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Dream symbols: Planes in a dream

الطائرات في الحلم

In reality, boarding a plane may be a dream for many people. Riding a plane is linked to travel, but what about the interpretation of a dream about a plane and seeing it in a dream? This dream has many different connotations and indications.

Seeing a plane in a dream has many interpretations and connotations, according to different circumstances, including the following:

-If you are the one driving the plane, this means that you control all the circumstances around you.
-If you were flying the plane in a dream and your loved one was on it, this means that you are responsible for them in reality and have a great influence on their lives.
-Riding a plane in a dream may indicate travel and speed in moving and accomplishing things, and it may indicate that conditions and circumstances change dramatically, and boarding a plane may indicate closeness to Allah Almighty.
-Boarding an airplane may signify a higher status, a higher social and economic level, or an increase in faith and religious commitment.
-Whoever landed in a plane in a dream, his situation stabilized and he rested after hardship, and he may have escaped from a difficult matter or certain death.
-Climbing a plane in a dream is a departure from the land, separation from people, or death if the person is in a state close to death. It may indicate a rapid rise in the causes of life.

As for seeing the plane fall on the seer’s house, this is evidence that this house is exposed to some problems, and examples of these problems are financial crises that the seer may be exposed to.

Interpretation of a dream about a plane crash:

The fall of the plane in the dream indicates that the dreamer will fall into bad events and situations that do not suit him, knowing that he is always trying to avoid risks and unpleasant adventures and that he is a person who is committed to work matters, but unfortunately, he may get involved in a major crisis that he cannot address alone and therefore needs someone to love and support him in that period There may be harmful changes, Allah forbids, in a person’s life if he witnesses her fall and drowning in the water.

Interpretation of a dream about a warplane:

Among the interpretations of Ibn Shaheen in the warplane for the sleeper is that it is a sign of his participation in a huge project whose results and profits will be prominent and strong for him. And he gets tremendous progress in his love life by seeing many warplanes that illustrate stability and success, and Allah knows best.

Interpretation of a dream about a plane falling over the sea:

Seeing a plane fall into the sea, denotes goodness, positive progress in life, and the high position that he will become in front of people, and he will be a successful person in front of everyone.

As for the one who sees that he is piloting a plane in his dream, this indicates that he will take a new position or marry a widow who has a lot of money.

Interpretation of a dream about a plane in the sky:

There are many interpretations and indications for this vision, some of them are good and bode well and others warn of painful events, the interpretation of which depends on the type and size of the planes as well as their number.

If they are many and large, then this is an indication of the approaching achievement of the important goal for which the seer was working and making the strenuous effort for it.

It is also considered a good human being to get a big promotion or join a prestigious job, which will bring a more prosperous life and prosperity in the coming days.

While seeing the plane is very far away, it is evidence of the dreamer’s attachment to the impossible or illusions that are difficult to achieve or reach.

But if she is close, then this means that he is on a date with the fulfilment of a dear wish to him, which he has strived a lot for and will achieve in the coming period.

The person who sees and controls the planes is a sign that he is on the right path and knows the steps that he must follow to achieve his goals.

While the jet plane is thick with smoke, it indicates the start of a successful project or taking a new successful step in life that will have a great impact in the future (Allah willing).

Also, the large number of planes flying directly over the dreamer’s head expresses the good reputation and beloved position that the dreamer enjoys in the hearts of those close to him, whether his friends or family.

As for kites, they indicate the presence of people surrounding the dreamer with false and unreal feelings who wear the dress of sincerity that hides deception and cunning behind them.

Interpretation of a dream about a plane by Ibn Sirin

Ibn Sirin interpreted the dream of seeing travel by flying in a dream as indicating the speed of Allah Almighty’s response to supplication.

It indicates the realization of the wishes and goals that the seer seeks, and this vision indicates that the seer ascends to positions and attains an advanced position among the people.

If you see that you are riding a small plane, this denotes that you will achieve many successes and indicate the dreamer’s ambition to reach the highest levels. Seeing a small plane indicates success and excellence in life and moving from one position to a better one.
If you see in your dream that you are afraid of boarding the plane, then this vision means that the dreamer suffers from great psychological pressure and indicates entering into many problems and dangers, but if you see that you are driving the plane, this vision means that you are a responsible person and depend on you by others.
If you saw in your dream the fall of the plane and you were among the passengers, it means failure and inability to achieve goals and ambitions, but if you saw in your dream the plane crashing into the sea, it means that you suffer from many worries and problems, and it means the inability to escape from them.

A dream the plane by Ibn Sirin

Seeing the plane landing in a dream means that the dreamer has reached safety and has rid himself of the difficulties and problems he suffers from.

