake represents in a dream varies depending on the color of the snake and its external appearance.
  • Snake venom also represents a danger to the seer or dreamer.

What dreams did the Prophet warn against?

Who explains my dream to me?

Moreover, those who interpret my dream well should know that there are some dreams that the Prophet forbade to interpret, and which the proficient dream interpreter of this field knows, including:

  • The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The good vision is from Allaah, and if any of you sees what he loves, it will not happen to him except those who love, and if he sees what he hates, let him seek refuge in Allaah from its evil and from the evil of Satan.
  • As for the science of interpretation of visions itself, there is no science in its own right that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) talked about, but rather the dream was interpreted with what God Almighty overflowed with the knowledge of prophecy.
  • Many scholars have also stated that only prophets master the expression of dreams and there is no one else who can express a dream with the same perfection and accuracy as they do.
  • As for the well-known scholars in the field of dream interpretation, they have worked hard to study what was found from the interpretation of the narrators’ dreams on the Prophet until they mastered this matter.
  • It was also mastered through the study of the Holy Qur’an and the dreams contained in it that were interpreted, such as the dream of Yusuf Al-Siddiq (peace be upon him) and his companions, and so on.

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How to learn to interpret dreams

Some also need to learn to interpret dreams in order to interpret his dream himself without the need for a dream interpreter, saying I want someone to explain my dream to me, and here is the opinion of the scholar Ibn Baz about that:

  • The scholar Ibn Baz says that you can learn to interpret a dream through the famous books of scholars in that field and be a good dream interpreter after studying this field and mastering it as well.
  • These books should deal with more hadiths about the vision and its interpretation.
  • One of the most famous of these works is Ibn al-Qayyim’s book on informing the signatories.
  • The books in which the interpretation of the Companions of those who know this knowledge and those who studied it or those who knew it from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) are also among the best sources of interpretation of dreams in a large way.
  • You must master the meaning of the symbols and signs that a person sees in his dream in order to interpret the dream correctly and you can learn it from the Prophet’s biography and the Holy Quran.
  • Constantly listen to scientists who are specialized in this science and learn from them the rules and basic pillars of this science.
  • Try to write down every dream that someone sees or narrates on you and find an accurate interpretation of it from the leading scholars in interpreting people’s dreams.
  • Practice a lot on the interpretation of any dream until you master this field.
  • Do not explain to anyone a dream that you do not know its interpretation or guess about without studying it realistically so as not to commit a sin in that.

Dream Interpretation App

Moreover, there is more than one famous application with confidence and credibility through which to reach those who explain my dream to me and anyone else’s dream, and here is some information about that:

  • These free applications provide a broad database of all the dreams that were received from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), the Companions, the followers and those studying in that field as well.
  • These apps provide more information about dreams in general and more recurring dreams in particular.
  • Just enter the data that the app needs to show the interpretation of your dream.
  • Most of these apps keep dreams in their content in the form of an easily accessible alphabet list.

Interpret your dream by yourself

Who explains my dream to me?

Maybe we all need to interpret the dream ourselves so that you or I don’t look for someone to explain my dream to me, and here is some information about that:

Types of insights

In the beginning, you should know that visions have three images, each of which shows its own characteristics, which are as follows:

  • Good visions: It is like good news from God Almighty who preaches to His servants something they are waiting for or hoping for to happen.
  • The updated self: which tells a person what he thinks of things during his wakefulness until he falls asleep from excessive thinking about it.
  • Satanic vision: It is one of the visions that Satan shows to man and he may feel anxious because of it, and it is known as pipe dreams.

A dream interpreter who is quick to react

Once I search for someone who interprets my dream, we must choose a dream interpreter who is quick to respond, but with the following qualities:

  • Privacy and security: It should give you more privacy and security while collecting information about you to interpret the dream.
  • Proficient in Arabic: It is preferable that the dream interpreter is fluent in Arabic or has the ability to understand it if he is not Arabic.
  • Fluent in deciphering dreams: It is also preferable to have full knowledge of everything related to the symbols and connotations of dreams in general in order to be able to interpret dreams.

