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Breakage mobile in a dream

Breakage mobile in a dream

Seeing the Breakage mobile in a dream is one of the visions that may cause a sense of anxiety, frustration and fear in many people, and we will learn with you through the site of the interpretation of this vision, which may be a tip to some negative things in the life of the seer, and we will learn about them through senior jurists and interpreters.

Breakage mobile in a dream

Seeing the mobile phone broken in a dream indicates that there are differences in the seer’s life or obstacles that prevent him from fulfilling his wishes.

It may also be a warning and warning to the seer to keep his money from being lost.

Seeing the mobile phone broken in a married man’s dream is a sign of frequent marital disputes and family problems.

The man’s grief over the crash of the mobile phone is a sign of his loss to one of his close friends.

This vision may also indicate the poor psychological state that the seer is going through at this time, and his need for the support of those around him.

Seeing the wife breaking the mobile phone may indicate problems between her husband and she should be careful not to reach divorce.

Mobile refraction in general is a warning of losing something.

Repairing the joule after it is broken is evidence of the seer’s quest to improve his conditions and solve problems and disputes.

Seeing a mobile crash may also indicate longing for someone far away from you who you wish to be nearby.

Also, the mobile phone falling out of the hand is a sign of guilt and negligence in family rights.

If the seer sees that he is breaking his mobile phone himself, it is a sign that there is a dispute between him and one of the people close to him, and he must be patient.

Breakage mobile in a dreamfor a married woman

The broken mobile phone in a married woman’s dream indicates that she feels remorse for missing an opportunity from her hands.

And the fall and breakage of the mobile is making wrong decisions that lead to many problems.

It may also indicate a bad mental state due to frequent disagreements with her partner.

As for the crash of the mobile screen, it is a misunderstanding between her and a loved one, or hearing hurtful words from a loved one.

What does it mean to dream of a mobile phone fall for a single girl?

It may indicate a lot of disagreements between her and some of those close to her, and a lack of feeling comfortable and safe.

Seeing the mobile phone broken and very sad on it indicates that the girl feels very sad and frustrated.

The loss of the phone indicates the girl’s lack of responsibility, and also indicates that there are obstacles that prevent her from achieving her dreams.

It may also indicate that there are disagreements that may lead to separation between her and her partner.

Seeing the breakage of the mobile in a woman’s dream

The breaking of the mobile phone in a divorced woman’s dream is good news that God will soon compensate her for her previous life, and this vision also indicates the strength of this woman’s personality and ability to make decisions.

As for breaking the mobile phone for the pregnant woman, it indicates that she has lost a loved one to her, and seeing the pregnant woman herself breaking the mobile phone indicates the husband’s neglect of her and her bad psychological state because of that.


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