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Dreaming of someone I don’t kِnow

Dreaming of someone I don't know

Many people have some dreams and visions of people they do not know in reality, which arouses interest and surprise, and the dream may be repeated many times, and the seer wonders why I dream of it, and in this article we will provide the interpretation of Dreaming of someone I don’t kِnow, and the reasons and psychological motives that lead to this.

Dreaming of someone I don’t know

When you see a stranger in a dream and you do not know him, or even a relative but do not love him, you may feel worried about it, but seeing strangers and unknown people in a dream has a sign of humiliation, whether he is unknown or even famous.

If a girl sees an unknown person in a dream, it may indicate a loss of trust in others and a sense of insecurity towards strangers, or it may be just perceptions from the subconscious mind to face these fears.

Seeing an unknown person in a dream may also indicate that the dreamer wants to expand his circle of acquaintances and communicate positively with others.

Why would I dream of someone I don’t think about?

Some may have previous love or friendship relationships that have ended, and no longer think about this person again, as well as some see in dreams people, whether neighbors or parents, and dream of them despite not thinking about them, there are several reasons for this, which are as follows:

People in a dream represent some aspects of our personality, there may be a trait or aspect of you that you have not yet discovered that exists in this person.

It’s possible that if you have goals, this person will support you and help you reach them.

The dream desire may be that you remember this person again, and it comes back to your memory in a dream.

Perhaps you remembered it in your mind or imagination that led to seeing it in a dream.

You may have an undisclosed inner desire to communicate with this person.

Psychological reasons for dreaming of someone you don’t think about

If you see someone you don’t think of in a dream, it could be a sign that you admire them and their personality.

This person rejects you, it is a sign of a loss of self-confidence in the dreamer.

If you see someone you love in a dream, it is a sign of calm and tranquility that the seer enjoys.

Seeing a person causing problems for the dreamer is a sign of the difficulties he faces in his life.

Seeing a famous person in a dream expresses the dreamer’s desire and love for fame.


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