Dream Interpretation Site for free without registration

There are many sites specialized in dream interpretation, you have to choose the most credible one if you need someone to explain your dream to you, and here is some information about these sites: 

  • The best sources of interpretation of any dream, through which interpretation is preferred, are those that adhere to specific sources in the interpretation mode, including:
  • The Holy Quran.
  • The Sunnah of the Prophet.
  • Follow the previous dreams with the same meaning with analogy and analogy.
  • Proverbs.
  • There are some factors that help to interpret dreams correctly and that many good interpretation sites rely on, such as:
  • The material and social condition of the seer.
  • The location of his residence, the condition of the residence and its appearance.
  • It is necessary to determine if the dream belongs to the narrator or to someone else, and the events of the dream must be narrated in detail in order to be interpreted correctly.
  • This dream interpretation site reviews more than one interpretation of the dream and presents the most accurate interpretation among them to suit the social situation of the seer and all its details in general.
  • Anyone who says I want someone to explain my dream to me and is looking for a credible dream interpreter can communicate with a trustworthy honest website and does not do so through any website.

Laws of dream interpretation

Some people are looking to say who interprets my dream that appears to me, you yourself can do it after learning about some of the main rules of interpretation of dreams as follows:

  • The seer must be fully aware that vision does not have a specific time during sleep, it comes any time you sleep.
  • A seer who learns to interpret his dreams and the dreams of others instead of looking for someone to explain my dream to me should interpret the dream with things that suggest optimism and goodness as much as possible.
  • If the dream is repeated more than once, it indicates facts that the seer needs to realize and look for a clear explanation for this dream.
  • The dream may not belong to the seer himself, but to another person who may or may not be close to him, so there is no requirement for a link between the seer and the owner of the dream.
  • The dream does not have to be about something in the future, but it may be a dream about events that happened in the past.
  • The interpretation of some dreams is related to the characteristics of the things that the seer sees in his dream, and if he sees a camel, the owner of the dream may be patient with what is known about the camel so and so on.
Who explains my dream to me?

Dream Interpreter

Perhaps you are well aware when you search for someone to explain my dream to me that there are some laws that explain specific symbols and connotations in dreams, for example, the following:

  • Key: The key in a dream symbolizes victory and winning something you have always thought about and wished for.
  • Falling: Falling or falling into a dream indicates that there have been some negative changes in the life of the seer or dreamer, which may cause problems in his life regarding that change.
  • Mixing: The mixing and bonding in the dream indicates the existence of intimacy and cooperation between the seer and those who saw him in a dream, and our Lord indicates that marriage also occurred.
  • Mobility: Moving from one place to another during a dream indicates a change in the life of the seer and this change may be a good thing for him.
  • Ship: As for seeing a ship in a dream, it indicates surviving the anguish of an illusion in which the seer was falling or solving a problem that he is also sad about.
  • Inverses: You can interpret dreams by reversing them, that is, when you see a dream with joy, this may indicate sadness that affects the seer or the owner of the dream as well, and so on for each matter and its opposite.
  • Stones: Seeing stones in a dream indicates the hardness of the heart of the seer or dreamer, and may indicate the cruelty of another person to the seer as well.
  • Death: As for seeing death in a dream, it indicates repentance to God Almighty and return to the path of guidance and truth.

Is the interpretation of dreams halal or haram

While searching for someone to explain my dream to me, one of us should not overlook the necessity of knowing that this matter is halal or haram, and here is what is related to this in detail below:

  • With regard to the matter of halal and haram in the interpretation of a dream, it is required that the interpreter be fully aware of the interpretation of dreams.
  • The interpreter of dreams must adhere to what was reported from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and his companions, as Ibn al-Qayyim, Ibn Taymiyyah, Sheikh al-Islam, and other scholars specialized in the science of the expression of visions did.
  • In the event that the interpreter does not have full knowledge of what is going on in terms of interpretation about the dream, he should not interpret it so as not to carry a sin about it.

Who interprets my dream that I have always felt anxious as soon as I see it, many of us need an accurate dream interpreter who has the ability to develop an appropriate interpretation of the vision or dream that we see, which is permissible according to all religious scholars in general, but scientists have set some restrictions that determine the extent to which the dream interpreter is able to interpret a dream so as not to commit a sin as a result.


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