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Colours in a dream by Ibn Sirin

اللون في المنام لابن سيرين

There are many visions and dreams and interpretations differ, each interpreter has a special doctrine in interpretation, and the Prophet of Allah Yusuf, peace be upon him, was the most capable interpreter of his time to interpret visions and dreams, and his talent in interpreting dreams played a role in becoming a trustee of the treasuries of Egypt, as he sent the Pharaoh of Egypt His men are looking for someone to explain his visions, so Joseph, peace be upon him, was the author of the most appropriate interpretation, which was consistent with reality after that, and from here was the beginning of Joseph’s entry, peace be upon him, into the world of politics. His visions and today we will present the interpretation and indications of colours in dreams to the scientist and the great interpreter Ibn Sirin.

Ibn Sirin

Ibn Sirin was born in Basra in the year 653 AD, and he is one of the great imams of jurisprudence, hadith, and interpretation, as he took his knowledge from his great companions such as Abu Huraira and Ibn Abbas. The abundant and wide, one of the most prominent interpretations of Ibn Sirin is the meanings and connotations of colours in dreams, which we will present in this topic.

Meaning of colours in dreams:

1- White colour

The white colour is the colour of serenity, and purity, and the presence of the white colour in the dream does not carry any negative meaning at all. When the white colour dominates the dream, it indicates calm, serenity, and inner peace.

2- Black colour

Usually, the person who sees the black colour in a dream is a person surrounded by problems from all sides, and his life is going through a difficult period. Also, seeing the black colour indicates the occurrence of family problems in the family of the one who sees the dream. As for the one who sees black hands in the dream, this indicates His inability to face his problems and his inability to solve them, and as for those who see that he erases the black colour around him, his problems or the anguish he is going through will be relieved, Allah willing.

3- Brown colour

Brown is the colour of the earth and the closest colour to man, as it indicates fertility and renewal, and seeing it in a dream is always good for the owner of the dream, as it indicates success, money, and freedom.

Whoever gets a brown item indicates the achievement of his goals, and whoever sees brown birds, indicates the achievement of freedom for this person. In the dirt, this indicates good news about them.

4- Red colour

If blood appears in the dream, it spoils the dream. The appearance of the red colour largely indicates confusion and problems for the owner of the dream. Also, seeing the walls of the house in red indicates great family problems.

If the red colour appears in the form of red roses, this indicates the burning passion between the two lovers, while whoever receives a gift from a person who is not in harmony with him, their relationship is on the way to improving.

5- Green colour

Seeing the green colour in a dream may have two indications:

The first is the warning, as the person who loses an object in green is a person who will experience a period of instability and lack of comfort. As for the person who sees him stained with green, or who receives a gift or something in green, he should take caution.

The second indication is comfort and stability. A person who sees himself eating food in green colour is seeking happiness, renewal, and youth, and seeing things that are not green and have been dyed in this colour indicates the desire for stability.

6- Blue colour

The blue colour indicates reconciliation with oneself and self-confidence, as well as a person’s passing through a period of positivity, calmness, and stability at all levels. As for seeing blue clothes, it has to do with the person’s social status. Blue clothes are likely to face marital problems.

As for the people who see that they have lost one of the items in blue, they suffer from a period of confusion and instability in life, so they should pay attention.

7- Orange colour

Orange is a colour that indicates impulsiveness, radiance, and attachment to life. The person who sees himself wearing orange clothes gets a promotion at work or receives gifts and prizes. As for the person who sees that he takes off orange clothes, he loses something he loves so much, or that a promise was in Waiting for it will not come true.

As for the person who sees that he eats food in orange, this person lacks some impulsiveness, wildness, and activity in his life. On something orange in a dream, he will lose a person dear to his heart.

8- Pink colour

The pink colour denotes the connection and relationships, so whoever receives a bouquet of roses from the lover, their relationship will be fine. As intended, while someone who throws pink roses from his hands will face problems in his relationship with the one he loves, and seeing pink roses all over the place denotes a wedding or engagement, while walking in an endless pink path is evidence that the end of his relationship with the one he loves has an unhappy ending.

9-Yellow colour

The yellow colour is a sign of beauty and joy, based on what Allah Almighty said about the cow that pleases the beholder, as the yellow colour was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in more than one place, once to express prosperity and again to express torment.

10- Pink colour

The pink colour indicates progress and maturity in the personality of the dream owner.

11 – The colour purple

Violet colour in a dream indicates the end of a certain cycle in a person’s life, it may be the expiration of the term or the end of a certain stage in the life of the person with the vision, and for those who see that his clothes are purple, this indicates the presence of loyal friends who help him achieve his goals.

And whoever sees a violet in the form of planted roses, is good for the owner of the dream, while whoever sees it plucked indicates the occurrence of problems such as divorce if the wife gives violets to her husband and she picked it from his land.


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