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Dreams that explain to you what you cannot comprehend

Psychiatrists often offer to interpret dreams, but we will try to help you to interpret your dream in its psychological context. Its meanings and what you should do in a waking state after a dream.

In the first dream

you may see that you found an unused room, the rooms of the house reflected in the dream different aspects of the dreamer’s personality, so if you find in a dream this unused room, this often means that you are discovering in yourself a new skill that you were not paying attention before.

What you have to do after waking up from this dream is to spend more time and intensify your attempts to discover the hidden talents in yourself, and most likely here that you will find more room for “different aspects of your personality” in waking life and not just in the dream.

In the second dream

you may see yourself unable to control the car that you are driving, and the car here symbolizes your ability to make some progress towards a specific goal. In our daily lives, we often feel that we no longer have enough control over the road to success.

And when this feeling overwhelms you and materializes in front of you in the form of a dream, Dr. Wallace advises you not to make more attempts and efforts to control the situation. On the contrary, the psychological expert believes that what you have to do is just relax completely and allow your feelings to lead you towards the best path.

In the third dream

a person sees himself falling from a high place, and this is an indication that the dreamer suspends himself during wakefulness with a goal or a dream and links his fall to the failure of this matter.

In this case, the psychiatrist advises the person to enhance his confidence in himself and others as well and to allow the things that he cares about so much to pass in peace.

On another occasion

the dreamer may see himself as a bird in flight, and the human being’s ability to fly in the dream in the language of psychology means that in his actual life he eased the circumstances and burdens that were heavy on him, or that he was able to pass responsibilities that were heavy on him.

In the fifth dream

the person may see himself as not ready to pass an exam, and this explains, according to Wallace, that the dreamer is a very critical person and always critically evaluates how he manages his actual life.

The real test, in this case, is for the person to develop his ability to accept his skills, even if they are limited, and even to celebrate the achievements of these skills, no matter how simple they seem, instead of subjecting himself to accountability all the time.

As for the dreamer to see himself naked in public

this means that he faces in his actual life a situation that made him feel weak and ashamed. A person always chooses his clothes to present a certain mental image of himself to others. If he suddenly strips off these clothes, this means that he is at the top of his weakness and confusion.

Although a dream like this seems very embarrassing, it also tells us that we need to open up and mingle with others in a way that allows us to show and even develop our skills.

One of the strangest dreams

that the owner of the dream is unable to interpret is that he sees himself in a dream unable to reach the bathroom, and this in psychology is a strong indication that the person with the dream is unable to formulate and express his needs.

In this case, the psychological expert advises the dreamer to focus on identifying and satisfying his own needs rather than focusing on the needs of others to meet them.

According to Wallace

the falling of the teeth in the dream has a symbolism derived from the symbolism of the teeth themselves, which reflects the extent of the strength and confidence that the person feels; Thus, if one of your teeth falls out in a dream, it means that you are exposed to some situations that have shaken your self-confidence and may have uprooted it.

Here, the psychological expert advises you to immediately stop thinking about your inability to face these situations and to explore areas of challenge within you to face the same situations with a different impression of yourself.

And if one day you dreamed

that you were being stalked, it simply means that there is a problem in your life that you want to face but you don’t know how to do, and it is a huge opportunity to rediagnose your life problems and create ways you weren’t used to solving them before.

Scary dreams

Experts said there’s a good reason some dreams stay in our memories longer than others, which could be a sign that the brain is trying to tell us something important about waking life.


Water in dreams symbolizes feelings, so if we dream of drowning, this is a clear sign that we are making decisions based on feelings in waking life.

House dream:

The houses we may dream about represent our inner life. If the dream house is damaged or destroyed, this indicates that we do not care about ourselves and that our emotional health is in danger.

Planes, trains, and cars:

If you find yourself in a car that is out of control in a dream, whether you are driving it or not, this indicates that events in your real life are in danger of getting out of control.

Natural disasters:

They can indicate personal problems that are out of our control in life, so our brain tells us not to ignore them.

Death or illness:

Dreams in which you die can symbolize your desire to escape from the responsibilities and burdens of life. If you dreamed of accidental death, this may indicate the need to make changes – it is a symbol of a new beginning.

Burial Alive:

If we dream that we are being buried alive, and feel unable to scream or breathe, this may be a sign of “confusion or conflict in life”. What motivates the need to find a way to escape restrictions, and gain new insight into the situations in which we live?


Being unable to move in a dream indicates that you feel stifled by taking on so much responsibility, or that you are unable to express your true feelings. Sometimes we have to decide to move forward, even if the decision we make in life isn’t perfect.

Farewell to loved ones:

Dreaming of the death of someone we love is very common and can also be comforting, for people who are grieving. These dreams indicate that life is not everything, and death may not be the end of the world.

 Recurring dreams:

If you find yourself dreaming the same dream over and over again, this should never be ignored, as the brain uses repetition to tell us something important about personal growth. And the dream will be repeated continuously until we understand the message that the brain wants to deliver to us.


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