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Dream Interpretation: seeing a flood in a dream

رؤية الفيضان في المنام

Seeing a flood in a dream has many interpretations and meanings. Rain is always associated with a lot of good, sustenance, and money, and the time of rain is always one of the times when supplications are answered, but this is in fact, and many of us see rain in a dream and are confused in the interpretation of the dream. Is this its meaning? Good or bad

Floods in dreams are usually a very bad sign. They are often a sign of trouble or indicate the destruction of something you value in life, and they may warn you of difficult times in your life.

Interpretation of a dream about a flood in a dream by Ibn Sirin

A flood in a dream represents an enemy attack, damage, destruction, disease, or an arduous journey.

If water flows towards a river in a dream, this means that the seer will flee from a dangerous enemy.

Fighting a flood or trying to prevent it from entering one’s home in a dream means fighting with one’s enemy to protect one’s family and property.

In a dream, the flood represents lies, hypocrisy, waste of speech, or it may mean falsehood.

If a person sees his city covered in blood in a dream, this represents Allah’s wrath and punishment for the sins of people.

And if water floods a person’s house in a dream, it represents his past actions that will bring benefits later.

If a person sees himself collecting floodwater in jars and people seem happy about it in a dream, this means that food products are abundant, and prices are low or stable.

A flood in a dream also means blocking the paths to extremism or isolating danger.

When one sees a flood in his dream but it is out of season it means that he is following some psychological beliefs or seeking religious innovations, it also means anger, destruction, accountability, punishments, and plague.

If anyone sees himself going out of his house to swim in a flooded town in the dream, this means that he will flee from a ruthless tyrant.

Preventing a flood from reaching one’s home or entering it in dream means reconciliation with the enemy.

Interpretation of seeing a flood in a dream by Ja`far al-Sadiq

Seeing a flood in a dream is interpreted on four sides: a great enemy, an unjust sovereign king, a dominant army, or a severe trial.

Interpretation of seeing a flood in a dream

A dream about a flood is often a warning of approaching disease. This dream reminds you that you should take care of your health, and take better care of yourself.

If you see flood waters that are clear and blue in your dream, then this is a good sign and indicates the end of a difficult period you are going through and your success in the coming days.

A flood in a dream often symbolizes your pent-up feelings or actions; perhaps you are suppressing your feelings for someone.

Seeing a flood in a dream reveals the dreamer’s desire to get a new start in some area of ​​his life.

If you saw the flood in a dream and it was not severe, this indicates that you are on the right path to solving your problems.

And if you dream of a flood in general, this indicates increased money, challenges, friends, work, confusion, and anxiety.

If you saw a strong flood in your dream, this dream is a message for you to face your emotional problems, get rid of pent-up and negative feelings so that you can move forward in your life.

A dream about seeing a strong flood can indicate feelings of despair, and panic about some situations in your life that you cannot control.

Dreaming of a flood that rises dangerously indicates encountering misfortune, and foretells illness.

Seeing a flood in a dream

If you notice a flood from afar in your dream, this may refer to an important event that will happen soon in your life which may change the way you think and do things.

If you notice a flood quickly approaching you in your dream, this indicates that you are not able to adapt quickly to the changes of circumstances that occur in your life. It also indicates that you will experience a period of stagnation until you learn to adapt.

If you see that you are a victim of a flood in a dream, this indicates that you will cause a lot of suffering to people close to you with your behaviour.

If you dream that your life is in danger due to a flood, this indicates that you will experience losses, suffering, and negative changes in your life soon.

And if you notice flood carrying debris in your dream, then this dream is a warning to you that you might become the target of someone who might try to spoil your reputation by spreading rumours and gossip about you.

If you dream that you are in the midst of a flood, then this dream indicates your need to get rid of sexual tension, and the desires that you have accumulated.

Dreaming that your house is flooded with water is usually a bad sign as it reveals that there is a battle within you or in your life with your feelings, or with someone.

If you see your house destroyed by a flood in the dream, this indicates that there are problems within your family.

If you dreamed of an angry flood, this is a sign of your emotional distress.

Interpretation of the flood for a married woman

 A severe flood or torrential rain in a married woman’s dream denotes a great deal of good, as long as it is not black or red, and if it does not leave a trail of destruction in the city. If she sees a married woman in her dream, then there is a flood that is rushing towards the city in which she lives, then this indicates that there is fear and evil that will come to the city, and unless anything bad happens to her house from him, this indicates that she and the people of her house are safe from it.

And if a married woman sees that there is water flooding her house, it is said that it is an abundance of sustenance and the removal of worries, as long as it does not cause damage to the house. Interpretation of a dream about a flood for a pregnant woman If a pregnant woman sees in her dream that there is a flood from the river flooding the city, this indicates the approaching date of her birth and indicates her safety from childbirth and recovery, but if she sees a flood from the sea, this indicates abundant sustenance for her and her family And salvation from fatigue and worries and the end of sadness was coming to the house.

Interpretation of the flood vision for single women

The rushing water in a single girl’s dream indicates many changes in the girl’s life, and if the girl sees that she is trying to escape from it, this means that there is an escape from something that is catching up to her.


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