Seeing that the time of the plane has been missed indicates facing some difficult issues, and this vision indicates that a seer is a person who is not responsible.

And seeing the plane crash means the crash of goals and means the inability to succeed in life.

As for the vision of jumping out of the plane or entering the plane among the clouds, this vision means the approaching death and death of the seer soon.
If you see that you are boarding the plane and you are very ill, then this vision means your death.

The single boarding a plane in a dream is nothing but goodness and close marriage, and the vision may express the many positive changes that a girl’s life is going through during this period.

The ladder of the plane in a dream is a marriage to a man who has plenty of money and a prestigious position in which the girl is happy. Perhaps climbing the ladder is good and success in work or study.

Interpretation of a dream about a plane for Nabulsi:

If a person sees in his dream that he is boarding a plane and traveling far away, this indicates that supplications will be answered and wishes will be fulfilled.

If a person sees that she is raising him far, this indicates that he will achieve many dreams that he desires and will quickly obtain great wealth.

And if a person sees in his dream that he is riding a small plane, this indicates that he will achieve a lot of profits through a small project.

If he sees that he is riding a big plane, this indicates that he will achieve many dreams and will take a valuable position in society.

If a person sees that he is riding a military plane, this indicates that he will take a sensitive position in the country, and if this person is a student, this indicates his success and superiority and the realization of many dreams that he wishes to achieve.

Interpretation of a dream about a plane for a single woman:

Interpretation of a dream about a plane for singles indicates success and reaching goals and wishes.

Riding on a plane with a king or sultan in a dream is evidence of a high position in work and education.

Seeing a single woman riding a plane with her lover or fiancé in a dream indicates their happy marriage.

If a single woman saw that she rode a big plane with a famous artist in a dream, she might achieve the success and fame of such an artist in reality.

But if the single woman is in her teens, and she sees that she is traveling with an artist she loves on a plane in a dream, then this is a pipe dream.

If the plane fell into the sea in a single person’s dream, this is a sign of temptation and sins.

One of the jurists said that if a single woman boarded a plane in a dream, then this plane exploded and fell into the sea, this scene raises anxiety and fear, and most of the commentators warned against it because it indicates harm, trials, and losses.

Interpretation of a dream about a plane for a married woman:

A married woman’s vision of a plane in a dream indicates many successes and the realization of dreams that she seeks with her husband.

Boarding the plane with the husband is abundant money and inheritance for the married woman, and she may enjoy a happy life and psychological and family stability.

The sound of a plane in a married woman’s dream is one of the most praiseworthy visions that express the demise of the worries and problems that women are going through during this period.

Perhaps getting on the plane in the dream of a married woman is a close pregnancy.

Interpretation of a dream about a plane for a pregnant woman:

If the pregnant woman is afraid of boarding planes while awake, and she witnesses that she is boarding a plane in a dream, then the scene indicates many fears inside the dreamer’s heart due to childbirth, and will it be painful and bad or not?

If a pregnant woman boards a plane in a dream, and the pilot is driving it in a fast, frightening and unsafe way.

this reflects the difficulty of pregnancy and the many psychological and physical pain she suffers in waking life.

If the plane lands in a pregnant woman’s dream safely and peacefully, then this is a sign that the birth will be completed without any difficulties.

Interpretation of a dream about a plane for a divorced woman:

The dream of the plane indicates an increase in the livelihood of the divorced woman. If she is in a critical and harmful financial situation, the interpretation may be linked to the existence of an opportunity to leave the homeland and move to a new life through which she reaps abundant sustenance for herself and her children.

Sometimes the lady finds that she is flying the big plane, and from here we show that she is a character characterized by the right decisions because she follows good ideas and abandons sadness and negativity while judging some things, in addition to the fact that flying the plane shows how much she bears in the life of matters and responsibilities.

Interpretation of a dream about a plane for a man:

Seeing a plane in a man’s dream interprets a high position or a new job that he will obtain by Allah’s command.

The plane in the dream of the married man has good offspring, abundant money, and perhaps good and righteous deeds.

The plane in the dream may express continuous praise and praise in the absence of a man and the good morals that characterize a man in reality.

A man driving a plane in a dream is nothing but marriage to a widow.

The man’s boarding the plane fulfils all the dreams and wishes he seeks, and perhaps if he is single, he may marry a beautiful girl.

Landing a plane in a dream is material distress and financial crisis, which may end soon by the command of Allah.

The fall and crash of the plane in a man’s dream are evil, and its visions are not praiseworthy, and they express poverty or disease.

A man’s climb up the stairs of the plane is good and a new job that brings him happiness, money, and long travel.

If the bachelor sees himself piloting a plane, he will marry a righteous girl of high standing in society.


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