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Colours in a dream

الألوان في المنام

People’s dreams can be explained by discovering the world around them, and most of the time you may not remember some of the dreams you had. But most of the time you remember some of the colours that were in the dream.

Seeing the colour black in a dream and its interpretation

Black colour indicates mystery, unknown, and unconsciousness, and these aspects may be negative or positive. Negative interpretations relate to feelings of fear, emptiness, danger, death, hate, despair, depression, lack of energy, lack of love, and positive interpretations relate to discovering the unknown, change, and potential energies.

Interpretation of seeing white in a dream

He explains that the white colour is purity, innocence, serenity, awareness, new life, happiness, clarity, peace, and the white colour in Eastern cultures may mean mourning and death.

Interpretation of seeing red in a dream

Red always denotes emotional feelings, such as anger and violence, energy and impulsiveness or a sense of danger. The red colour may relate to blood, it can indicate life for some and death for others. Therefore, it is necessary to determine if the dream is positive or negative for you.

In Indian and Chinese cultures, brides wear red in wedding ceremonies and celebrations, so this may indicate marriage to their owner. Others interpreted that it means staying alive and enjoying good physical health.

Burgundy red colour relates to wars, heroism, strength, and courage.

Seeing the colour pink in a dream and its interpretation

Pink is a mixture of white and red, so pink may represent love, happiness, passion, romance, tenderness, compassion, and affection.

For some girls, it may relate to their falling in love with a young man or building a strong friendship.

Also, the pink colour may indicate negative signs, especially if the dream owner does not like or prefer pink. Thus, the pink colour may indicate immaturity, weakness, and the presence of some problems with parents.

In general, pink symbolizes love and concern for others.

Hot pink (purple) is just as emotional as red.

Interpretation of seeing orange in a dream

Orange is always related to warmth, friendship, and other positive interpretations, such as the emergence of a new dawn in your life (a new world).

This is because orange is one of the encouraging and light colours that give a sense of vitality and optimism, and some attach it to the sun.

So it is a new day in life and a new look for it.

Others interpret the orange colour as happiness, joy, and procreation.

Seeing the colour yellow in a dream and its interpretation

Yellow can be formed if it has positive interpretations and negative interpretations, depending on the dream itself. It is seen as unpleasant and means your fear, cowardice, and hesitation, and also indicates betrayal and deception. As for the positive meanings, it means the height of awareness, happiness, energy, thought, harmony, and positive thinking; it increases the encouraging colours for your mind.

Most work offices, schools, and classrooms use yellow because it is associated with the sun’s rays.

Interpretation of seeing green in a dream

The green colour relates to nature and the earth, staying healthy, growth, fertility, vitality, serenity, and many green colours indicate the development of the dream owner’s personality and new changes in his life.

Or as the colour of the traffic light means to allow you to walk, it encourages movement towards your goal. Dark green has always been associated with money, wealth, greed, and envy.

The olive green colour relates to peace and security.

The green colour also denotes love, mercy, happiness, and healing, and if you dream of this colour, you have a desire to help other.

Interpretation of seeing blue in a dream

The blue colour indicates understanding and awareness that wakes up and discovers inner riches that were not on his mind, and from light blue to dark blue, more than a positive interpretation.

It may explain the dream that contains blue from an experience that a person lived, as dark blue is like the colour of the night, and it is very rare.

For the elderly, this may indicate that their lives were full of adventures and that they feel the approach of death without worrying.

The light blue colour indicates self-calm. Therefore, Allah Almighty created the lowest heaven in this colour. Imagine if it was another colour as it came in the other six colours of the heavens.

Psychiatrists usually recommend colouring psychiatric medications a light blue, and also painting their rooms blue.

Seeing the colour purple in a dream and its interpretation

Mostly, the violet colour means passion such as happiness and love, and in return, it may be a sign of money, wealth, and social power.

The dark violet colour means psychological mystery, and this means that the dream owner is trying to discover himself.

Interpretation of seeing brown in a dream

Brown may mean the colour of the earth, and as such, it refers to family and money. And if you dreamed of brown, then this indicates that you care about your family.

The brown colour may represent negative events for dream owners such as depression and worries.

Interpretation of seeing colours in a dream by Nabulsi

If you saw in a dream the red colour, this means that you will obtain authority, while the white colour will obtain its owner.

While if you see your face and body have reddened, then you suffer from worries and depression.


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