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Dream Recurrence

تكرار الحلم

The repetition of dreams in a dream is one of the most frequently asked dreams, and many people ask about the reasons for their occurrence, concerning the repetition of a particular dream and not others. By looking, we find that the commentators, led by Ibn Sirin, that the meaning of the repetition of the dream may mean good for the seer, and at other times it serves as a warning sign of the harm that may befall him.

Dream Repeating

It is said that repeating a dream in a dream may be evidence that the dreamer may experience some problems in his emotional relationship.

It was also said that the repetition of the dream in a dream may indicate some crises and difficult situations that he may pass on at work.

One of the interpreters mentioned that a recurring dream in a dream may indicate that the dreamer takes a lot of time to think of solutions to some of the problems he has fallen into.

Repeating a dream in a dream indicates that the dreamer cannot take any correct decision regarding his affairs, due to hesitation.

It is said that the repetition of a dream in a dream does not mean that it will come true or that it will happen soon.

The commentators say that the repetition of a dream in a dream may be evidence that the dreamer is focusing on the reason for its recurrence or something related to it.

Ibn Sirin’s interpretation of a repeated dream in a dream

Ibn Sirin says that repeating a dream in a dream is a sign of the obstacles that the dreamer suffers from in his life.

He also mentioned that repeating a dream in a dream is a warning sign to the dreamer of the need to get rid of the problems and crises he was exposed to.

Ibn Sirin said the repetition of a dream in a dream and it was related to a person, it may be evidence that the dreamer has a great love for him, as he is attached to him a lot.

He also pointed out that the repetition of a dream in a dream that was related to a relative or an enemy indicates the necessity for the dreamer to stay away from them.

Ibn Sirin indicates that a recurring dream in a dream may be an indication of the state of anxiety that the dreamer is experiencing towards one of those close to him.

He also mentioned that repeating a dream in a dream may be evidence that the dreamer is going through a period of changes that will occur in his life.

Interpretation of the meanings of repeating a dream in a dream

It is said that the repetition of a dream in a dream is related to the pursuit. This is evidence that the viewer is exposed to many difficult situations.

One of the interpreters mentioned that the dream was repeated in a dream and it was related to the chase. It may be evidence that the seer is in a state of fear as a result of his bad deeds. It was said that the repetition of the dream in a dream was related to seeing a dead person while he was still alive.

May indicate that Allah Almighty will grant him a speedy recovery. Repeating a dream in a dream and it was related to seeing a dead person while he was alive is a sign to the dreamer that this person enjoys a long life.

Recurring dreams in a dream that relates to frequent falls, and the dreamer feels comfortable, indicates that his life will change for the better.

The dreams that a person sees are many and different, but sometimes people see the same dream several times, and this makes them feel anxious, so what causes recurring dreams?

Recurring dreams occur in 60 to 75% of adults and more often in women than men, and recurrent dreams occur more frequently in women than men, says Michelle Carr, Ph.D., a researcher at the University of Rochester Laboratory of Sleep and Neurophysiology in the United Kingdom. The test or loss of control of the vehicle.

She added that the repetition of the same dream context stems from the owner’s exposure to stress and conflicts.

And this explains that repeated dreams are accompanied by bad content, according to the American Journal of Psychology Today.

She explained that recurring dreams often start at an early age and usually continue for the rest of a person’s life.

And are initially linked to not arriving at the exam date and this may remain for years.

The content changes based on the reasons that make a person nervous and the presence of things he wants to raise his performance with, such as work.

She emphasized that in general, recurring dreams are related to things that a person could not solve in his real world, and sometimes this is a way for the brain to simplify things and help those who see the dream live a better life and push them to overcome what is happening.

Other causes recurring dreams

She indicated that a person sees a dream that is recurring or similar to events to some extent as well, after he is exposed to a shock, such as the death of a dear person.

The researcher at the University of Rochester for sleep and neurophysiology confirmed that even if a person overcomes recurring dreams for a certain period, he will return to him again as soon as he feels stressed, and thus the more a person lives with struggle and difficult problems to solve, the more his dreams are repeated.

Everyone remembers having a recurring dream that happens from time to time. A recurring dream can last with a person for days, months, or even a lifetime. This is because there is a problem that you cannot solve and treat and it continues with you in dreams even if you try to hide the problem under the carpet of the subconscious mind that brings it back in different forms in our dreams.

Reasons for recurring dreams

Most dreams contain messages that you present to yourself. But soon you wake up and go about your daily routine and quickly forget what you were dreaming of. The message is that repeated dreams may be a necessary thing for you to realize, but the repetition of these dreams prompts you to pay attention to them and try to confront them. These dreams are often terrifying in their content, which helps you pay attention to them.

Recurring dreams come during a difficult emotional period in our lives. If the recurring dream turns into a nightmare, this becomes an indication of the need to pay attention to this problem.

Recurring dreams are very common and result from a specific situation, such as going through a transition in life or a problem you are trying to find a solution to. These dreams may be repeated daily, once a week, or once a month. There may be a difference in the content of the dream itself. These dreams highlight the weakness of character, fear, inability to deal with something in your life.

If there are recurring patterns in the dream, they reveal some of the most valuable information about you. This indicates that there is a conflict in your life and in the waking state you are always looking for a solution, but you do not find access to it. And some of the messages of recurring dreams are basic messages from your subconscious and you must understand them.

Other reasons for recurring dreams:

The only way to find out why this dream recurs is to work on your inner self. The dream is only for you and may open the door for you to solve various issues.

If you are a patient suffering from recurring nightmares. Because it is associated with strong feelings of anxiety, tension, and difficulty facing illness.

Repetitive dreams are common in those individuals who suffer from PTSD, as they respond unconsciously to trauma such as death, divorce, or after a car accident.

Recurrent dreams are also common in individuals who have stopped taking stimulant drugs.

Women suffer more than men from recurrent dreams.

Common symbols in recurring dreams

You may constantly dream of a set of symbols about certain things and the hardest part does not know the reason for the recurrence. Recurring dreams are usually nightmares caused by fear and panic and grab our attention so they stay with us after waking up. Try to remember the symbols you saw in your dream, which often come as follows:



Nudity in public.

Not ready for something (exam, new job, business meeting,…).

Back to school again.


Loss of control of the car.

Seeing a dead person while he is still alive.

All of these symbols have different interpretations. For example, chasing someone means that you have a problem and you are trying to avoid it.

Dreams of falling denote that you are going through a difficult transitional period in your life.

Dreams of running in a house mean that you do something wrong in your work environment.

The most frequent dreams are related to the person you are dreaming about, according to Dr. Daniel Condron, a metaphysics researcher, “the dream represents a message or question usually related to the fear or anxiety experienced by the dreamer and the dreamer must try to decipher this message and resolve to bring about change.”


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