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Dream symbols: Cats in a dream

القطط في المنام

Our feelings towards cats differ from one person to another, between love, passion or fear, and perhaps disgust, and cats, although they are nice and friendly creatures, also, as the saying goes, “eat and deny”, how is the interpretation of seeing a cat in a dream? What are the different visual states of cats?

A cat in a dream may indicate a thief!

A cat in a dream denotes thieves and jinn, and it may indicate a cheerful boy, play, and amusement, and seeing a fierce cat in a dream symbolizes a playful woman who wants evil, and a pet cat in a dream may indicate social relationships that are tainted by hypocrisy, and it was said that cats in a dream indicate An act from which the owner of a dream does not lead to denial.

Interpretation of seeing a cat in a dream by Ibn Sirin

Ibn Sirin says in his interpretation of seeing a cat in a dream that cats, kittens, or felines in a dream may indicate their vision of thieves from the people of the house or from outside, and some took her as the guard, and the female cat in a dream is a deceitful woman, and every harm that affects the seer is like biting or scratching a cat in a dream Or something similar, but it indicates the betrayal of the guardian or the trusted person.

The cat indicates the person’s fortune from the year in which he sees the dream, according to Ibn Sirin. A calm pet cat indicates a year in which there is joy and happiness, while a wild cat in a dream indicates misery and affliction.

Interpretation of seeing a cat in a dream by Sheikh Nabulsi

Sheikh Nabulsi interpreted cats in a dream to mean estrangement from their parents, betrayal, or theft. Seeing cats in a dream may indicate voyeurs who eavesdrop, and perhaps denotes hypocrisy. He also said that a cat in a dream may denote the book and the newspaper for the Almighty’s saying in Surah R. ((They said: Our Lord, make haste for us before the Day of Judgment)). This is because the cat in the Arabic language also means the written newspaper.

What determine the meaning of seeing cats in a dream are the condition of the seer and the details of the vision, and Allah knows best. Al-Dulaimi sees in his book The World of Dreams that the meaning of the cat in the dream has changed in the modern era. The cat in the dream denotes loneliness and the lonely night. Cats have always been a symbol of evil, death, or Satan, but it has become an expression of good luck.

Seeing cats at home

What is the interpretation of seeing a cat in the house in its different cases?

According to Nabulsi’s interpretation, the cat is a thief or a traitor, and he may be a man who likes people to play and have fun and so on, but the cat is at the same time an observer waiting for the opportunity to spoil and sabotage, and this is one of the symbols of seeing cats in a dream as well.

Al-Nabulsi says that seeing cats enter the house indicates the thieves entering the house.

Seeing cats in the house, in general, indicates roaming from the family’s house to the neighbour’s house.

And seeing a black cat is not good in it, it indicates a devil, and Allah forbid. Seeing a white cat indicates cheerful children.

Seeing cats entering the house and leaving indicates the entry and exit of thieves, and seeing a fierce cat indicates a criminal thief while seeing pet cats indicates troublesome children.

And raising cats in a dream may indicate raising a playful girl, but seeing a cat carrying a female may indicate pregnancy with a female or to secure the traitor and believe the liar, and petting a cat in a dream indicates a lack of caution against thieves, and seeing cats expelled from the house in a dream indicates the expulsion of demons.

A cat bites and scribbled in a dream

The cat’s bite or the cat’s scribble in the dream, as we mentioned, indicates misery and affliction, according to the interpretation of Ibn Sirin. Whoever sees that he is wrestling the cat in the dream and he is the dominant one, then he recovers from his illness quickly by Allah’s power and strength.

The death of a cat in a dream

Eating cat meat in a dream indicates magic, and it may indicate money from theft according to the interpretation of Sheikh Nabulsi, and when the cat was in the dream a thief; Seeing the killing or slaughter of a cat in a dream indicates the capture and capture of the thief.

The dead cat in a dream fell of unknown parentage, and seeing the known dead cats indicates that they are dying or being stolen, and seeing many dead cats in the streets in a dream indicates the spread of theft and the large supply of goods to the market.

And seeing the killing of cats indicates that the thief can reprimand him. As for slaughtering cats in a dream, it is accepting bribes or that the seer works as a spy.

Seeing cats for women

Ibn Sirin says that a cat in a dream may indicate a deceived woman, and Nabulsi adds that the cat in a dream may have been a woman who raised her children well and was afraid of them, and was eager to discipline them.

Seeing cats for a woman, in general, indicates a boy, a thief, or a genie. Seeing cats in a woman’s home are demons, and if cats in a dream destroy or break collectibles, this is envy and magic. And Allah knows best.

Whoever sees that her husband has turned into a cat, he is stealing or stalking. As for the vision of feeding the cat in a dream, it indicates taking care of the children and seeing the loss of the cat in the dream is deceit and deception. As for the death of the cat in a woman’s dream, it indicates an end to envy.

Other cases of seeing cats in a dream

Selling cats in a dream indicates spending, according to Sheikh Nabulsi, and that selling a cat in a dream spends what the seer owns unjustly while buying a cat indicates marriage or deception.

And whoever sees that he turns into a cat in a dream, there is no good in his life, and it is from stalking – Sheikh Nabulsi.

One of the meanings of seeing a cat in a dream is that it indicates a foundling boy or the son of adultery – Sheikh Nabulsi.

Fear of cats in a dream may indicate security from enemies – Sheikh Nabulsi.

Whoever sees that he stole a cat indicates a thief or spying on a thief, according to the situation of the viewer. As for the one whose cat was stolen, he steals from him writing or something important other than money, and seeing the cat as a gift is playing with a child.

Seeing cats after istikhaarah is not good.

Seeing cats in a dream for the rich to steal his money, for the poor to spy, and for the merchant to steal from his trade, as the cat in a dream indicates to the celibate his future wife, and the believer has a demon who corrupts his religion, and the little faith is deceitful. Pour it is a casual show.

Interpretation of seeing cats in a dream by Miller

Western dream interpreter Gustav Miller says that seeing a white cat in a woman’s dream indicates that she is being deceived and cunning, and seeing dirty cats or a lean cat in a dream indicates that the dreamer is a victim of other people’s foolishness, and seeing a cat in a dream generally indicates trouble and problems, and as for killing a cat in a dream It indicates overcoming troubles and overcoming difficulties, and Miller adds that seeing snakes kill cats indicates that the seer’s enemies are harming themselves while trying to harm him!


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