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Diamond in dream

الألماس في الحلم

Diamonds are one of the most precious gemstones ever known to man, and it is worth noting that diamonds are one of the hardest compounds as they are used in some industries to cut steel and large stones.

The high price of diamonds is reflected in the dream on the value of the world for the dreamer, as diamonds are generally interpreted as the world, as it is one of the adornments of the worldly life and the ornaments of its women.

Seeing buying and selling diamonds in a dream

Seeing diamond shops in a dream indicates the temptation of the world and its decorations

As for the vision of buying diamonds in the dream, it indicates that the seer compliments the presidents and kings and woos them.

Extracting diamonds in a dream

And whoever sees that he is extracting diamonds in a dream, then he is among those to whom the words of Allah Almighty in Surat Al-Baqarah apply: “So among the people is he who says, ‘Our Lord, give us in this world, and he has no part in the hereafter than the other.”

Whoever dreams that he finds a piece of diamonds thrown on the ground in a dream, then he does not protect his wife and daughter or those who depend on and lose his trust, and Allah knows best.

It rains diamonds in a dream

Whoever dreams that the sky is raining with diamonds, then people are having fun and playing and forgetting the afterlife, and whoever sees that the earth is strewn with diamonds, this indicates the arrogance and extravagance of the people of this place.

Seeing diamond ornaments

What is the meaning of seeing a diamond ring in a dream?

Whoever sees that he owns a diamond ring in a dream; his deeds in this world occupy him and prevent him from obeying his Lord.

And whoever sees that he has a diamond necklace in a dream, the world will open for him, but whoever sees that he has a clove of diamonds in his hand, it is the amount of the world in his heart and it is estimated by the financial value and not the size.

And whoever sees that he owns a diamond in a dream while he is hiding it, then he maintains honesty and trust here as a woman.

Diamond jewellery with other precious metals in a dream

As for seeing diamonds with gold in a dream, whoever sees that he owns an ornament of diamonds and gold, and then is tired of the sake of the world, and seeing diamonds and pearls in a dream indicates that the seer’s faith prevents him from extravagance in this world.

As for diamonds and silver in a dream, it means that the seer is balancing his religion and his world, and Allah knows best, and seeing diamonds and iron in a dream indicates the hardness of the heart of the seer and his love for the world.

A diamond gift in a dream

What is the meaning of a diamond gift in a dream?!

Whoever dreams that someone has gifted him a diamond ring in a dream, will be invited to an occasion that is obligatory for him, and whoever sees that someone has gifted him a diamond bracelet in the dream, then this is a favour that will be paid to him.

As for the one who sees that someone has gifted him a necklace of diamonds, then it is obligatory for him, and he will pay it to the one who gave him the necklace, and Allah knows best.

As for the vision of taking diamonds from the dead in a dream, it indicates sustenance that the dreamer obtains. Likewise, whoever sees the dead gives him diamonds, and whoever sees the dead wearing diamonds, this vision is one of the self’s concerns because the dead are in the abode of truth and diamonds are the adornment of the world.

Seeing diamonds for women

If a girl sees diamonds in a dream, this indicates that she is deceived by the world. As for diamonds in a dream for a woman, this indicates that her life and her family are distracting her from the command of her Lord.

Seeing diamonds in a dream for a pregnant woman indicates her good condition and the good condition of her fetus.

As for seeing diamonds in a dream for a man, this indicates that something is distracting him from the remembrance of Allah.

Seeing diamonds after Istikharah

Whoever sees diamonds after istikhaarah, this indicates his victory in this world without having a fortune in the hereafter, and Allah knows best, unless diamonds and pearls meet in a dream after istikhaarah, so luck will be from this world and the hereafter, by Allah’s help.

Interpretation of diamonds in a dream according to Miller

Miller says, “Diamonds in a dream are good, honour, and special interest.”

In his interpretation of seeing diamonds in a dream, the famous Western interpreter of dreams Gustav Miller says that if she saw her lover giving her a gift of diamonds, this denotes a great wedding that will be a source of pride for her relatives among the people.

And Miller adds in another place that losing diamonds in a dream for a woman is one of the worst and most ominous dreams ever. Losing diamonds in a dream indicates death, disease, poverty, and disgrace.

And possession of diamonds, in general, is good luck and great honour for Miller, except that it is stolen from the dead, so the diamond is then a disgrace and a scandal among friends.

As for the fake diamond in the dream, as Miller interprets it, it denotes short, fleeting pleasures. As for the one who owned fake diamonds in reality and saw them turned into reality in the dream, this denotes that he is doing an act that he does not expect to have value, but it surprises him with its results.


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